Elizabeth Grace

another year passed and you’re still alive 

Happy birthday, Percy! Thank you for eveything

(full view since this is kinda big)


I’m torn between being really proud and extremely ashamed
Either way, I’d trust them with the fate of modern civilization

(original meme here and here)

  • Percy:All right. We're entering dangerous territory here with end of the world battles. So from now on, I'll be using codenames. I'm Eagle 1.
  • Percy:Rachel is Been There Done That
  • Rachel:Basically
  • Percy:Annabeth is Currently Doing That
  • Annabeth:*hi-fives*
  • Percy:Piper is It Happened Once In a Dream
  • Piper:*winks*
  • Percy:Jason is If I Had To Pick a Dude
  • Jason:Cool
  • Percy:Frank...you're Eagle 2
  • Frank:Oh, thanks Gods.