Elizabeth Arden

Marilyn’s Monroe’s personal makeup case, sold by Christie’s in 1999 for $266,500 contained:
-3 Max Factor lipsticks
-Two Elizabeth Arden cream eyeshadows (Autumn Smoke and Pearly Blue)
-Two Elizabeth Arden Eye Stopper eyeliners, one brown and one black
-One Leichner of London eyeshadow
-Two bottles of Revlon nail polish (Cherries a la Mode and Hot Coral)
-Glorene of Hollywood eyeliner and false eyelashes
-Two bottles of perfumed lotion by Shisheido
-Anita d'Foged Day Dew cream makeup and cover up
-Two pots of Erno Lazlo makeup

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Nigerian model Adeola Ariyo has made fashion history as Elizabeth Arden’s first African Brand Ambassador.  

‘What stands out for me about Adeola is that she truly represents the Elizabeth Arden brand. She is the best choice for the beauty house, because she embodies incredible beauty and substance. Adeola is well travelled and truly committed to young women on the African continent. She is sincere and authentic, and what shines through is that she is here to represent African women and educate us about beauty and what beauty means today.’ - ELLE editor Jackie Burger

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


Elizabeth Arden Untold Color Collection

Elizabeth Arden has launched a limited edition color collection inspired by the Untold fragrance franchise. 

I received a few of the items for review, and I’ve swatched them here for you!

I have to say I don’t know why I haven’t tried the Arden eyeshadows until now. I’ve always used their skincare products (8 Hour Cream and Ceramide Capsules, etc) but not really their makeup. And I feel kinda silly now cos these shadows are fantastic.

They are very smooth, very buildable, very easy to blend, and beautifully pigmented.

There are 2 quads in the collection. Chic Browns, and Posh Purples. 

The 2 lipglosses in the collection are gorgeous as well; gold and violet. I haven’t tried the gold but the purple 16 Intriguing Violet is a lovely sparkly shade. It looks very dramatic in the tube, but you know glosses. They go on a lot sheerer most of the time. Intriguing Violet is more pink than purple once applied on the lips, but at certain angles it does shift slightly violet. The sparkles shift from gold to blue. VERY dimensional. 

UNDER HYPED: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blushes

These creamy, beautiful blushes don’t get anywhere near as much hype as they deserve, they blend beautifully into the skin almost creating a “second skin” look that appears dewy and youthful. The colour pay off is ideal , not too pigmented, but not too sheer which means you get the perfect blush application every time. Since I first tried it, Nectar has become a staple in my makeup bag, it’s the perfect shade for my fair skin and can be worn with natural makeup or heavy smoky eyes.

Blush: Powder, Cream, Liquid, Gel or Stain?

I’m obsessed with blush and if anyone ever saw my collection, I’d be blushing. Blush is often seen as a little old school especially since a flawless complexion without a hint of redness is what many of us strive for these days. But that doesn’t mean blush shouldn’t have a place in your makeup bag.

Blushes are no longer constrained to just powder, there are hundreds of different formulas and finishes you can dip your cheeks in, but some work a lot better than others.

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Makeup for Dry Skin

If you’re a dry skin sufferer make-up can be a challenge. It’s either too matte, not matte enough, cakey, flaky, drying, shimmery or it just doesn’t look natural. Don’t fret yet because I’m about to share with you my top tips for make-up application on dry skin.


There’s only so much make-up can do, so having a good skin care routine is essential. To wake up with well moisturised and healthy skin, opt for creamy oil-based cleansers, rich treatment oils and antioxidant-packed moisturisers in the evening. You can also use a gentle exfoliant and a hydrating gel-based facial mask twice a week.


In my opinion primers are a must. They keep make-up staying for longer and ‘set the mood’ for the rest of your make-up. For dry skin, use a moisturising formula like Face of Australia Face Base Primer or an illuminating primer like Benefit That Gal. Apply primer with your fingers and allow it to absorb fully for two minutes so your make-up doesn’t end up patchy.If you are short on time, you can blot off excess primer with one ply of tissue.

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