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(TRANS) Elle Men Interview - Sehun

The members all say you’re maturing really quickly, do you feel it yourself?
Sehun: Yes, everyone who sees me says so. I’ve grown taller, my shoulders have also broadened a lot, and it feels like it’ll keep going [like that]. when I think back to debut days I really have changed a lot … … but I hope I don’t grow any taller, I’ve grown too much already. (laughs)

As someone who appears cold on the exterior but is warmhearted on the inside, are you often mistaken as someone who is hard to get along with?
Sehun: (pretends to look hurt and misunderstood) Looking merely at my expressions, particularly when I’m expressionless, I will look rather tough and arrogant. But my personality really isn’t anything like that, and fans know it. But at the start, those who don’t know me too well will always bear some misconceptions. In truth I’m not a bad kid, I’m a kind kid. (smiles while answering)

When you’re misunderstood [for being cold and tough], will you feel somewhat lost?
Sehun: Yes. at the start I will feel a little hurt, but now I also know the reasons for such misunderstandings. Recently, in order to dispel these misunderstandings, I often try to make more lively and joyful expressions.

When you socialise with others, will you be the one to strike up a conversation or do you have to be pushed?
Sehun: I won’t actively initiate a conversation.

Can you tell us a bit about your growing process?
Sehun: my growing process? (suddenly turns towards Lay, “Hyung how did you answer this?” Lay: I said I grew up working very hard") I’ve grown up working hard … (does an exact imitation like a recording machine) … … hahahha! (laughs out loud) Alright, it’s something rather meaningful - when I was in the sixth grade in elementary school, I would eat dukbokki in a little street nearby my house. That was when I was scouted by SM Entertainment, so if I hadn’t been eating dukbokki, perhaps I wouldn’t be a member of EXO today. (everyone laughs loudly)

As a dancer, what is the greatest charm of dancing, in your view?
Sehun: I think it’s that you can see another side of me. It’s hard isn’t it? I think it’s difficult too.

Are you the kind who places more importance on the technique or on emotion when dancing?
Sehun: The two are both very important, and both very difficult. But I think I’m the sort who focuses on emotion. (glances at Lay who is sitting opposite, “Hyung, how should I talk about this, hahaha!” here Lay violently stuffs a few spoonfuls of food into his mouth and answers, “I don’t want to be here, you don’t answer properly already”)

Are you close to your senior Donghae because you enjoy dance?
Sehun: Nah, it’s got nothing to do with dancing. When I first entered the company as a trainee, Donghae-hyung was the first to speak to me. From then on, from trainee days up till my debut, Donghae-hyung has always been very caring towards me, so that’s how we’ve wound up like this.

What’s one line of praise Donghae has said that has made you most happy?
Sehun: He’s never praised me …

Then has he ever said anything that hurt you before?
Sehun: I don’t think so, hahaha. The most memorable thing he’s said to me - grind [prepare] your weapons well. (t/n: something like train yourself well, to show your best)

List three of your best points:
Sehun: Um … … (half a minute passes) … …

You’re charismatic?
Sehun: No, no! Regarding good points, I really don’t know. Noona, tell me some (turns to face makeup noona who frantically waves him away). I think I’m a very interesting kid, secondly I think I’m a very warmhearted person, not as cold as my external appearance. Yes yes yes, if I were to praise myself, it would be that whatever I wear still looks especially stylish (says softly and shyly)

What’s your favourite life philosophy?
Sehun: You only live once, so do the things you enjoy, and live happily.

What’s your biggest frustration right now?
Sehun: In my opinion, I’m always worrying for my bandmates.

Then who do you worry for the most?
Sehun: All of them! I will worry a lot for my bandmates. EXO has to keep going, keep going forward, so I need to cherish every single member.

Does everyone occasionally neglect you, since you’re the maknae/youngest?
Sehun: No no, it’s not that way, they will never do that. (laughs)

Lastly, please say something for ELLE MEN’s first anniversary!
Sehun: First of all congratulations! (claps) I hope the magazine will last till your tenth anniversary, your hundredth anniversary. To spend such a meaningful day as your first anniversary with EXO, I feel very honoured and glad, and today’s photoshoot was especially meaningful. I hope the next time we can have this photoshoot with all the EXO members, thank you very much!

trans: fy-exo | source: elle men september 2014 issue
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