Lesbian Master List

Lipstick Lesbian: An extremely glamorous, very feminine, lesbian. Not a doc marten or flannel in sight, just dresses and heels and everything in between. Perfume, flowers, pink, and women. Often portrayed as submissive in a lesbian relationship, but that isn’t always the case. Lipstick lesbians can kick some ass. Have you seen the sharpness of those heels? They are all the glitz and glam of a lesbian. Portia De Rossi and Sarah Paulson are just a few examples.

Femme: A feminine lesbian, simply put. Not as glamorous as a lipstick lesbian, but still extremely feminine. Makeup, jeans, maybe the occasional pair of chucks in baby pink. Also often viewed as the submissive one in a lesbian relationship, but that’s not always the case. Leisha Hailey is a great example of a femme lesbian.

Stem: An African American femme. The same exact definition of a femme, but this definition is reserved just for woc, which is much deserved. Wanda Sykes or Robin Roberts are wonderful examples of stem lesbians.

Sporty Dyke: Still a femme, but so athletic that it would make you think otherwise. Running shoes and sweats are very familiar with sporty dykes, and they probably always have their hair up in an under armour headband at all times. Have you ever seen their hair down? Probably not. She won’t put on a dress until her sports banquet, and her whole team will gasp in shock. Sporty dykes have the best body of any lesbian though… You need muscle to play softball as good as they do. Jillian Michaels is a great example of a sporty dyke.

Blue Jeans Femme: Have you ever seen The Kids Aren’t Alright? Then you know what I’m talking about. Blue jean femmes love their Mossimo dark wash jeans just as much as they love their vegan leather Birkenstocks and their farmers market veggies. Reads a lot of self-enlightenment books and probably has a colorful afghan. Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco probably run through their blood stream. They love thrift shopping and green juice after meditation, and god dammit they love their girlfriend.

Chapstick Lesbian: A relatively feminine lesbian, but still has a fair share of masculine or tomboyish characteristics. Chucks, doc martens, band tees and flannels are no new thing to chapstick lesbians. But dammit do they love their mascara and their pretty pink curtains. They can kill a spider with only a little scream, and can probably put an IKEA dresser together with the help of her girlfriend. Sarah Gilbert is a great example of a chapstick.

Beibian: The stage most baby dykes go through… The 2009 Justin Bieber hair phase. *gasp* Yes, they actually have Justin Bieber type hair. Yes, they probably just came out and are trying to find themselves in the world of lesbian. Beibians are freshly “came out” lesbians with skinny jeans and target plaid button-ups and the rainbow hottopic bracelet and “pride” pins all over their black jansport. Probably wears vans. Probably spends 30 minutes to an hour straightening their freshly cut coming out hair-do and will probably take a flash mirror selfie to post on tumblr. Justin Bieber is a great example of a Beibian.

Futch: Not a femme, not a butch. Content with being both and neither. Maybe you have a pixie cut, maybe you have long hair. Maybe you wear pretty flowy blouses, maybe you wear button ups. Maybe you wear makeup one day and not the next. You’ll wear a pretty dress to your cousin’s wedding and a pantsuit to your sister’s birthday. You are so confident with feeling one way one day, and another the next, and you love to play with masculinity and femininity, and you do it well. But you’re indecisive, so your girlfriend always picks the restaurant. A great example of futch is Ellen Page.

Soft Butch: Mostly masculine, but they have something soft about them. Flannels and button ups are the typical attire, hats are always a must. Even though they love to be chivalrous and kill spiders and act tough, they secretly love buying candles and going clothes shopping with their girlfriend. They can cry to a romcom and cheer to a basketball game. They are everything great about being a butch, but they’re just soft about it. Get yourself a soft butch, she’ll fix your toilet and gossip about OITNB. She’ll be the big spoon, most of the time. A wonderful example of soft butch is our president, Ellen DeGeneres.
Stud: The same as soft butch, but this definition is reserved for black women! An example of a stud is Samira Wiley. *Enter a Poussey joke please. My heart still hurts too bad to do so.*

Butch: The cream of the lesbian crop. Butch. When you see a butch, the first thing you think is, “lesbian.” Which is accurate. Because, well, she’s a lesbian. Butches are characteristically confident and sure about their identity, so much so that they are willing to go outside gender norms and wear not what’s typical, but what feels good. Most every butch has short hair, it’s kinda the butch thing. (Unless you’re a LHB, or a long haired butch, who are equally butchy and attractive.) A butch is a masculine woman simply put. 100% men’s clothes down to the knickers. She’s chivalrous, and can take apart an IKEA desk and can put it back together in a blink of an eye, and can probably kill a spider without so much as a bat of an eyelash. Watches a lot of sports but will watch Project Runway if her girlfriend forces her, (she secretly likes it.) She’s just cool. Everyone wants to have the swagger of the butch. A couple perfect examples of a butch would be K.D. Lang, Rachel Maddow, and Sarah Bettens. They are hotter than any dude could ever be.

Stone Butch: Take the definition of butch and times it by 100. They are the butches of the butch. Intense and intimidating, with womanly swagger, all in one. By law, every stone butch has to own a leather jacket. It’s just the law. She probably has carpenter jeans and really intense steel toed combat boots. Every stone butch has at least 14 tattoos. At least. She probably has a group of super scary butch friends, and will pick you up on your first date on her motorcycle. She may be a stone butch, but her heart is as warm as it comes. She loves taking her gf out for joyrides and pushing chairs out for her. So don’t ever be intimidated by the stone butch, they are the friendliest of all. It is typical for stone butches to be particularly “dominant” in any relationship, and they maybe classified especially by not not liking to be intimately touched in any situation. Overall, the stone butch is the even better butch! An example of stone butch would be Lea DeLaria.

*If you think of anymore, feel free to add on or ask us to add onto it!*

Bunnicula - Warner Press Release Announces, ’Season 1, Part 1: Night of the Vegetable

2-DVD set with 20 episodes will hop onto store shelves this summer!

Posted by David Lambert - 4/18/2017


DVD JUNE 27, 2017
Two-Disc Set Features 20 Episodes
Totaling Over Four Hours of Content

BURBANK, CA (April 17, 2017) - Meet the world’s most adorable vampire, Bunnicula. The vampire rabbit from the best-selling children’s book series comes to life in Bunnicula, a brand-new animated comedy series from Warner Bros. Animation, currently airing on Cartoon Network and releasing on DVD June 27, 2017, by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE). Titled Bunnicula: Season 1 Part 1, this release will retail for $18.94 SRP DVD.

The series follows the paranormal comedy adventures of Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit. Bunnicula has an insatiable appetite for fresh vegetable juice, which boosts his paranormal powers. Upon moving to the mysterious Orlock Apartment building in New Orleans, 13-year-old Mina discovers Bunnicula locked away in a chamber way down in the basement. Mina falls instantly in love with Bunnicula, and adopts him as a pet…not knowing he has supernatural abilities.

The mischievous rabbit is met with open arms by Mina’s lovable, laid-back dog, Harold, and with abject fear by Mina’s paranoid cat, Chester. However, Bunnicula loves Mina, and will do anything to protect her from all the crazy supernatural animals and monsters he attracts, including ghostly alligators who squeeze through the pipes of their apartment building, and sinister spider-lambs released from Bunnicula’s book of supernatural bedtime stories. Hide your produce, as no carrot is safe around this supernatural bunny, whose delightful escapades with Mina, Harold and Chester will take viewers on a set of entertaining, supernatural adventures.

“The Bunnicula book series is a classic, with a huge fan following. Stories with supernatural themes are now in high demand, so it’s the perfect time to bring this wonderful series to television and onto DVD,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing. She added, “Bunnicula blends mystery, comedy, the paranormal and cutting edge animation. It’s a fresh, original new series that’s not to be missed. We’re excited to offer it on DVD.”

Watch Ellen DeGeneres tearfully accept one of Obama’s last Presidential Medals of Freedom

On Tuesday President Obama gave out his last Presidential Medals of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The star-studded list of 21 recipients included Michael Jordan, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Diana Ross — all of whom Obama saidhad touched him in a “powerful personal way” and helped shape his presidency.

Many of the recipients have been critical of President-elect Donald Trump or have praised Democrats.

But when Ellen DeGeneres came up to accept her award, it was a particularly potent reminder of how different the next administration is likely to be, and the warm inclusivity that Obama inhibited while in office.

DeGeneres teared up as a White House aide introduced her and praised her courage in blazing a trail for LGBTQ equality: “At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of million of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive towards equality and acceptance for all,” the aide said.

“Ellen DeGeneres has showed us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open more loving place, so long as we just keep swimming,” he added, referring to DeGeneres’s role as Dory in Finding Nemo.

Then Obama gave DeGeneres the medal and an affectionate hug.

“It’s useful, when you think about this incredible collection of people, to realize this is what makes us the greatest nation on earth,” Obama said at the ceremony. “Not because of our differences, but because in our differences we find something in common to share. And what a glorious gift that is.”

Ellen DeGeneres first publicly came out as a lesbian in 1997, almost two decades ago, and incurred conservative backlash for a few years. She staged a comeback in 2003, with her groundbreaking standup special, Here and Now, her beloved role in Finding Nemo, and the premiere of her hit daytime talkshow, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land and LGBTQ people are more visible than ever, it can be easy to forget what a profoundly different time 1997 was for gay and lesbian Americans.

But given the justifiable fear many LGBTQ people feel about a Trump-Pence administration, it’s important to remember that the battle for equality is far from over.

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#COVERREVEAL! WNDB is excited to host a cover reveal for SPIRIT HUNTERS by Ellen Oh, WNDB CEO and President. The book launches Summer 2017 from HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Here’s a brief blurb:

Harper Raine doesn’t like her new house from the moment she steps inside. It makes her skin crawl and her hair stand on end. There’s an energy to the house that just doesn’t feel right….

There are rumors that the Raine family’s new house is haunted. Unexplainable events and tragedy seem to have befallen every family who’s lived there before. Harper isn’t sure she believes those rumors until her younger brother, Michael, starts acting strangely.

The whole atmosphere gives Harper a sense of déjà vu, but she can’t remember why. Harper knows that the memories she’s blocking will help make sense of her brother’s behavior and the strange and dangerous sensations she feels in the house, but will she be able to put the pieces together in time?

Congrats, Ellen!


Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama travel abroad to promote ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative

On Monday, the first lady — who brought along her daughters, Sasha, 15, and Malia, 17, and her mother, Marian Robinson — landed in Liberia. “This is the special girl-power unit of the Obama household,” she said. “We left the president behind because he’s a boy.” The family was welcomed to the West African country with a red carpet and traditional dancers.

Following the announcement that the United States would be providing $27 million in aid for the expansion of the “Let Girls Learn” Peace Corps program in the country as well as a meeting with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female head of state in Africa, the Obamas moved on to Morocco.

On the second leg of the first family’s tour, they were met by actresses Frieda Pinto and Meryl Streep for a panel discussion moderated by CNN’s Isha Sesay in Marrakesh and delivered even more money to help some of the 62 million girls worldwide who are lacking access to formal education.

The last part of the six-day trip will be in Spain, where Mrs. Obama will deliver a speech.

The message the first lady is trying to get across during this trip is: “You have the power, right now, to step up and be a champion for those 62 million girls who aren’t in school. You have everything you need right now to raise awareness about their stories and to support their efforts to get an education.” (Lauren Tuck/Yahoo Style)

Photos: (from top) Balkis Press/Sipa, AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images,  Francisco Gomez, AP Photo/Francisco Seco, Casa Real Pool Photo via AP, Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

See more images of Michelle, Malia and Sasha on Yahoo News


Ellen | February 19, 2015

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