Ellie from Up


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’ve asked hotcuppahjo-art to draw this for me. Tadashi/Elsa as Carl/Ellie from Up was a crossover idea that I’ve had for quite some time now, and Johanna did an AMAZING job with this AU setting—just look at how gorgeous Elsa is with a ponytail, and their outfits are so adorable. I love the colors, the style, the architecture of their house that screams “San Fransokyo!”, BAYMAX, and their mailbox. 

Thanks again for this, Johanna! Can’t wait to work with you again! Guys, she’s such a lovely person to work with, and I encourage you to share your imagination and thoughts with her for she will bring them to life through her art. :) 


Last year Austin and I had a great time disneybounding young Carl and Ellie from UP, which you may have seen floating around tumblr. Since that was so much fun we decided to do an adult version as well for the last day of my birthday/dapper day weekend!

Disney Adventures → Quellis

To say that Quinn was ecstatic about the idea of the adventure ahead of them, she couldn’t help the smile that wouldn’t leave her lips as she woke up bright and early on Thursday morning. She was glad Ellis had suggested them both staying at his place the night before, it made the travel to the airport a lot easier. Plus… Quinn wasn’t upset about staying over with her best friend. The two had marathoned some Disney movies the night before, already starting off their last minute Spring Break vacation off with a big bang.

“We’re going to Disney World!” The blonde squealed excitedly as she went into the bathroom, knowing eventually Ellis would wake up from her high pitch squeal-like voice. Getting herself ready in the guest bathroom and doing her make-up, she did her best to ignore the wave of nausea threatening to escape her all too empty stomach. She knew part of it was just nerves for the plane ride but it was just her new normal the last couple of weeks. “Ellis! Are you ready or not?” She asked, her smile never faltering as she put her hair into a ponytail and looked around for the male. “I wanna go meet Mickey!”


Gravity Falls Headcanon

I have this headcanon that the parents of Dipper and Mabel are an alternate universe version of Ellie and Carl Fredricksen from “Up”. 

Don’t tell me you can’t see the resemblance.

So yes, they have kids! Twins in fact! And they love them both very dearly! And actually, the reason why they sent Dipper and Mabel off to Gravity Falls is so they can have some alone time to go on a second honeymoon to… Paradise Falls! 

But wait! That’s not all! You see, Carl and Ellie Pines are actually having adventures of their own right now, dealing with the nefarious Baron Numnums and his pack of trained dogs: 

And that is the reason why they’re currently too busy to take care of their kids. 

•Ellis’s Eight Favorite Single-Issues of 2014•

(5) || Amazing X-Men #3 (Aaron and McGuinness)

“I hereby claim this ship in the name of the X-Men. Anyone who objects… pick up a sword and step forward.”

Heaven on Middle Earth


    “Oh mama, look at what your grandson in the attic while we were looking for his pirate costume!”

    Your daughter strode over to you with her child following closely behind. He waddled over and plopped a magnolia colored book on your lap. The cover reminded you of the adventure book Ellie made from “Up,” a movie that you took your grandchildren to see a few years ago. It took you a moment to dig through the overflowing stack of memories that occupied your mind, but you remembered it to be a photo album filled with long ago adventures.

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Why we ship: NaLu

So I decided to do this thing where I review certain ships and why people ship them.

Anyway here we go, why we ship NaLu:

First of all, unlike many other ships in Fairy Tail, Mashima established their relationship before introducing any other characters in the series:

It gives that special feeling of a first love, so even though Lisanna was Natsu’s first love, people tend to support NaLu over NaLi.

Mashima also tends to give them scenes full of physical contact

Natsu you lucky son of a dragon getting to feel Lucy’s boobs on your back

There’s also that time when future Lucy died, Natsu shows how much he cares about her

By the way. the anime team seems to ship NaLu and will put a reference to it almost any time there’s filler.

Don’t forget Haru and Ellie from Rave, they ended up marrying each other, and Mashima even gives us this special treat:

The covers have plenty of NaLu material in general.

Most importantly, we have the boob fondle scene which pretty much makes it canon when it comes to Mashima

Some people even go mentioning how NaLu and NaruSaku has the same hair colors genderbent but we all know that’s bull feces because NaruHina is canon.

Ugh this pic makes me wanna lose my lunch

There was also the omake where Lucy thought Natsu wanted to ask her out

But since it’s an omake, it’s not canon or is it?!

Anyway the only reason we really need is that Natsu is the best shonen protagonist there is and Lucy-sama naturally deserve only the best.

If you want to request a certain ship just tell me in my askbox/fanmail. I’m gonna do Gruvia next. Merry Christmas.