Elizabeth Cervidae

Just some little giftie for you, waifu! U3U~

You may or may not aware that Lizzy Cervidae, the female protagonist of my story is often called as “adopted” - that’s because originally, she was created by Mod. “My waifu” was kind enough letting me use her in my story, wich I am still very very thankful about even after years. (years bc I’m sitting on this story way too long bc I’m terrible)

Anyway the point is, I always looked up to Mod’s art, especially her writing talent. I noticed how good she is at developing stories and characters, by the time I got Lizzy’s backstory and when I started reading The Property of Hate. She has the writing mojo I always wanted to have, but never got. Something, I only wished to have. Aside of a “very artistic buddy-like envy”, it did help me trying to improve my own, and even though I might never reach this advanced level of storytelling, she will be there giving me strength to continue. I’m also very very happy and honoured to be your friend, but you know that already.

Keep up with the good stuff, hon!

PS: They are reading fairy tales. Lizzy likes fairy tales. As for Hero, I’m almost convinced, that she also appreciates them in her own way. (or not - then this picture turned out pretty ooc, sorry!) As the way Lizzy does, and wich is not your ordinary “white prince on a white horse saves the day” and “happily ever after” kind of way. You will see. At least I hope you will. Damn, I really need to start this webcomic already! :U

Here’s a preview of Trust Issues, wich I like to call as the pilot episode of DI.

You know the ones. It’s technically not the first chapter more like a test thingie for the particular story. It has a very in medias res feel too. The idea is that I only want to give a taste before I actually start elaborating the story in a much chronological way.

The style and the release date is yet to be defined. I considered many styles, from traditional to digital. One thing is for sure, this will be digital.

I’m also unsure about whether upload this chapter page by page, or just toss the entire thing in one. (Like maybe on Gumroad? We will see.)

PS: By the way, I haven’t really taken the time yet to thank all the interest and following you gave me! I’m really happy and flattered to know you are as much excited as I am to start my webcomic! Will try my bests to live up to your expectations!