Ellie from Up

this is completely random but i JUST now caught that ellie in this scene of “up” is wearing a scouts uniform (which is why she knows how to do his tie)

yet another connection between ellie and russell 

I wish ppl were a fraction as concerned about WOC finally being in a comic book film as they are about the wellbeing of the plentiful white female characters

“people i wanna know better”

tagged by sabrina!!
name: lauren
nickname: lorn, lonnen, lauren may, laurie 
birthday: march eighth
star sign: pisces aka precious cinnamon roll \(^▽^)/
height: 5′ 3″
favourite colour(s): yellows, greens, pinks
time rn: 10:26PM 
average hours of sleep: six
lucky number(s): seventeen
last thing you googled: duvet vs comforter (LOL i’m dorm shopping)
first word that comes to mind: pillow (i got a new one it’s so comfy hehe)
how many blankets do you sleep under?: one in the summer, two in the winter
favorite fictional character: ellie from up
favorite famous people: benedict cumberbatch, keira knightley, helena bonham carter, emma watson, chris pratt
favorite anime: n/a
favorite band(s): i like everything except country and heavy metal
favorite game: how many boxes of macaroni and cheese can i eat in one sitting?
last movie seen in theatres: the little mermaid
dream holiday: travel the world
dream job: bunny whisperer
wearing right now: white crop top, floral shorts
last book I finished reading: great expectations
happy place: under the willow tree right outside my neighborhood

i tag lindsey and michelle :)

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! I have a question! My little cousin finished chemo a while back and her hair has been growing in, right now its at about her ears(Like Rapunzel after she cut her hair). Her friends are having a disney party and the birthday girl is Rapunzel so she needs a character to go as but feels down that she doesnt have "classic Disney long hair", so can you list any characters she could go as? Doesnt have to be a princess, really any character! Thanks!

She could go as Snow White? Uhh Wendy? Hmm this is a tough one because rapunzel would have been perfect!!! OR ELLIE FROM UP if she musses’ up her hair a bit. That would be so cute!!! Or she could be joy just spray it blue?? Hope that helped!!!

Took a silly Buzzfeed quiz to see what my Disney Pixar relationship is with my boyfriend. 

It came out as Carl and Ellie from Up. One of my friends freaked out and joked “But that means you die!” The way I see it, I die of old age after living a fulfilling life with the man I love who then goes off to create his own life. 

I can dig this. Thanks Buzzfeed! :D