You're Not Cute. Have More Orgasms. "The 10 Things Women Need to Realize In 2013." (Written by a Man.)

So I recently came across this website, Elite Daily. It calls itself “The Voice of Generation-Y.”

The link I stumbled on was to an article titled “The 10 Things Women Need to Realize in 2013.” OK. Let’s check this out…

OH, BOY. What the fuck is this? The first photo attached to the article should have tipped me off, but I was too focused on the name of the author…

That’s right. EDDIE CUFFIN. A dude is about to lecture women on what they should “realize” in 2013. But, not just any dude. It’s says right there in his bio: “THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE OFFICE.”

Let’s take a look at a few of these “things”…

“Ladies, realize that in 2013, you are not cute." 

"Back to to the kitchen women and make me a sandwich.”

Well, shit. Thank you GUY for explaining this stuff to women! I mean, one of the points in this article was about getting men to “eat out your ‘box.’”  And all that along with the objectifying pics? What would a girl living in the 1950s…err…2013 do without this article?!

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin has got more for all of you seeking his advice. Gems such as…

“The 21 Signs She’s Expired.”

That’s right, girls. If you are over the age of 19 and ½, hang up the boots and please deposit yourself in the closest trash bin. 

Misogynistic, transphobic AND he hates Mila Kunis! Eddie Cuffin is a catch!

What a gentleman.

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin won’t leave you hanging now that you know your girlfriend is “expired” like the cold cuts sitting in the back of your fridge…

Eddie Cuffin’s gonna let you know how to cheat on her with “15 Steps to Successfully Cheat on Your Girlfriend!” Eddie says women are like chicken (expired chicken?) and stale bread!  The man who wants to empower women in 2013 with cooking lessons and orgasms would also like them to know that their value depreciates over time (because women are nothing but a commodity, duh!). GIRLS, “you’re getting older and not getting any tighter” and by not stopping time you “compel” men to cheat! IT’S YOUR FAULT, LADIES…

“15 Easy Steps to Managing Your Mistress.” Fellas! Your pal Eddie’s got you covered here too! Because it’s 2013 (Eddie’s got a real infatuation for 2013) and as it says right there above…It’s that time in your life, and not just yours, everyman’s life where he "GROW A SACK AND GET A MISTRESS.“

"Women lie a lot.” You hear that men? Women are EVIL LIARS. Why can’t they just be truthful while you lie and cheat on them?! GIRLS ARE THE WORST.

But, what if  you fell for the evil voodoo women and she went ahead on her very own and decided to get pregnant (THE NERVE)? Don’t worry, Eddie Cuffin’s got you covered here too!

“Many poor men.” If only they had Eddie Cuffin’s brilliant mind and knew the “20 East Steps to Raising a Whore” so they could do the exact opposite!

Steps like…

Letting her get involved in fun activities like cheerleading and gymnastics! Only WHORES play sports!

Telling her she can’t date a black man! Because we all know women will go out and do the exact opposite! AND ONLY WHORES DATE BLACK MEN. (Eddie Cuffin: misogynistic, transphobic, and now racist too!)

Put her on birth control at 13! Because we all know girls don’t have sex UNLESS they are on birth control. No birth control, no sex, and there’s like no teen moms in 2013…the Voice of Generation-Y, people!

In case these listicles full of amazing advice weren’t enough for ya, Eddie’s got a Twitter account too! 140 characters of pure wisdom!

Eddie Cuffin of Elite Daily, folks! The Voice of Generation Y (Don’t Girls Like Me, I Am So Alone).


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Look: I can respond to your straw-man. I’m big into comic books, so I get along with nit-pickery. I think it’s wonderful that fans get so invested in their favorite characters they can’t help but dream up better endings for them. And I will go to bat for every fourteen year old girl writing Mary Sue fanfiction who forgets there’s a hyphen in Spider-man, because she has a right to be excited about this stuff, and cry about this stuff, and get sad when they don’t make t-shirts in her size, and wonder why none of the Avengers look like her. And she should be able to say what she thinks and not wait fifteen patient years for studios to get over their fear of Catwoman. I will go to bat for her, because, cut my heart out and bleed it, she is probably still having a lot more fun than the movie executives in charge of saying, no, you can’t do that, boys don’t want to see movies about girls. Or the people who pretend to be those executives on the internet.


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