My heart is and always will be yours. 

i saw a lot of things about tyrell not being real and actually being another delusion of Elliot’s sick mind but… no. I do think Tyrell’s real.

I mean, he’s nothing like Mr. Robot when it comes to his relation with the world : he lives by himself, he has a job, a wife, a newborn, a boss, colleagues, a secretary who calls him by his name, he was suspected by the police, Romero talked about him when Elliot mentioned him at the arcade…

Mr. Robot lived through Elliot, he appeared to the viewers through his interactions with Elliot and nothing else. No one talked about him using his name or acknowledged his existence what so ever. Tyrol does live independently of Elliot though.

So no, I definitely do not think Tyrell’s not real.

Now, is he dead ? Did Elliot kill him ? I don’t think so either.

Why did he disappeared and in which circumstances are the questions I’d rather ask myself.

But I guess we’ll have to wait for season 2 to find that out.