Ellie Kendrick


Ellie Kendrick by Bartek Szmigulski for Wonderland Magazine, May 2017

There’s this culture of constant nervousness which I sometimes sense with social media of being sure that you have to say exactly the right thing otherwise a million people that you’ve never met are going to jump down your throat, and that terrifies me because I’m someone that, I talk faster than I think, so I could so easily end up causing a Twitter chaos hurricane by saying something I didn’t necessarily mean!

♥GLORIA_Hampstead Theatre

I’m alive.
I survived.
My soul is at peace now. I saw Colin Morgan a few meters from me… live, during his performance, saw how wonderful he is and how he’s great as an actor. Well, all the actors were so brilliant!!! The whole play was so wonderful!
But when he got up on stage my heart dropped on the floor…
It’s not like to see him on pc, on tv, it was really a big emotion! He’s wonderful….. ok, and a lovely dollophead because he didn’t come out for autographs but anyway I’m so happy!!! 
Go to see his play, really!!! He’s so beautiful! 

thank you @elokid per avermi convinta ad andare a vedere Gloria ♥