Elizabeth Hamilton

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“As actors and artists, we’re always trying to assign meaning to things and trying to find the relevance of what we’re working on; in the temperament of what’s happening in the world right now, I found that what we’re doing is reminding people that we’re all connected and also reminding people to have joy”

History Facts:

•Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens thought that White was easiest colour to clean

• Marquis de Lafayette attempted to sneak to America by disguising himself as a pregnant woman

•George Washington and Lafayette cuddled together under Washington’s cloak and took a nap after a battle.

• Alexander Hamilton once fell into a river and everyone assume he drowned and mourned his death only for him to storm into camp soaking wet.

• Hamilton once wrote a proposal on why John André shouldn’t be hung because he was too pretty to kill.

•Aaron Burr once caught himself on fire trying to light a candle with his gun

• Thomas Jefferson had a pet bird that went everywhere with him and was reported to have eaten from his mouth

• While Jefferson and Hamilton has extremely different political views, they occasionally read together

• John Adams once called Hamilton a “Creole bastard” which Hamilton responded to by slandering him*

•Washington was an excellent dancer

• Lafayette saw George Washington as more of a father figure and named his only son after him (Georges Washington de Lafayette)

• Lafayette was fluent in English after only a year of being in America

• Lafayette once threw himself in front of a canon to stop a massacre during the French Revolution

• With the help of his wife, Adrienne de Lafayette, he was able to sneak out of prison only to be arrested again the next day*

• Hamilton was fearful of getting close to Washington lest he begin to see him as a father figure

• After the death of John Laurens, Hamilton more than likely never spoke of him again (as he tended to do when anyone close to him died)*

• Hamilton was often reported to “talk to himself” while on campus when he was in actuality memorising the lessons

• Jefferson only ever made two speeches during his presidency and they were both inauguration speeches.

• Hamilton once managed to prank all of New York by pretending he could communicate with the dead after joking around with his nephew

• Abigail Adams once looked Hamilton in the eyes and said she saw the devil in him.

• While Alexander Hamilton was a lot of things, he was an extremely caring father from all reports.

• After the death of Philip Hamilton, his sister Angelica became extremely reclusive and fell into a very deep depression that left Hamilton constantly looking for ways to cheer her up. None of them worked.

• Elizabeth Hamilton, Alexander’s wife, often talked to a bust of Hamilton that was in her house after he died.

• The letter that Hamilton is famous for getting him off of the island he grew up on was actually a letter to his father.


The Hamilton Portrait Gallery #1

Since I clearly have too much time on my hands, this is my new project: taking the portraits of the historical figures of Hamilton and merging the actors from the show with the characters they play. I’m enjoying the challenge of making the quality and texture match as closely as possible and even finding decent hi-res portraits of some of them.

Also, do not ask me about Burr’s hair. What he lacked on top, he made up for in killer foofy sideburns.

Gallery 2 is now available too.

  • Washington: *pats John and Alexander on the back*
  • Washington: Good job, gays!
  • John: *nervously laughing* You meant gu-
  • Washington: Did I fucking stutter

Hamilton: When will my husband return from the war

Eliza: Alexander, there’s a letter for you from South Carolina


will you believe me if i said i reached 256 layers making these 2 5 6  maximum
l a  y e r s and my list isn’t even finished————tho THESE WERE REALLY FUN TO MAKE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FACT I DID THIS ON NEW YEAR I WOULD’VE DONE MORE :’0

i mixed up a palette art meme and the expression art meme made by @galactibun together and ended up with these


That’s why I asked you how do you think the Schuyler sisters could smell :D So I picked perfumes for them (based on perfume notes, not my own nose, cuz I hadn’t had a chance to smell them, but I hope I will in the future ;o;).

Eliza - Penhaligon’s Violetta
Top notes: Geranium, citruses
Middle notes: Violet
Base notes: Sandalwood, musk, cedar

Angelica - Amouage Fate for Women
Top notes: Bergamot, red chilli pepper, pepper, cinnamon
Middle notes: Rose, jasmine, narcissus, incensce, labdanum
Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, benzoin, castoreum, insence, leather, oakmoss

Peggy - Marc Jacobs Honey
Top notes: Pear, mandarin orange, punch
Middle notes: Honeysuckle, orange blossom, peach
Base notes: Honey, vanilla, woodsy notes

Notes according to Fragrantica.com