OMG I'm screaming over the new Galra characters under the season 3 trailer!!! 

Look at these lovely ladies! “Lotor’s gang of Galra elite warriors” are women! 

It’s like instead of keeping Prince Lotor’s Harem from the original show they just turned them into his badass gang of girls instead?! 

Dramione “Ministry Parties“

I am so sorry this is kinda late. I have been quite sidetracked by the multi-chapter fic I am currently writing. But I hope @shitheade like it.

Pairing: Draco x Hermione


Word Count: 558

Ministry Parties

Draco Malfoy hated the bloody things.
He only came for two things and two things only. First, Hard liquor. Booze, loopy juice, poison…you name it. Second, this is a place where the bored elite women offer themselves for a shag.

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I think it’s huge for every team in the CWHL. We wanna build the best women’s hockey league in the world, and not only in North America, but now adding a team in China with the KRS team is gonna allow us to then globally see the growth of elite women’s hockey. So as a player it’s really exciting and a lot of fun to know that expansion has happened. 

Julie Chu on the CWHL’s expansion to China


2017 Shamrock Shuffle 8K
28:49, 5:48/mi, 9th age group, 223rd overall

I was shooting for 30:00 in my return to racing after rehabbing from plantar fasciitis. After a few weeks training at that level, I had an inkling I could pull off something better, but you never really know until you’re out there. Even though this was 43 seconds slower than last year, I’m very pleased with how far I’ve come after cutting back a lot over the winter.

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'Thor: Ragnarok': Why Does Thor Have Short Hair? Where's His Hammer? The Plot Revealed!
Haircuts. Swords. Goth eye shadow. All of these elements are part of Thor: Ragnarok. So WTF is this movie about?

When we last saw Thor, he was flying off to figure out who was manipulating the Avengers at the end of Age of Ultron. Eventually, he hears rumblings of trouble in Asgard: His evil brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), has been impersonating their missing father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Loki’s rather lax governing leads to the reemergence of an imprisoned Hela (Cate Blanchett). Thor’s initial encounter with Hela gets him blasted to Sakaar, a barbaric planet ruled by the charming but nefarious Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a tough, hard-drinking warrior hiding out on Sakaar brings the god to the Grandmaster. “Thor is a bit of a fanboy for the Valkyrie, the elite women warriors,” Hemsworth says. Thor is then forced into becoming a gladiator, which leads to his haircut and the loss of his trusty hammer. (His replacement weapons include a pair of swords seen on EW’s cover.)

Sakaar’s most popular and successful gladiator? Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk. Comics fans will recognize this plotline as part of the popular Planet Hulk series. “He’s much more of a character than the green rage machine you’ve seen in the Avengers movies,” Ruffalo says of this new Hulk. “He’s got a swagger. He’s like a god.”

Once Thor and Hulk unite, Ragnarok becomes a sort of road-trip film, with director Taika Waititi drawing inspiration from movies like 48 HRS., Withnail and I, and even Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The director particularly wanted to show off Hemsworth’s comedic abilities, only recently exploited in films like Vacation and Ghostbusters. “He’s so good and underutilized in that department,” Waititi says. “He’s legitimately one of the funniest things in this film.”

Fans will also see some familiar faces, like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange. The New York-based sorcerer met with Thor in the post-credits epilogue of Doctor Strange, and he will help the Asgardian locate Odin. Teases Feige, “There’s not a whole lot that takes place on Earth in this film, and that’s one of the things that does.”

The events of Ragnarok will also help set up Marvel’s biggest Phase 3 installment, Avengers: Infinity War, the first half of which is due in May 2018. But Waititi is adamant that his film will not only stand on its own, it will reinvent the franchise. “A lot of what we’re doing with the film is, in a way, kind of dismantling and destroying the old idea and rebuilding it in a new way that’s fresh,” he says. “Everyone’s got a slightly new take on their characters, so in that way, it feels like [this is] the first Thor.” Just with a little less hair.


The Difference Between Tayuu/Oiran (Historical Edo era High-Class Courtesans) and Geisha (Historic and Modern Performing Artists/Entertainers):

Here, I will explain the aesthetic and cultural differences of the Geisha and the Tayuu/Oiran courtesan. Geisha work as entertainers in the modern world. Prostitution was made illegal in Japan in 1959, though Tayuu (known today, and ever since the decline of the Tayuu line in the 1700s, as Oiran) entertain today sans-sexual favors. 

**Please note: though historically, Oiran were working within the sex industry, neither modern Oiran nor Geisha have anything to do with said industry 


  • Make-up: While the white face and red lips are a feature of both courtesan and Geisha, their overall look is different. Oshiroi/Shironuri white powder is used, just like actors do in Kabuki theatre.
  • Dance and Music: Dance is one of the most important things a Geisha trains for. Her rigorous schedule is based around not only clients, parties and performances, but around her strict and traditional dance classes. Many Geisha attend dance classes until they are elderly and continue to perfect their skills, if they hadn’t retired! The shamisen, hand drum or flute are also some of the things Geisha learn, and Jikata Geisha (special Geisha who are trained in music and singing) provide music for a Geisha’s performance at parties (called Ozashiki)
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: The kimono worn by Geisha are very specific and are worn based on many factors, which include the status of the geisha (apprentice geisha (Maiko) have very different kimono from the older, professional geisha (Geiko) in that Maiko are by default more “child-like” and elaborate, with many bright colors and ornaments, while a Geiko wear more even-tones that are simpler but more womanly and elegant.) or are colored and designed by season and occasion. A Geisha’s kimono has about 5 layers of undergarments, tied to the Geisha to create the outer shape of the silk kimono. The obi belt is many meters long and is tied in the back, and takes the strength of another person just to tie it! Maiko wear their obi belts trailing behind them to accentuate their cuter, “youthful” appearance as it makes them appear smaller, while Geiko wear their obi belts tied into a tight, neat box. These kimono are tied together to allow a Geisha to dance and perform and are made to pair elegantly with each dance performance. If the belt were tied loosely in the front, as a courtesan Tayuu/Oiran’s is, then the geisha would be more limited in their dance and it would mask their subtle, minute movements. It is all a true work of art, and each kimono is unique to the Geisha (excepting the kimono used for some dance performances or ceremonies).
  • Hair Ornaments and Footwear: A Maiko wears many finely detailed hair ornaments–many are made of intricate silk designs. Each ornament is hand-crafted by Kyoto artisans and are very valuable; not only in terms of expense, but to the Maiko herself. Ornaments change with seasons, ceremony and rank-changing. A Geiko wears simpler ornaments like tortoise shell style combs and sometimes jade pins, though the ornaments are not limited to those designs. New Maiko wear six-inch high clogs called Okobo, though more experienced Maiko and professional Geiko can wear glossy leather Zori or Geta sandals, depending on the weather/preference.
  • Hair of Maiko and Geiko: The Maiko wear about six different hairstyles, made up of their own hair, within their time as an apprentice (these are–
  1. Wareshinobu–her first hairstyle
  2. Mishidashi–hairstyle for the ceremony of her debut
  3. Ofuku–”Coming of Age” hairstyle; becoming a more senior Maiko
  4. Shimada–used for dance recitals (and it used to be a traditional hairstyle for married women!)
  5. Katsuyama–Used for the annual Cherry Blossom Dances (Miyako Odori) in the month of April
  6. Sakkou–The hairstyle worn by a Maiko for her final two months before debuting as a professional Geiko/Geisha!

Geiko wear their natural hair underneath a wig, in a style referred to as Shimada

  • Geisha as Entertainers: Geisha are trained from their beginnings in the arts of Dance, Music, Tea Ceremony, and are well educated in the cultural arts. They are expert conversationalists; flattery and sake-pouring, along with lively and educated conversation are what Geisha bring to Ozashiki (the parties/events within the Ochaya teahouses). Contrary (extremely) to popular belief, Geisha are not and were never a part of prostitution or the sex industry. Ozashiki are a place for customers–who are not only men, but women or families, wealthy tourists, famous folk or groups of businessmen–to unwind and experience the traditional arts that Geisha have kept alive.

Tayuu/Oiran Courtesans:

  • Make-Up: The Oshiroi/Shironuri white make-up paired with red lips is used much like a Geisha’s. Red accents to eyes, eyebrows and cheeks are also used by both women.
  • Entertainment and Music: There are only about 5 active Oiran entertainers in the “flower town” district of the Kyoto Hanamachi. These women are trained in the traditional arts just as Geisha are–historically, Oiran were high-class Tayuu and were trained in music, flower-arrangment, calligraphy and social arts, but with the added aspect of sexual favors. These women were elite and had the power to personally reject a client. Today, Oiran, though few, exist as historic actresses and as entertainers very much like a Geisha. These women both keep Japan’s history alive.
  • Hairstyle and Hair Ornaments: The hairstyle of an Oiran courtesan is called Datehyougo–as you can see it is an extremely elaborate hairstyle much different than the styles Geiko and Maiko wear. This difference is important, as the Datehyougo hairstyle has perhaps little or even nothing to do with Geisha or their culture. The ornamentals of an Oiran’s hair are a plethora of combs and picks, arranged by rank/status of the courtesan. 
  • Kimono and Obi Belt: Much confusion surrounds the tying of the obi belt between Geisha and courtesans. It’s simple, really: Oiran had their intricately designed obi tied elegantly, though loosely, in the front of their kimono. This was so that clients receiving favor from the courtesan could undo the kimono. Geisha on the other hand, keep their kimono on, tie their obi in styles on the back and are cinched up tight around the Geisha to hold everything together. Their kimono have many more layers than the Geisha–all in an Edo-period fashion. The overall style promotes a more “loose” looking aesthetic, which was very erotic in it’s time. 
  • Footwear: While Okobo and some Geta can be very tall, the footwear of an Oiran can come in the form of 15 cm high, black lacquered Geta. During the Oiran Dochu (Oiran walking parade), an Oiran can be seen walking with her many attendants, swinging her tall Geta out to the side smoothly with each step. It is very beautiful to see!
  • “Attendants”: A big difference between the Oiran and the Geisha is that while Geisha have “younger sisters” whom they take under their wing as apprentices, Oiran have what are called child attendants. These children traditionally were apprentices who would attend to and shadow the courtesan, and who would later be initiated as courtesans as well. 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you learned something! :)

- @crylie

A Spectre Of PT.1

Characters: You and Jungkook. With a special small appearance by the wonderful “Hitman” Bang 

Word Count: 3116

Genre: Action.. Mystery..  A little bit of everything. Especially in the next few parts ;) 

Warning: Mentions of death, but nothing to explicit

 Summary: You are assigned on a mission with the mysterious J.  

The party was in full throttle. Countless chatter and endless drinks were being passed around the room while elite men and women dressed in elegant suits and gowns, danced and partied like there was no tomorrow.

Entering the room was no hard task for you. Of course with the right clothes and invitation, you got in quite easily. You removed your shawl to reveal your gown and took a few steps towards the bar. Even though this was definitely not your scene… like a chameleon… you played the part well and adapted to your new surrounding.

You took a seat at the bar and waited for your target. To pass the time, you figured a drink wouldn’t hurt. But before you knew it, your earpiece went off before you even had a chance to order anything.

“You look really nice tonight, Y/N”

You already knew who the voice belonged to. It was Bang PD himself. One of the biggest hitman of them all.. Despite his title, he was actually quite nice and had now started his own organization of highly trained assassins.

“Thanks for the compliment but I will never understand why you guys don’t train us in dresses for occasions like this” You replied. “Or at least in heels”

He laughed.

“Noted. I’ll make sure your next training involves heels and a gown. But Y/N, you really do look pretty tonight.”

“I doubt that.” You replied. “Can you even see me?” You asked.

“No…. but I saw you before you left, remember? Anyways, it is critical that this mission is completed. You’re already drawing too much attention to yourself.”

“Oh god, I’m going to turn my mic off now.”

He laughed again.

“Sorry Y/N, I’m just trying to lighten the mood before I give you the big news.

"And what is that?”

“J will be joining you tonight”

“What!? I thought this was supposed to be a solo mission?”

“You’re right. It was but now it’s not. If you have a problem, you’re gonna have to take it up with the boss Y/N”

“PD… you are my boss…”

“And don’t you forget it!”

You swore you could feel him smiling through the mic.

“Do you not have any faith in me?” You asked a little bit annoyed but mostly disappointed.

“Oh Y/N! You know I believe in you! But J was quite persistent for this mission. And I thought, hey, two of my top students joined together for one mission? What could go wrong? Plus, this guy you’re dealing with… J knows him from a past mission. You’ll be able to learn a thing or two from him since this is your real first mission outside the academy”

You sat in silence for a moment. Maybe he was right. After all, this was a class B mission. No one had ever started there first. A little help wouldn’t hurt you.

You groaned into the mic.

“Fine. Let me know when he’s here”

“He’s already there Y/N! Now I’m off. I’ll be coming in and out but if you need me, give me a ring!”

You took a look around. All around you, people continued to party like there was no care in the world. There was no sign of him though. Where was he?


You weren’t even sure what his real name was because J was all you and others knew him as. If anything, he was rather mysterious and that somehow worried you. He was always so reserved and quiet at meetings and in class. You wondered if he would even talk to you while on this mission together.

As much as you didn’t want to think about it… J was also very handsome. But there were too many girls lined up trying to get to him at the academy and so you didn’t even care or bother. Just being assigned on a mission with him made you realize how big a target of jealousy you were going to be if or when you got back.

Lost in thought you didn’t even notice someone come up behind you.

“Mind if I have a seat?”

You turned around and saw him standing in front of you. Dressed in an all black suit with his hair pushed back… you couldn’t help but feel a little smittened. Despite his looks though, what surprised you the most was that fact that he was able to get by you so easily without you noticing.

“J! Yes! Please, I was just looking for you.”

He smiled and took the seat next to you.

“Ready for tonight?” He asked.

You nodded. “Of course”

He was much more talkative than you thought he was going to be.

“I found out that our guest of honor won’t arrive for another 30 minutes. Until then, we keep busy and continue to blend in.”

“Way ahead of you” You replied. “What would you like to drink?”

He gave you a confused look.

“Drinking on the job?” He asked.

You shrugged.

“You said to blend in”

He laughed.

“I have a better idea. One that won’t hinder you drunk and useless for the job.”

“And what’s that?”

“Dance with me.”


“Dance with me Y/N. Why not? We’ve got time to spare”

He flashed you a smile.

“Besides you’re never supposed to eat or drink anything while on the job.”

You showed him your heels.

“I don’t know how and I can’t. I’m already going to have to possibly run in these horrid things.. and now you want me to dance in them? I’ll probably twist my ankle”

He got up from his seat and held his arm out to you

“I won’t let you fall. I promise.”

You looked at him and sighed as you got up to take his arm.  

As he lead you to the dance floor, you wondered if you would make a fool of yourself. You were only taught the basics at the academy.

He placed his hand on your waist and held you close. You placed one hand on his shoulder and held his other hand with yours. If you were being honest with yourself, it felt nice. He felt strong and you appreciated that.

He looked at you and noticed the nervousness setting in your eyes.

“Just follow my lead, okay?”

As he took the first step, you did as you were told and followed.

Dancing proved to be much more difficult than you remembered but you carried on as the two of you twirled around the room.

“Do you know this song?” He asked breaking your concentration.

You tried to hear it through all the chatter. It sounded familiar but you didn’t know where you heard it from before.

“I think I do but I don’t know the name”

He looked at you as the two of you continued to dance. “It’s called Merry Go Round of Life… it’s one of my favorites”

You smiled.

“I didn’t really expect that from you.”

“What were you expecting?” He asked.

“I don’t know, to be honest.You’re just so different from what I was expecting from you. I thought that maybe you would be quiet and ignore me all night. But here we are talking and dancing together… which by the way, how are you so good at dancing? Where do you find the time to practice?” You asked.

He just laughed and pulled you in closer.

“I should ask you the same. You’re pretty good at this too. Were you lying to me when you said you didn’t know how?”

“Trust me, I wasn’t lying!”

The song felt like an eternity but you didn’t want it to end.

“You know, PD was wrong.”

“What was he wrong about?”

“He said you look really pretty tonight”

“You heard that conversation?” You asked embarrassed. “I know I was trying to tell him he was wrong but..”

He shook his head and leaned in towards you.

"You look beautiful Y/N.”

You could feel your face burning.

“Oh… thank you. You look very beautiful too, I mean handsome!”

He looked at you again.

“But you’re more than just a pretty face, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?” You asked as he grabbed your waist again.

“You’re a really hard worker and I admire that about you”

You were a bit taken back again. It was rare for someone to actually acknowledge your work.

He continued.

“You’re not in the top eight of the class for no reason. It’s not just given to you. You really have to give it your all for these positions and I know you’ve done more than that.”

“The same goes for you too doesn’t it, number one?”

You both started laughing. You were having such a good time that for a moment you almost forgot the real reason you were at this party. It wasn’t until you and J got a ring from your mic that you had to return to reality.

“He’s here” PD said through the mic.

You turned your head and saw your target.

Mr. Damir.

An “acclaimed” scientist who had fallen far from grace. Recently, people linked to his past work had begun to go missing after his arrival back in the states. It was now up to you and now J to investigate and take him out if claims about him were true.

“Early too” you replied. “We’re on it”

You turned to look at J and saw that he now had a serious look on his face.

“We’ll have to finish this dance later. While he’s busy making rounds let’s go look around” J said as he let go of you. “Make sure your walkie is on. I’ll let you know my location in a bit”

With that, he walked away as you walked back to the open bar by yourself.

“Boyfriend?” The bartender asked as you took a seat.

You looked up.

“What? Oh, no! No. More like co worker.”

The bartender nodded

“Well that’s a shame. Pretty girl like you and no boyfriend”


“Here. Have a drink on me”

“Is this supposed to comfort me?” You asked

He laughed and nodded again.

“Yes. Have a drink. I’ve got some other customers waiting but I’ll be back to chat with you”

As soon as he was gone, you took the drink in your hand. Without anyone noticing, you stuck your index finger in and swirled it around. When you pulled it out, you saw your nail polish change from red to black.

“Really?” You thought.

Your mic went off.

“Y/N. they know we’re here.” J said.

You grabbed a napkin and wiped your finger.

“I know. Some asshole just tried to drug me”

“Meet me near the kitchen. We’ll start our search there first”

“I’ll see you there" you replied.

You had the layout memorized in your head but the kitchen proved to be further than you expected. Once you got there, it was too quiet for your taste.

“J, are you here?” You asked through your mic

“I’m here” He said from behind the counter.

You walked over and saw him hunched over a few bodies.

“I kinda took most of them out already… but do me a favor? Keep an eye out from now on. Their backup should be flooding in soon. They’ll try to take you out as soon as they see you.”

“Y/N.” J called to you.


“This man that we’re dealing with…. Like PD said.. I’ve met him before. He’s ruthless and will do whatever he can to get away. Be careful and don’t give in to him if he tries to make a bargain with you”

“I understand”

You looked around the kitchen and walked over to what seemed to be the freezer.

“PD said that we need to investigate a little more. If the layout was correct, there should be a hidden door somewhere in that walk in freezer. When I was gathering more information, it was hard to pinpoint exactly where though”

You gasped as soon as you opened the door for the cold hit you like a ton of bricks. The freezer was fully stocked and so you would have to knock a few boxes down. You felt the cool air hit your skin again and so you began to rub your arms for warmth.

J took his jacket off and handed it towards you.

“It’s cold. Take this.”

You looked at him and saw that he wasn’t going to be doing any better in just his dress shirt. “Thank you but I think I’ll be okay.”

He sighed and walked over to you.

“Please take it Y/N”

He wrapped his jacket over you before you could protest.

“I’m gonna go look at this end. You can start here. We’re probably going to have to be looking for a switch of some kind”

He walked a few feet away from you and started throwing and pushing boxes around. You put your arms into the sleeves and almost laughed at how much space there was for you. You moved the box in front of you and moved on when you found nothing.

After a few minutes, you heard him flip a switch.

“I think I found it” he said.

Nothing happened though.

“Never mind…”

You moved a carton of eggs and still nothing.

“This is taking up too much time. I’m gonna try to find the actual door”

You got down on your hands and knees and began banging the floor to see if there were any loose tiles.




You banged around the strange noise.



You went back to the other tile.


“J, I think I found it. Hand me something so I can pry it open. That’ll be easier than trying to find a switch”

J ran out the freezer and back into the kitchen. When he came back you saw him holding a knife in one hand and a metal spatula in the other.

“One of these should work”

He got down on his knees and began to shimmy around the tile. Once it felt loose enough he began to lift the tile. Sure enough, there was an opening with a ladder headed down somewhere.

“I’m not sure what’s down there but cover me if it gets to crazy”

“J… Wait”

You went up to him.

“What is it Y/N?”

“Can you hand me that knife?”

He looked at you confused but handed it to you anyways.

“Don’t judge me”

“I don’t even know what you’re going to be doing…”

You took off his jacket and then you lined the knife with your dress. As you were about to start, you noticed J staring as you began to cut into your dress.

“This train is slowing me down”


“There’s so much fabric and I can’t reach the back…. Can you help me?”

You handed the knife back to him.

He reluctantly took the knife back and bent down behind you.

“Just grab it where I left off and cut it. I’m sure PD won’t mind that I destroyed this dress for the good of the mission”

You heard a few rips and soon he was telling you to turn around.

“Almost done. Sure you’re not gonna miss this?”

“I’m sure. Thank you”

He threw the extra fabric on the floor.

“Let’s go”

The stairs led to a strange dark hallway with 6 rooms.

“Who knew all of this was under here. None of this showed up in the layout plan”

You peered inside a few of them. Each room had a bed and a small desk off to the corner  with some writing utensils.

“Aside from the furniture, they’re all empty so far.”

“Keep looking just in case”




“What is it Y/N”

“There’s someone in this room”

J rushed over.

Inside the room, a man was sitting down staring at the wall.

“Don’t go in, it could be a trap”

“J, he might be able to help us”

You knocked on the door’s small window but the man didn’t turn around at all. You turned the doorknob to see if it was open but to no surprise it was locked.

You looked at the man again..

“It’s like he’s in a trance and doesn’t even know we’re here”

J stared at the man.

“I think he’s one of the missing people on our list.”

You looked at the man again.

“I think you’re right. If he is, this confirms the claims against Mr. Damir”

All of the sudden the man started to scribble something on a small piece of paper. He got out of his seat and walked slowly towards the door. As he held the paper towards the glass, you both read the sheet.


It was as if a switch had gone off in him. The two of you watched in horror as the man began to convulse. Trying to regain control of his body, the man started to bang on the door as if he were trying to escape.

“We have to help him!”

“No Y/N, we need to get out of here NOW”

He grabbed your hand and you didn’t understand why until you saw the man almost break the door down with his bare fists.

“How is he doing that?”

The man continued to try and punch his way through and was succeeding. No normal man could do that.

“Run Y/N, Run!”

The two of you jolted back to where you came from but it was too late. A few men had already showed up to stop the two of you.

As quick as J was with his feet, he was even quicker with his hands.

He let go of your hand and grabbed his gun that was hidden in his jacket.

A few shots went off and your path was clear for now.

“We have to keep going. That man is still behind us and we don’t even know if he got out yet. We need to take Damir out now”

You nodded in agreement.

J briefly stopped to look at you. “You can do this Y/N. I’ll get a head start if that’s okay with you”

“I’ll cover you, remember?”

You yelled into your walkie as you both ran through the corridor.

“J. One down, two more to go on your left”

He nodded and aimed.

Gun. Ready. Fire.

“Got it”

You heard two shots go off and then saw two bodies fall to the floor.

“Y/N , is it clear?”

You observed the surrounding. No one was in sight.


“Let’s keep going”

A/N: Sorry I had to end it here. It was getting a tad bit too long! I’m working on part 2 right now (and several other stories…) but hopefully I will finish it soon! 

As a self-confessed Pre-Raphaelite - a term that by the 1880s was interchangeable with ‘Aesthete’ - Constance was carrying a torch whose flame had ben lit in the 1850s by a group of women associated with the founding Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painters. Women such as Elizabeth Siddal and Jane Morris, the wives respectively of the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the poet, designer and socialist William Morris, had modelled for the Pre-Raphaelite artists, wearing loose, flowing gowns.
But it was not just their depiction on canvas that sparked a new fashion among an intellectual elite. Off canvas these women also establised new liberties for women that some twenty years later were still only just being taken up by a wider female population. They pioneered new kinds of dresses, with sleeves either sewn on at the shoulder, rather than below it, or puffed and loose. While the rest of the female Victorian populace had to go about with their arms pinned to their bodies in tight, unmoving sheaths, the Pre-Raphaelite women could move their arms freely, to paint or pose or simply be comfortable. The Pre-Raphaelite girls also did away with the huge, bell-shaped crinoline skirts, held out by hoops and cages strapped on to the female undercarriage. They dispensed with tight corsets that pinched waists into hourglasses, as well as the bonnets and intricate hairstyles that added layer upon layer to a lady’s daily toilette.
Their 'Aesthetic’ dress, as it became known, was more than just a fashion; it was a statement. In seeking comfort for women it also spoke of a desire for liberation that went beyond physical ease. It was also a statement about female creative expression, which in itself was aligned to broader feminist issues. The original Pre-Raphaelite sisterhood lived unconventionally with artists, worked at their own artistic projects and became famous in the process. Those women who wore Aesthetic dress in their wake tended to believe that women should have the right to a career and ultimately be enfranchised with the vote.
[…] And so Constance, with 'her ugly dresses’, her schooling and her college friends, was already in some small degree a young woman going her own way. Moving away from the middle-class conventions of the past, where women were schooled by governesses at home, would dress in a particular manner and be chaperoned, Constance was already modern.
—  Constance: The Tragic and Scandalous Life of Mrs Oscar Wilde, Franny Moyle.

Dafak is a Unggoy

Dafak (Dah-Fah-K) is a vet from the old Covenant days. He earned his stripes by being one of the very few brave, bold, and competent grunts to ever waddle out of the cruiser. Underneath his broken English speech and snarky energetic demeanor lies the mind and skills of a warrior that can rival any combatant on the alien front. He’s earned his stripes legit and he won’t hesitate to remind upstarts of that with a quick melee to the gut, followed by an uppercut from one of his guns or knife. He spends most of his time now a days taking odd jobs with his new chew toy friend Steve, a UNSC Recon solider who’s group got captured and killed by Jiralhanae (brutes) during a scouting mission.

He loves two things: Battle and Thicc Sangheili (elite) women. He’ll often get stuck talking about how superior Sanghelli females are to any other species and doesn’t much care if his short stature is an issue, he sees it as a challenge. Speaking of challenges, this little dried raisin’s favorite weapons are as follows: Type-53 Pistol (the brute revolver I call it), Type-25 Carbine, and a specially modified Fuel Rod Cannon he keeps hidden in the back of his armor.

A perpetual optimist, you’ll be hard pressed to get this little guy down about anything and if you befriend him, he’s a very loyal and solid teammate. Nobody knows for sure how he got his name either. It was either given to him from all the people saying “da fuk!?” after seeing him do something insane yet coming out unscratched, or it was the first thing his mom said when she saw him as a baby. Pick your poison, both are equally likely. 

Milady’s options

Only tangentially related to Milady, really, and triggered by something I saw in a post about how Milady’s only options as a 17th century woman would be menial jobs, prostitution or marriage. (But then, the show has been written by people who assume that “slave trader” was a reasonable option for a woman from Paris and that “assassin” was a job description on the payroll of the queen’s household, so.)

Even if Milady was a 17th century woman and not a fictional character written by 21st century writers in a very much non-17th century setting, she would have had plenty of choices what to do with her life. If the show had not been written by idiots, and if the writers had not been perpetuating the stereotype that “historical accuracy” means that women never had normal jobs and never contributed to societal and economic developments before the Suffragette movement rolled along.

Okay, so let’s say “menial jobs” are beneath Milady, such as seamstress, embroider, lace-maker, weaver (NB, not all of France is Paris; Tours was the centre of the silk industry, go to Tours, you stupid woman, and get a job there), milliner, shopkeeper, landlady of an inn/hotel, baker/confectioner, a merchantess running her own business (marry a merchant, off him after the wedding, you great big assassin, and inherit his business), etc. 

Let’s assume that Milady is intelligent (as most people appear to see her), ambitious, capable, and a quick learner. She was a count’s wife and the king’s mistress, so she must have some useful social and marketable skills. If there was a job she wanted, what should have stopped her?

Oh, right. Idiotic writing. And the idiotic belief that Women In The Past didn’t have jobs.

Copiously quoted from the “Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance”:

Despite the legacy of a misogyny deeply embedded in classical and medieval literature, fifteenth-century humanism provided a gateway for women into the literary and cultural mainstream. The new humanist curriculum introduced a roster of studies that appealed to both women and men. The new humanist curriculum produced women who published works in every literary genre, served unofficially as their husbands’ foreign ministers, acted as regents and coregents of their states, directed their children’s educations, practiced medicine, wrote treatises on every branch of knowledge, and became abbesses and nuns who taught in convent schools.

[…] In the cities and the courts, a few women worked as painters, miniaturists, composers, musicians, singers, and printers. Many such women worked in the ateliers and shops of their fathers. Other women plied their trades as artists and composers under the auspices of a convent.

What is this? Female professions that go beyond “wife”, “sex worker” or “assassin”? Who would’ve thought it!

Misogyny and sexism in the professional sphere does not mean that women didn’t have jobs. It means that their work was not as highly valued and highly paid as men’s, and that their contributions often weren’t recorded.

If menial jobs are beneath her, have some more glamorous ones:

Alchemist - Because there was no formal training in alchemy in universities, guilds, or colleges, women could access alchemical knowledge in the same way that most men did: by cobbling together an alchemical education from a few vernacular texts, by learning techniques from other practitioners, or perhaps by buying a recipe from another peddler of alchemical secrets. Women could also draw on their experience with traditional activities that utilized similar techniques, such as distilling water and cooking. Marie Meurdrac’s “Accessible and Easy Chemistry for Women” was published in 1666.

Nun (in a convent of her choice) – Convents provided protection for women, as well as an education, albeit limited, and they offered nuns a certain autonomy of action not possible for most women in the secular world. Their sphere of action was not limited to the private world of their community, since convent women lived off income from properties they owned, money they lent, and the sale of produce and handicrafts. Convent education and freedom from family responsibilities offered nuns the opportunity to study and to write. In many convents a recorder was appointed to keep account books or to document the history of their foundation and the events of their lives. […] Special convents were founded for reformed prostitutes and for poor girls in danger of turning to such a life. Beginning in the early sixteenth century new orders were founded that were dedicated to educating young women outside convent walls;

Writer – Women had an honored place in literary society by the end of the sixteenth century. A lineage of writers and translators, associated with virtuous household academies and represented as paragons of “learned virtue,” had proved to the intellectual elite that education made women not domestic liabilities but instead positive contributors to family honor and literary culture.

Salonnière (because women who ran salons were not habitually burnt at the stake OMG and Milady actually proved in-universe that she could move around in a salon environment) - In literary contexts, the term “salon” is most often associated with the women of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries in France, such as Catherine de Vivonne (1588–1665), the marquise de Rambouillet, renowned for her chambre bleue, her salon for the intellectuals and courtiers who frequented the Hôtel de Rambouillet, and Madeleine de Scudéry (1607–1701), famous for her samedis, or the Saturday meetings of her salon circle, and also author or the longest novel ever published (Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus).

Makeup, cosmetics, perfume maker - Although the craft of cosmetic enhancement was known to women from the ancient times, it is in the Renaissance that its use became increasingly widespread. Perfumes were an expensive and highly sought-after commodity; create a good perfume recipe and off you go.

Medical professional - Women made important contributions to medical practice and theory during the Renaissance in Europe. Their work encompassed a broad range of areas of medical expertise, from nutrition and hygiene to gynecology and obstetrics. Moreover, outside of the health care fields, which were seen as “women’s domain,” they also participated in spheres where both men and women worked as medical providers, such as in surgery and optometry.

In the early seventeenth century, the celebrated surgeon and midwife Maria Colinetia, the wife of a surgeon, traveled throughout Germany demonstrating procedures and is credited with the technique of removing iron splinters from the eye with a magnet. Mary Trye, who trained under her father, published in 1675 one of the first medical manuals for women, her “Medicatrix, or the Woman-Physician”.

In Catholic France, hospital governance transferred from ecclesiastical authorities to lay municipal administrators, but the everyday health care work of women continued to underpin medical services. In some towns, the nuns remained the nursing personnel, but in other cities they were replaced by laywomen. In France, the first licensing regulations were established for Parisian midwives in 1560. [Contraception methods included] medical techniques such as inserting vaginal pessaries of rue and ground lily root combined with castoreum, administering douches designed to cool the womb, and using barrier methods.

Pharmacist - A large number of laywomen were experts in the concoction of medical remedies. Like learned physicians, women used their medications to treat a wide variety of illnesses, including dysentery, ague, fevers, headaches, toothaches, and epilepsy.

Printer - For centuries, scholars have placed women at the margins of the early modern book industry, this in sharp contrast to their contributions as illuminators and scribes in late medieval manuscript production. Knowledge of women’s roles in the early book industry is hampered by scattered and incomplete sources. Chief among these are the books themselves. Even when she published a book, only rarely would a woman sign her name in the colophon.

A printer’s business - even that of a modest typographer - was not usually limited to one shop but rather included multiple shops (for the storage of supplies or purposes of accounting) attached to his place of residence. It was a printing house where business and family often overlapped. Thus, though she might be barred from the printing shop itself, the wife or daughter of a printer could learn other facets of his business, such as bookkeeping, binding books, and preparing paper for printing. Marry a printer, you great accomplished seductress, off him after the wedding, and inherit his business, sorted!

Theatre actress, manager, playwright - European women of the fifteenth through early seventeenth centuries participated in both public and private theatrical activities not only as audience members, but also as playwrights, translators, actresses, patrons, shareholders, employees of theaters, and leaders of acting troupes.

Records of professional French actresses began to appear at the end of the sixteenth century in conjunction with the famous actor Valleran le Conte and his acting troupe. By the latter part of the seventeenth century, Frenchwomen performed regularly both at court and in the public theaters. They also served as theater professionals of another kind: as costumers, ushers, and box office managers. More important, talented actresses earned a share or quarter share in companies and therefore gained a voice and a percentage of the profit.

Translator (Milady presumably speaks English) - The importance of translation in the Renaissance cannot be overestimated. It brought the newly discovered classical texts to a wider audience; it helped circulate the currents of religious debate throughout the Reformation and Counter-Reformation; and it made vernacular works available to a new readership.

Of the approximately one hundred early modern French women writers whose works we know, over 10 percent published translations of ancient or modern vernacular texts, either in manuscript or printed editions. […] Although they were excluded from the colleges, universities, and academies, where translation was a standard part of the curriculum, the works of these women translators reflect the various approaches to translation current in Renaissance France. Such women writers as Anne de Graville, Marie de Cotteblanche, Claudine Scève, Anne de Marquets, Marguerite de Cambis, and Marie de Romieu translated popular Italian and English works into French.

Post brought to you by my ongoing irritation with showrunners and audiences alike who persistently claim that the only jobs available to Women In The Past were “wife”, “domestic servant” or “fallen woman”. Not every “Past” is set in the Jane Austen pastoral English province or Dickensian Victorian London.

Post dedicated to Marie de Gournay (1565–1645), professional writer in Paris, moral philosopher, polemicist for the equality of women, novelist, philologist, and husbandless all her life.

A Princess of Nothing

+ Peter Pan- Once Upon a Time


Prompt: Peter falls in love with a mistake of the night, in what was a moment of weakness. Now, he can’t tear his eyes away from the royal beauty and he’s gone too deep in what was supposed to be another visit to the mainland. 

There was a boy named Peter. You met him long nights ago, escaping from the illusion that was your diluted family. 

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Imagine if you will:

Present day: Pepper Potts divorces her neurotic, workaholic husband Tony Stark and founds a private security company with a chunk of her court awarded money. She recruits strictly women, because no one expects a woman to be dangerous and Pepper is damn tired of being overlooked and discounted (12%, her ass!) . She starts with Maria Hill, who quickly becomes her second in command and head of recruitment; Melinda May only agrees under the condition that she is a combat arms instructor only and will not go into the field (a stipulation that she breaks before six months have passed); Bobbi Morse (do NOT call her Barbara); Natasha Romanov (yes she speaks Russian, yes she was one of the last women to go through the covert Black Widow program, no you may not ask questions); Daisy Johnson (who idolizes May and pretends she doesn’t); and Margaret Carter (Peggy to those she likes, Ms. Carter to everyone else). Pepper gathers up all of these powerful, elite women and quickly dominates the private security sector.

Not one to be outdone and not-so-secretly determined to win back his wife, Tony Stark pushes back by creating his own security company - with all men. He even goes one step farther, does Pepper one better, because they can’t be just any men. Tony knows his weaknesses, and he is not good at organization (or leadership at all, really), so he goes straight for Phil Coulson. Coulson’s a good man with a talent for all those things - he’s also Melinda May’s friend and counterpart from the Academy (and the only known person to have earned her loyalty for life). Tony puts Coulson in charge, but only after he recruits Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse’s ex-husband (”anything to piss off that crazy ex of mine.”); Clint Barton, a crack shot with a bow and Natasha’s best friend (lover? frenemy? no one knows); Bruce Banner (who is just the scientist behind their tech and weapons and armor, thankyouverymuch); Sam Wilson, an unassuming but capable fighter; Antoine Triplett, a legacy who smiles as much as he fights; and Steve Rogers, the All-American dream boy. 

Fitz and Simmons are late additions. Everyone knows that’s a shared custody situation, because there’s simply no separating them, so Fitzsimmons just sort of travel back and forth as needed. They’re the youngest aside from Daisy, whom they befriend immediately, and that trio quickly garners the moniker “the Bus kids” after Hunter makes a crack about them having gotten off at the wrong bus stop after school and then just stuck around. 

What starts as an all out war between the sexes to dominate the private sector quickly devolves into a chaotic mess of friendly (and soon, decidedly more than friendly) competition to be the best, until suddenly one day Pepper turns around and …

“Bee-tee-dubs, Pep,” Daisy says brightly. “You should know …”

“Everyone’s sleeping with everyone else?” Pepper supplies dryly.

Daisy laughs. “Oh, that happened, like, forever ago. No, I was gonna say that you’ve successfully created the world’s only dating service for the Highly Weaponized and Dysfunctional. Congrats.”

And Pepper can’t be mad, not really, because these people risk life and limb every day to make the world a safer place. They’re a motley assortment of misfits, pretty faces over damaged souls held together with crooked stitches, and Pepper loves them all. They’re her friends - her family. 

So Pepper smiles when May pretends not to listen when Coulson starts talking about that damn car of his, and puts in earplugs when Hunter and Bobbi start yelling about God knows what, and blushes when Peggy and Steve look at each other as though they’ve only just found each other again after a lifetime apart. 

And she’s always loved Tony, even when she divorced him to wake him up and prove a point, so she only makes him wait a few days - okay, weeks - for her answer of yes when he proposes again. (”Tell me twelve percent again,” she threatens. 

“I would never,” Tony promises. “We’re up to thirty percent, at least.”

“Anthony Stark, I swear on Jarvis and every last piece …”

“Whoa, whoa, Pep. Point taken. Fifty-fifty from here on out.”)

And that’s how PS Security came to dominate the private security sector with the most dangerous, ridiculous group of lovers the world has ever seen. 

(”Why not SP Security? Stark-Potts sounds better than Potts-Stark …”


“Right. Never mind. PS is good.”)

My kingdom for a gifset of this. 

anonymous asked:

Any good books you recommend about ottoman history, harem: nurbanu, safiye, hurrem, kosem or turhan??

hi! i’ve actually read more articles than books so this is going to be a mix of the two lmao. i have links to downloads for the articles but not for the books, unfortunately :/

Also just found out one of my favourite Turkish writer’s, Orhan Pamuk’s book The White Castle is set during the reign of Mehmed IV. I doubt Turhan is mentioned but still gonna try to read it. 

omggg hmu if she is mentioned!!

How To Raise A Teenage Vampire (Part Four)

Summery: Mystic Falls is under attack, or so the group thought until Damon catches a nameless girl causing havoc.

Having no choice but to take responsibility of the girl the group have to balance their day to day live and a vampire girl with a very Damon like attitude.

Some mature themes through out!!!

BonnieXDamon    MeredithXSage    StefanXElena    MattXCaroline/Tyler

(Based on the books With Main Characters As Their TV’s Actors except for Bonnie who is still a McCullough and not a Bennet)

Part One      The Problemi Brothers

Warnings: Blood play, drinking from someone

Zeta had calmed down over the last few weeks and had even managed to being controlling her abilities to the point of being allowed onto the cheerleading team as long as Stefan or Damon were around to help her should she need it.

While she didn’t directly apologise to Caroline, Zeta had defended her when several new girls attempted to boot her off the squad which the entire group took as progress seeing as her first attempt at apologising to Stefan resulted in her getting frustrated and punching him hard enough to knock him across the room.

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