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Who would you say is similar to Gina Beck in terms of singing (power and emotion in voice) and/or acting? I'd love to listen to another Christine who has a lot of emotion in her voice when listening to an audio. Thanks!

I would say:

  • Rebecca Caine - She was good in London, but if you really want to hear her at her best, listen to her in the Toronto production. Wherever she was, though, you could always hear the emotion in her voice, she was great at it. For a bit of a preview, see here.
  • Elisabeth Berg - Dark, operatic voice, seriously well-trained, really good diction from what I’ve heard from Swedish speakers (though honestly, even if you don’t speak Swedish, you might be able to tell anyway). If you’re a fan of that kind of voice, she’s basically eargasm. Also, the fact that you can hear her grieving in ‘Wishing’ in a completely different language says a lot.
  • Glenda Balkan - Completely different voice from the above; she sounds like crystal, light and pure. Wonderful emotion if you can get a complete audio (I think I’ve gifted some before), a very vulnerable Christine.
  • Janine Kitzen - She has a warm, rather heavy voice, and I think a rather noticeable Dutch accent (she sings in German in the Stuttgart productio, where she was the principle Christine), but I love the passion in her performance, especially in the second act - here’s her ‘Wishing’.
  • Kristin Holck - She was in the Stuttgart production as well, and like Janine Kitzen, had a very emotional performance. Her voice is beautiful - classical and light. Here’s her ‘Wishing’ as well.
  • Samantha Hill - I think you also asked for acting as well? Then I really recommend Samantha Hill, who showed a lot of qualities I loved in Gina Beck’s acting - numerous details, lots of thought put into every movement, a way of acting that made everything seem fresh and new to her and not just “I’m going through the blocking”, though unlike Gina Beck, she was more fearful than sympathetic towards the Phantom. Rather like Gina Beck as well, there has been some criticism of her voice, which is somewhat justified, but I adored her acting and IMO it more than made up for her voice.

Favourite musicals [3 ♥ ] - The Phantom of the Opera

Softly, deftly, music shall surround you
Feel it, hear it, closing in around you
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
In this darkness which you know you cannot fight
The darkness of the music of the night


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