Wild animals.

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Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado encourages you to follow your wild spirit and see what’s over the horizon. In any season, the views are epic and the experiences are unforgettable. Stopping to take a picture of one of the most beautiful sunsets he’d ever seen, photographer Brandon Sharpe noticed “an elk doing his thing” and snapped this incredible image. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sharpe.


Check out the size of that thing


Spent the weekend roaming the redwoods, lush with green from El Niño’s rain.

Redwood National Park, CA. March 2016. (Instagram)

Sentinel Northwind

Getting into Winter mood :)

By the way…Druid Northwind is my OC, I has been working on her for a while on and off and finally got her show worthy shape. Later I will introduce her in details :) (just need to organize my notes/writings) 

Have a lovely weekend y’all! 


Our morning shooting schedule for @fixedbrothers was interupted by a small herd of elk, led by this male. This huge bull spotted a male challenger and began raking his antlers against the brush. He then proceeded to bugle (scream) towards the imposing male before tearing off through the bush to ward him off.