Elizabeth Beals


These girls really changed my life for the better. No matter how good or bad PP3 turns out, I’m sure I’m gonna love it anyway because all three movies mean so much to me and this is too sincere for me to be, it’s gross, but I can’t imagine how my life would turn out if I didn’t know them or even be in this fandom because this is one of the best times I’ve had and I don’t regret it at all these past 5 years. I’d gladly spend 5 years more with them.

Challenge 75: Freebie: Batgirl of Burnside!

Issue 50 of Batgirl came out today and it’s the last issue that  @babsdraws, @cameron-stewart, and @brendenfletcher worked on as a team! I wanted to create a little tribute piece to thank them for their all around awesomeness and for getting tons of new readers, myself included, into the Batgirl franchise! ☺️

Oddly enough I’ve had this sketch lying around since they announced the series but never finished it! I figured it was the perfect time to revisit it and wrap it all up!

Elizabeth B.

P.S. Just saw the MOTOR CRUSH announcement, sign me up for that!! 💜


…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.


Challenge 90: Healthy - Strawberries

When prompted with the topic of ‘healthy’ my mind automatically jumped to some of my favorite fruits, one of which being strawberries ✨🍓✨

SO, for this challenge I just wanted to do something fun and went with a cute depiction of a girl sitting in/on a carton of strawberries!

Elizabeth B.

Beyond jazzed I got the chance to create an illustration for ‘Two Scoops’, an ice cream shop dating sim. 💕🍨💕

If you’d like to see this game come to life or even snag a postcard of this piece, make sure to head on over to the Kickstarter and make a donation (No cash? Don’t sweat it, retweets/re-blogs are always appreciated)!

P.S. Only 11 days left on the campaign so swing on by soon if you’re interested!


Elizabeth B.