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“Brom held Morzan in such high esteem, he allowed Morzan to belittle him, order him about, and otherwise treat him shamefully. Brom loved Morzan as a brother, despite his behavior. It was only once Morzan betrayed the Riders to Galbatorix and the Forsworn killed Saphira, Brom’s dragon, that Brom realized the true nature of Morzan’s character. As strong as Brom’s affection for Morzan had been, it was like a candle before an inferno compared with the hatred that replaced it.


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“Morzan may have been a fearsome swordsman, a formidable magician, and a murderous traitor, but it was that woman of his who inspired the most terror in people.”


“Brom swore to thwart Morzan however and wherever he could, to undo his accomplishments and reduce his ambitions to bitter regrets. I cautioned Brom against a path so full of hate and violence, but he was mad with grief from the death of Saphira, and he would not listen to me.


“When I saw Fäolin fall, I understood then that the true agony of war isn’t being wounded yourself, it’s having to watch those you care about being hurt. It was a lesson I thought I had already learned during my time with the Varden when, one after another, the men and women I had come to respect died from swords, arrows, poison, accidents, and old age. The loss had never been so personal, however, and when it happened, I thought, ‘Now I must surely die as well.’ For whatever danger we had encountered before, Fäolin and I had always survived it together, and if he could not escape, then why should I?


the Varden | a fanmix for the rebels of Alagaësia. [listen]

• A mix for the Varden and their deeds of bravery, from their founding by Brom, to their rise under Ajihad’s and, finally, Nasuada’s leadership.

“The Varden were a rebel group that constantly raided and attacked the Empire. It was a mystery who their leader was, or who had formed them in the years following Galbatorix’s rice to power. The group had garnered much sympathy as they eluded Galbatorix’s efforts to destroy them. Little was known about the Varden except that if you were a fugitive and had to hide, or if you hated the Empire, they would accept you. The only problem was finding them.”  -Eragon.


“Why are you here?”


“If you really are Morzan’s son, Galbatorix wouldn’t let you wander around Alagaësia freely. How is it that you managed to find the Ra’zac by yourself? Why is it I’ve never heard of any of the Forsworn having children? And what are you doing here?” Eragon’s voice rose to a near shout at the end.

Murtagh ran his hands over his face. It’s a long story.


@cyclingimages Races to Photography Stardom

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Russ Ellis (@cyclingimages) likes to get to the race before anyone else. He trains his camera on the mechanics who are fine-tuning bicycles, then the competitors arriving and warming up. During the event, he captures intimate close-ups of the road warriors speeding by, and after, he wanders, taking portraits of exhausted racers. “I like to tell a story from the event,” the 39-year-old from Leeds, England, says. “I like to take a picture and get the atmosphere, and the emotion and capture the people rather than just another person on a bike.” Just one year after seriously concentrating on his craft, Russ is leaving his day job as an IT worker to work full time as a photographer. Already, he’s traveling to the world’s biggest races, including the Tour de France, on behalf of major magazines and bike brands. And he’s got his own trademark style, too, thanks to the custom filter he built to give his photos a more old-school, filmic look. “The key things for me are light, emotion and movement.”

“These first 2 games will all be players who were at #Rio2016 and then in October, we’ll really start to focus on the new cycle.“ - Ellis

May all of our favs make the cut.