↪Elizabeth Henstridge Gif  Hunt

Under the cut you will find 390 gifs of Elizabeth Henstridge requested by anon. None of these gifs are mine, and credit goes to the original gif makers I only compiled the gifs and uploaded them here! Like always if I am using one of your gifs and you would like it taken down or credit given in this post please just message me and I would be happy to do that. Please like or reblog if you are using or found this helpful!

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We didn’t think at first Fitz-Simmons would be British. We didn’t have any particular image in mind. We got it down to three potential Simmons and three Fitzes. So we saw, I don’t know math, but it was one of those days — has Elizabeth read with all three and did Iain read with those other people. Everyone had like nine and it really wasn’t until the two of them got together. There was no question after that.

-Jeph Loeb