Making a list of the great films in which he appeared would be pointless. It would go on too long and you know them all anyway.

He was a small, mousy little fellow with pinched features beneath a high forehead, wide, watery eyes, a mouth that could not smile and a voice pitched slightly too high. He was factory-made to play nebbishes, henpecked husbands, elevator operators, front desk clerks, twitchy sidekicks, newsboys, the unjustly accused, informers, and the doomed would-be tough. Even as he aged, he was like a puny kid who always wanted to be bigger so he could show all those other kids. He was the Eternal Small-Timer. In short, he was Everyman, and  a character actor’s character actor.

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Born Today, December 26, in 1903, Character Actor Elisha Cook Jr… “Keep on riding me and they’re gonna be picking iron out of your liver.” - Elisha Cook Jr as Wilmer Cook in The Maltese Falcon Over 215 film and television roles; lots of villains and neurotics; The Maltese Falcon, Shane, The Big Sleep, House on Haunted Hill, Born to Kill, The Killing, Rosemary’s Baby…