30 April...,,,, huh..,,

in all this,,, heat of yuri on stage and the movie news i forgot something very important and i’m truly sorry


YES HE IS 20 TODAY!!!! WOW!!!!!!

well done to him for lasting so long with such an optimistic attitude wow lov him such a hard worker and gr8 hamsters amazing friend

anonymous asked:

Is Levi a romantic lover?

In the traditional sense, I’d say not on your life. 

However, I do think Levi is more compassionate and thoughtful than he appears at first glance. While he isn’t the type to wine and dine you, Levi pays close attention to your interests, likes and dislikes, and other personality quirks. If there had been something you were admiring, it would suddenly show up on your doorstep without a note or anything like that but it’s fairly obvious who it came from. Levi’s also the type to express how he feels through actions over words, so a lot of his “romance” comes from him silently taking care of you, whether it’s something as simple as leaving out an extra cup of tea for you or taking care of your gear if you were too tired and sore to do it. 

A relationship with Levi is all based on subtly and being able to pick up on his actions, so hopefully his potential partner is capable at reading him well enough to see past the surface level. (:

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#shaumondays → performer au week

  • title: hotter than hell
  • pairing: malec
  • rating: general audiences
  • chapter(s): 1/1

The man blinks, surprise clear on his face. He gapes for a moment, opening and closing his mouth a few times, as if deciding what to say. “The Lightwoods? That’s our band name. I just - really?”

“Never heard of it,” Magnus says, looking more interested in his drink. “Pity.”



13. How did you become a MH fan? #Monster High Challange

I stumbled across a really pretty picture of a customized doll on Tumblr and scrolled down the whole “Monster High ooak” tag afterwards. I didn’t know anything about the MH universe at this point. But eventually, I watched the webisodes and movies and got to know the characters. I remember browsing the official homepage for the first time, stunned by the creativity and exceptionality of the character’s designs.
As a child I’ve always been more interested in the dark and mysterious than in princesses. Maybe consuming every fantasy novel I could get my hands on was an influence on my love for the extraordinary, as well. I’m also into goth and steampunk and refuse to give up my interests in “kids stuff”, such as toys, plushies and unicorns. In conclusion, Monster High and I were pretty much meant to be.

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