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Hey there, I was wondering who's sims 4 stories you would recommend. I don't mean gameplay pictures, more like written stories. Examples of some I like: @Tea-sims Applegate legacy @blarffy Greene legacy and yours of course. My dash is just devoid of post right now. Thank you so much! Ily!

Hiya sweetheart!! This was super hard to put together because some of my favourite stories are gameplay legacy stories!! But I’ve tried my hardest to put together a few of my fav ‘written stories’ heh!! I hope you enjoy!! I LOVE YOU TOO!! 


Fantasy (can anyone rec me more fantasy stories?? i need them!!)


Comedy (stories that make me laugh!!)

I know you mentioned @blarffy & @tea-sims in the ask, but I also love their stories!! 💕

Common destinies (Elliot x Reader based on “No Way” by Fifth Harmony)

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Anon: Hi!! :) I was wondering if you could do an Elliot one shot based on the song “No Way” by fifth harmony

A: Hello!!! I gave my best to this, since I don’t listen to 5H, I ain’t gonna lie, when you asked this I was like “Whaaaaat theeeee heeeeell” but I tried to follow every line of the song. I’m eclectic ❤️ ~Audrey

Credit goes to the owner of the picture.

Words: 1,302

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Summary: Reader left the hunting life for a normal one when the man she loved would go into the arms of another. She waited for the day Dean Winchester would see her as she saw him. Unable to take it anymore she finds a man and starts a normal life with him. What happens when the Winchesters show up again?

Words: 4162

Author: Caitsy

Characters: Reader x Dean, Sam

Warnings: Possible swearing, mention of death, little bit of angst and fluff.

A/N Wow. It’s actually not entirely angst. That’s a first.


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You were beyond tired. You had just finished your shift only to get a call that your four year old son had thrown paint at the teacher again. Not only did you have to go to school but you had go pick up your daughter from the middle aged female babysitter. Being a single mom was tiring but worth it. You had been on your own for so long that you would never regret having the kids.

“Mrs. Bowman.” The petite ginger female smiled despite still having a spot of blue paint near her hairline, “I wish we didn’t meet like this each time.”

“I am so sorry!” You exclaimed, “I already talked to him once but I’m sure the lack of a father figure is getting to him. I watched him stare at man asking his son if he wanted to play catch, I’ve never seen such a heartbreaking expression on a kid.”

“I’ve talked to the principle and we’ve agreed that the amount of fights Max has gotten into along with the disrespect. We think it would be wise to suspend him until further notice.” Ms. Andrews patted your hand. It took a lot to make Max’s teacher upset with a heart of gold she had and the positivity she took everywhere with her.

You felt embarrassed, there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that the other parents would be talking smack about your child. You would walk into the parent teacher interviews feeling the pitiful looks you would have sent after the ending of your marriage. Out of thirty-five parents to the students and you were only one of three of the singles.

You were the only single parent with two children and a a label spelling widow in Max large grade. God you hated the entire situation and seeing how Max and Elliot got when a family walked by. It was one reason why when you got home you had Max close his eyes with a map of America in front of him and press a spot. His finger landed on Kansas.

Elliot, only be three months old at this point, was gurgling as she gnawed on her soft block toy. Not wanting her to feel left out you lifted her over the map and watched where her toe touched, it landed on Lebanon. You smiled knowing that a fresh start was a great idea instead of living in the house that the children had come to live in when Jackson was still alive.

You could have a new start and so could the kids. You would have to stop being lenient on parenting Max as the problem was now out of hand and there was probably a good paying job. Maybe even a lake was nearby to teach the kids how to swim when they are older.


The truck had pulled up to the cute little cottage in the country just outside of the city for the calmness and area for the kids to run around. Yet close enough that it would be easy to walk to town during the summer. The cottage needed a little fixing up but it would be therapeutic and give it a more homey feeling. What you weren’t expecting is the man that ran into you.

“Holy shit! Sorry!” The deep voice exclaimed catching you before you could fall next to the carrier that held your daughter, “Is the baby okay?”

“She’s fine.” You sighed holding where your heart. You took in a deep breathe before searching Ellie over for any bruising but she wasn’t crying so she was fine. You turned surprised to see Sam Winchester in front of you. Of course she would run into a Winchester.

“Wait Y/N?” Sam asked shocked, “What the hell? What happened? Who’s the kid?”

“Sam? Wow. It’s been quite some time hasn’t it?” You cleared your throat, “Job brought you here?”

“Actually no. Dean and I don’t hunt anymore.”

Your jaw dropped stunned when he stated it. The one thing you had never expected out of the Winchester brothers was to hear they no longer were in the family business. It was the Winchester way of life. Dean had attempted to get a normal life with…what was her name? Linda…no…Lisa! It backfired and he was brought back into the life and Lisa and her kid had their memory wiped of Dean.

“Your shitting me.” You said completely shocked.

“No. I’m not, actually we…Dean…lives about a mile or two from here. I run in the mornings.” Sam said rubbing hand through his slightly sweat dampened hair.

“How is he?”

“Uh. He’s good. A little broken about life right now.”

“What do you mean?” You asked concerned about the way Sam was talking, Dean had been a large part of your life since he took a bullet for you. You were curious but the children would be getting rather grumpy, “Actually I should be getting the kids down for their nap.”

“Kids?” Sam’s eyes grew completely forgetting about the children near you, “Since when?”

“Five years I found out I was pregnant.” You cleared your throat not exactly comfortable. It seemed weird talking about a life you had envisioned with his brother before you fell in love with Jackson.

“Come to the bunker with me. Dean would love to see that you’re alive at least.”

“I don’t think that’s wise for everyone.” You sighed not wanting to see the man that utterly destroyed your heart without knowing, “It was nice to see you Sam but I really need to get Max and Elliot to sleep.”

Sam watched as you placed the baby into carrier and walked around the car before you expertly picked a sleeping boy out of the car. Both arms holding human children that had come from you. Sam was stunned at the prospect of you having a normal life out of hunting. You had definitely stopped hunting the way you were acting.

“Come on Sweetie.” You whispered. Max whined starting to fall out of your arms before Sam swooped him into his arms. You were shocked as he brought the boy up the drive way, “Uh. Thanks.”


A week later a rapid knocking on your front door was happening at only six in the morning interrupting your morning coffee. Peeking out the eye hole you saw that it was Sam along with an annoyed brother of his. You winced when the feet of Max stumbled into the room wearing his batman pyjamas.


“Sh. Elliot is still sleeping.” You knelt beside him and picked the sleepy child into your arms as you opened the door. Max’s head turned into your neck when the door opened two people he didn’t know. Maybe he knew the taller one but he wasn’t sure.

Sam grinned at the sight of your son nodding off on your shoulder while Dean’s comically grew at the domestic sight. He had missed you since you moment you walked out of the motel you had been staying at and never returned. He and Sam searched up until last year when they finally accepted you had been killed or had sold your soul. No demon gave up your location and neither did Crowley. Castiel had been MIA for a long time with much work to do in Heaven.

“Y/N.” Dean breathed before he pulled you into one hell of an awkward hug.

“Hello Dean. I see Sam couldn’t resist bringing you here.” You stonily said looking at the younger Winchester. He sheepishly shrugged his shoulders, “Come in. I have to feed Ellie anyway.”

“Ellie?” Dean asked as they were led into the spacious living room that had a few toys strewn throughout, “You’re husband home?”

You gave his a look for the question even after you had said you needed to feed Elliot. Placing Max onto the loveseat to continue his slumber you left the men to talk while you grabbed Ellie from her crib along with her bottle of milk. Her face was turning red before she let one loud scream of annoyance out.

“Hey darling.” You whispered in the chair you had claimed for feeding her. You could feeling the burning stare on you as the baby girl gurgled happily, “Start the questions before they get worked up. They are small attention spans and are cranky when they wake up before seven.”

“Why the hell did you up and leave?” Dean exclaimed. Immediately his hands were in the air in exasperation.

“Didn’t want the life anymore. I wanted to settle down and watching you screw everything wasn’t helping.” You stated to the green eyed male, “I had the hots for you and you kept neglecting to think about how I felt.”

“I thought you had a thing for Sam!” He retorted remembering to how you had acted around his brother.

“Maybe you should have considered that you were in the room too!” You yelled startling Max awake.


Dean stared as you were called something he had never thought he would hear being said to you, hell he never thought he would yearn to have helped in the creation of the child calling you his mother. It made him yearn to have a family even with how fucked up the world was. He missed the life sometimes but he was more than glad to be living a normal life.

“I’m hungry.”

“Let me finish feeding your sister.”


Carefully you burped your daughter as she fell back asleep after curiously looking to the guests.

“I remember you always saying you loved the name Elliot.” Dean mumbled, “Why did you name her Elliot?”

“Her father and I agreed he would choose the name. We were told it would be a boy and picked Elliot. We loved it.”

“Where is he?” Sam softly asked.

You clenched your jaw remembering the pain you felt when you got the news. He wasn’t coming home and he would never get to kiss his daughter’s head or throw the ball around with his son.

“It was a rainy Thursday night. I was only four months along in my pregnancy when I found out he wasn’t coming home ever again. His plane was shot down when he was on his way to their base.”

“He was a soldier.” Dean realized.

“Elliot was born and when she was revealed to being a girl instead of the gender from the sonogram well I couldn’t just take that right away from Jackson. I stuck with Elliot.”

“Tell about it all?” Sam asked, “After breakfast we can come back.”

“NO!” Max yelled not wanting the cool males to leave them never return like his Daddy did.  Ever since the death of his Dad he was more rebellious and just plain rude no matter what you did.

When breakfast was served to everyone the topic of leaving the hunting life came about with caution not to give anything away to the four year old. You learnt that Dean had been paralyzed two years previous and left the life. He only recently had been miraculously healed and decided to stay out of the life permanently and officially. Sam followed, not hunting to hunt without Dean and found a college to finish getting his degree in law. Dean was a shop teacher at a local school part time teaching the high school kids as part of a program started by a local mechanic’s shop.

“What about you?” Dean leaned forward content at the family picture of you, Sam and two kids.

“Mommy’s a superhero!” Max squealed.

“I work as a nurse a the hospital.”

“You were always good patching us up.” Sam ruefully smiled.

You saw Dean lower his head to watch as the little boy pushed his toy car around the carpet in the doorway of the kitchen. He was quite taken with the new house more so than the one he was brought home to from the hospital. He was curious about everything but he was troubled and that caused Dean to empathize with the kid.

“How old is he?” Dean finally asked.

Max’s head shot up to the eldest male in the house with a grin that tore at Dean’s heart strings. Raising his hands he showed Dean he was three before you pushed another finger up. He frowned before nodding his approval.

“He’s still a little fuzzy about numbers and ages.” You explained taking the dirty dishes to the sink, “He prefers watching shows that fix up cars. He’s fascinated with them.”

“So you think he would like Baby?”

“Impala’s still kicking?” You questioned rinsing the dishes before placing them into the dishwasher, “Still a beauty?”

“Of course! I had to make up for the time I had to neglect her.” Dean replied. Sam opened his mouth to answer before Dean finished, “Sam wouldn’t understand the process and absolute care that goes into keeping her beautiful. Plus Baby doesn’t need to feel like she’s cheating.”

“Baby?” Max frowned, “Like Ellie?”

“Similar.” Dean nodded.

You leant against the sink watching the exchanges happening between everyone before softly smiling when Ellie raised her arms towards Sam. Her mouth open in a gummy grin leading to everyone mirroring her happiness.

“Aw! She loves Uncle Sam. Yes you do.” Sam cooed as he picked her out of her high chair. Ellie began to babble to the giant in front of her with long hair.

Dean was highly amused at the sight of his oversized brother holding a baby that was more like a doll than a real child. It was also very domestic seeing his younger brother treat a human with the upmost care and he saw how Sammy would be one hell of a good father. Years before you had fawned over the sight of Dean playing with a child but seeing Sam playing with Ellie made you see that the Winchesters were naturals.

Dean watched smiling as he thought maybe he didn’t miss his chance, maybe in a few years you would like to try with him.


Ellie was now a joyful nine month old baby girl that loved to laugh and clap at everything. She recently begun to crawl everywhere she could whether she was supposed to be sitting quietly playing with you. This led to Dean and Sam setting up a play pen while you were giving Max his bath when he had trailed inside covered in mud.

A smile broke through as you heard Dean. Despite the love you felt for Jackson the feelings for Dean had grown again.You had recently gone on a few dates with Dean. Nothing too bad other than you were two steps away from falling in love with the man. Okay so maybe you had actually been ‘going steady’ as your mother would have said to the point where he mostly did live here.

“Dude! It goes there!” Dean yelled. You could hear grumbling before it stopped with a victorious yell.

“Momma?” Max asked once he was lifted out of the bath and wrapped in a towel.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Is Dean gonna be my daddy?”

Your heart stopped beating at that point when the words fell from his lips. You know by now the image of Jackson was fading from your son’s memory, while you liked how it would become less painful you also didn’t want the memory of Jackson to be pushed away. He deserved to be remembered.

“No. Dean and I are friends just like Mommy is with Sam.” You sadly smiled as you placed the kids shampoo and toys in their respected places. Picking him up you brought him to his room that was light blue and brown.


“Oh. I wish Dean was my Dad. He’d be a really cool Dad. We could throw the ball around! Oh and we could slay dragons together!” Max clapped his hands. In his naive state of mind he didn’t know that he was tearing your heart up.

“Sweetheart. He could be Uncle Dean.” You knelt in down in front of him as you helped him get into his clothing. Simple kid sweats and t-shirt for the rest of the day.

Max grabbed a stuff animal as he leant his head up against your shoulder. He was slowly falling asleep from the calming bath water that you appreciated that Sam and Dean had put together the play pen successfully with Ellie in it gnawing on her own stuffed animal.

“Thanks.” You whispered hitching the dead weight boy on your hip higher. Dean quietly swept Max into his arms as he placed him on the loveseat.

“It’s no problem. If we can give you a break.” Dean shrugged only slightly uncomfortable with the minors unable to defend themselves.

“I appreciate it. Believe me, the house would still be a mess of packed boxes and toy littering every nook and cranny.” You smiled brushing the brunette hair off Max’s face.

Dean studied your face seeing the way your face had aged from the exhaustion of handling two children by yourself. You were emotionally drained almost from his point of view but you couldn’t be anymore beautiful than that moment. You were in your comfort zone with your hair up in a messy bun, great sweats with the legs rolled up and a long sleeve shirt.

“Dude. You’re staring.” Sam pushed his arm. He snapped out of it gratefully looking towards his younger brother.

“Anyway. Ellie is content.” Sam rubbed his hands together, “Want to make lunch?”

Dean slightly smiled seeing for the first time how Sam and his lives should have been. A woman by his side, an equal with two children in the home quietly resting. A job to help support his wife and kids. It was a sight that broke his heart seeing how Y/N would prolong the innocence Max and Ellie still held despite the tragedy of losing their father.

“You make the salad?”

“I can get some burgers going?” Dean placed his input, “I still make damn food burgers.”

The adults smiled before Sam left to the living room for the baby. It was almost natural to scoop Ellie into his arms to place her into the high chair in the kitchen, Ellie loved her uncle very much. He opened a cabinet where her crackers were to keep her occupied.

He didn’t notice both Dean and Y/N’s surprised expressions at the instinct that Sam had just shown.

“Okay let’s get cooking.” Dean grinned, “I turned the TV onto a kid show at low volume and put a blanket on Max.”

“Thanks.” You grinned happily. Surprisingly you weren’t upset about how family oriented the situation was, hell you felt okay seeing Sam take on the role of a father. He wouldn’t replace Jackson but he could be a father figure.


A sleepy eyed Max padded into the room just as the table was set and Ellie had her own breakfast that had made both Dean and Sam cringe. They had slept in the living room to babysit, Sam mostly, when you had a meeting to attend in a town other.

“Y/N.” Dean whispered. You nodded in response that you had heard, “Um…so last night…uh.”

“Spit it out Dean.” You commanded as you wiped Ellie’s face clean.


“Come on!” Sam exclaimed, “Max called him dad last night.”

You froze. You thought you wouldn’t be able to move after that statement. Max had bonded so close with Dean that the role of a father was being filled. It meant that you had the heartbreaking role of explaining to Max that it wasn’t okay to randomly call someone that.

“Oh. Wow.” You stated finally going back to Ellie’s needs before passing her off to a still hesitant Dean.

“Dad?” Max grumbled as he latched onto Dean’s leg. Everyone froze.

Nothing broke the tense silence until a happy gurgle from Ellie was heard and Dean grinned. He was falling back into his role from when he looked after a young Sam, it was easier with Ellie than it was all those months previous. It wasn’t odd to find Ellie playing with Dean or sleeping on Sam at this point.

You closed your eyes before breathing deep and finally replying to the surprise of the Winchesters.

“Dad and I are talking.”

Dean let a smile go as he looked up towards the woman he had fallen for and he couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy being able to hear those words fall from your lips. He knew it was a slightly wrong to take the place of Max’s real father but he didn’t want the kid to not have a father figure in his life.


“Hey champ? How about we take Ellie out to the backyard, see if she likes her swing.” Sam replied swiftly picking up Max and racing out the backdoor.

“Is it alright?” Dean questioned sitting down at the table. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

“You’re the only person I would ever consider this with Dean.” You sighed sitting across from him wrapping your hands around the mug of coffee you had originally abandoned, “Max loves you and I know you would never let him forget about Jackson.”

Dean sighed leaning back against the chair only to start chuckling at your next words.

“Just no teaching him how to shoot a gun.”



Sam watched from the porch as Dean threw a baseball towards the smaller male in the yard also holding a mitt. Ellie was sleeping on his chest while you sat in the rocker reading a novel you had neglected in the months that had past. It was summer now in Lebanon and Max was making the most of it before he went into second grade.

“Ellie’s out like a light.” He chuckled looking down at the small girl that had only recently celebrated her second birthday in the comfort of her family.

“Well she had been running after Max this morning.” You grinned putting your book down, “Guess her uncle’s chest is comfy?”

Dean and you were the definition of a married couple without the official paper stating that but you were more than mere boyfriend and girlfriend at this point. You two had finally been okay letting the kids call him Dad and Sam their uncle. Jackson was brought up along with photos for Max to never forget nor would Ellie never hear about the man that created her.

“I’ll never get tired of this. Seeing Dean so happy and getting to be an uncle to two amazing kids.” Sam softly smoothed her curly hair away from her face.

“I know.” You chuckle as you watched the tender moment no longer feeling guilty of letting Dean take on Jackson’s role, “You’ve been there when she first walked and when she said her first word and you love her a lot.”

Ellie had been eleven months old when she had said her first word in the cutest way. She had reached out to her older brother and simply called his name in a rather bossy fashion.

“Daddy.” Ellie grumbled waking up from her nap at the movement caused by laughter. Her eyes seeking out her Dad playing with her brother. Her attention shifted to who she was sitting on, “Unca Sam?”

“Sh.” Sam whispered kissing her head, “So back to sleep baby.”

Dean had been roped into playing outside with Max where the motorized car would be cruising in the grass. You and Jackson had gotten it way before Max could even walk and just put it into storage until Max would be able to use it. It wasn’t until Max asked about the Impala that it lit up the memory of that toy car.

“Thank you Sam.” You smiled looking down at the image of Ellie on Sam’s chest, “For giving Max and Ellie a real family.”

“I hope the family grows more.” Sam smiled back at you, “Maybe Ellie will be a big sister in the future? Dean would be amusing to see protecting his baby.”

You closed your eyes and imagined the life you would have with the Winchesters beside your side as you become a Winchester yourself along with the children. It was a picture you couldn’t wait to come true. Soon it was getting cold making you, Ellie and Sam retreat into the warm living room. Ellie now in your arms on couch while Sam took the closet chair.

“Daddy! Come on!” Max yelled racing into the room with a tired Dean behind him. He launched himself onto the couch, giving Ellie a kiss before cuddling into you. Dean sat in the next to you and turned the tv on to a movie. This was the life Sam and Dean deserved instead of the hunting one they had only known. They’d be damned before they lost family again.

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Name:Edward Elvin Elliot (His parents really had a thing about Es)
DoB:March 3rd
Education: Ilvermony, sorted into Wampus
Family:Clarence Elliot (Father), Marion Elliot (Biological mother, deceased), Dorothy Elliot (Step-mother)

Edward Elliot is a very stubborn young man, and often refuses to regard anyone’s opinion but his own.There are only certain people who can sway him.From a young age, he learned to keep to himself as he believed he was unwanted by his step-mother, who seemed to have his father around her little finger.Of course, Dorothy cared for Edward as much as she would a son of her own, but Edward, being stubborn and unswayed, had read Cinderella and knew how step-mother’s were.
Edward often busies himself in his studies, but when he’s not, he’s spending time with his very small social circle.That’s another thing about Edward, he’s a bit of a loner.He believes that he’s not wanted, yes, but he also often views himself as better than others.It’s rather exhausting, really.
He is quick-witted, and can be quite temperamental, angering easily.

“This knife has a cursed history.
Almost 200 years ago, it was used in a terrible crime.
Back then, five families ruled Gotham high society.
The Elliots, the Kanes, the Crownes, the Dumas and the most powerful of them all, the Waynes.
They called Celestine Wayne the crown jewel of Gotham. A real beauty.
She was promised to the eldest son of the Elliot family.
But there was another who coveted her. Caleb Dumas.
One night, it was during an Easter party at the Wayne Manor.
Celestine and Caleb went missing.
Wayne men found them together in an illicit embrace.
Caleb insisted that they were in love and Celestine swore on her mother’s grave that Caleb had forced himself on her.
Justice, if that’s what it was, was swift.
Celestine’s brother Jonathan Wayne delivered the punishment.
The Waynes.. they were mad with rage.
They seized the Dumas’ holdings and banished them socially, destroyed them.
Caleb Dumas went into exile overseas, to a penitential religious sect founded by his family’s patron saint.
Celestine died an old maid.
The Waynes forbade the press from even mentioning the Dumas.
They renamed streets and buildings.
The remnants of the Dumas family were forced to change their name.
The Waynes wiped the Dumas out of our city’s history.”

“Those remnants of the Dumas family.. to what did they change their name?”

“Aren’t you quick? Galavan.”

- Gotham 205

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So, if Lacie had a British accent- what variation would it be? (ps I love Lacie and if it'd be fine I'd love to ship her non-canonic with one of my ocs)

West country accent! It’s not quite as heavy as it was when she lived in the UK, since she’s been in America for… 16 years I think, but it’s still very much there and never going away. Elliot also has it a tiny bit since she’s who they were exposed to the most, but since making friends with Alex and the others, it’s a pretty weak accent.

Lacie doesn’t date anyone after becoming widowed she is VERY LONELY GIVE HER LOVE.

Elliot x Reader

So… I never write fan fiction?? like ever…
but I had this story in my head, a sort of Hacker VS. Hacker storyline, that I really wanted to give a shot. So this is Elliot and reader/you. I kept the reader gender neutral. I don’t think I would want to change that at any point if I continue writing the story. This is just the first scene. Let me know if you like it!

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