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(sorry for my English) I’ve watched the episode and OMG it’s p e r f e c t from the beginning to the end. In particular the team, Red’s team, it’s fantastic, in every aspect. Aram, Navabi, Baz, Cooper, Mr. Kaplan, Dembe. OMG

Aram it’s fantastic, and Red’s touch when he arrives prooves that Red is grateful to him. One of my favourite in this episode is Marvin Gerard, because I love this character and his role in the story.

I also appreciate Red’s “let’s begin”, James is fantastic! In my opinion in this episode the music in perfect (not only at the end) but also with Red team’s actions. And considering Red’s plan….. Come on Red….. You love her! Your FANTASTIC plan is the proof!                                                                         Now, talking about Lizzington (I’m sorry but I’m a Lizzington fan) we can see different scenes: the first when they talk at the phone with Red trying to comfort Liz, the second when Ressler told Liz that Red is negotiating her freedom (her eyes are full of love and gratitude), the third when Red talks with Liz (his new parter, the new assett, with the empty chair next to him) and FINALLY the final scene. Final scene is organized in a perfect way: she doesn’t know where to go (she was loocking for him, come on), she sees him, she runs to meet him, he watches her with happy and proud eyes, she sighs, the hug (OMG I’M CRYING) and he sinks his face in her hair. And THE SONG, it fits perfectly to the scene and to Red and Liz. Come on it’s a love song. “It’s a complicated love story”

This episode is so fucking perfect.

Home - Isco

 Hey guys! (yes I decided to put this on top again, since I feel like more people will read it that way, haha) 

Anyways.. this is my new Isco fan fiction! I know (and I’m already sorry) that it’s an Isco one again! 

This chapter is the first one and it’s dramatic and the drama will continue for a few parts but I hope you like this anyways and leave me your feedback?? xx 

This story will be a longer one than my other one but i understand if you don’t wanna read it because it’s an Isco one.. once again. 

also there’s no mention of Isco yet… he will come in later :-)

If you have requests just tell me (I’m planning on writing f1 imagines soon so if you have requests for those you can already send them in) 

Bye guys, i love y’all x 


„Miss“ the nurse kept shaking her awake, „Miss Elisabeth“ she said, her voice was full with concern as she finally woke the girl awake.

Brown eyes were now tiredly staring into the nurse ones which made her eyes soften as she sat down on Elisabeth’s bed, beside her.

„You had another bad dream and were yelling again“ the nurse, her name was Matilda, spoke as she watched Elisabeth rubbing the tiredness out of her eyes.

„Do you want me to call your sister?“ Matilda asked.

„Or someone else?“ she added quietly.

„No“ Elisabeth spoke up for the first time, through she wasn’t looking at Matilda.

„There’s no one“ she added and Matilda sighed out.

„I could call your sister I’m sure she could come over and keep you company for a little while“ Matilda stated but Elisabeth shook her head, her gaze still fixed at the ceiling.

„No“ Elisabeth quietly said and Matilda sighed out again but nodded to herself as she got off the bed and left the room of Elisabeth.

She had a room to herself, which may seemed nice to some people, but really she could care less about that. She really didn’t care if some old chubby man would keep her awake with his snoring or if it was her nightmares keeping her awake. She didn’t care if she got any sleep. So she stayed awake until the first sun rays were shining through the curtains signaling a beautiful sunny day in Madrid. She was tired, more than tired, she was exhausted, her eyes were so dry they begun to hurt yet she cried so much that they definitely wouldn’t dry out, her whole body hurt but she couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t stop crying and she couldn’t stop feeling.

„Good Morning Miss Rodriguez“ the door opened and a nurse came in to bring her breakfast.

She put it down on the table affixed at the hospital bed, unlike Matilda that nurse didn’t seem to want to make small talk or talk to her in general. Elisabeth noticed the sympathy look she gave her but she didn’t care to look up or say anything. She was tired of this too.

It was only a few minutes after the door was being closed that the door opened again, without looking up Elisabeth could tell that it was her sister visiting her, it was the expensive perfume, and her whole presence which was filling the room while she entered. Rosalie sat down on the bed and put her bag down at the end of the bed beside Elisabeth’s leg.

„Good Morning“ Rosalie sighed out but Elisabeth didn’t look up.

„How did you sleep?“ Rosalie asked, trying again to get Elisabeth to talk.

„I’ve slept better“ Elisabeth quietly answered.

„Are you not hungry?“ Rosalie asked as she looked at the table and saw all of the breakfast still untouched.

„No“ Elisabeth answered shaking her head slightly.

„C’mon you need to eat something“ Rosalie tried encouraging her.

Elisabeth looked away form the ceiling and looked at her sister for the first time this day.

„It’s not good for your body and health if you don’t eat anything“ Rosalie said, giving her a warm smile.

„Rose, I don’t care“ Elisabeth said, her gaze fixed back on the celling.

„Can you at least eat a little bit?“ Rosalie asked again.

„Or do you want me to bring you something else?“ Rosalie asked, she really tried, she really tried her best.

„I appreciate your effort“ Elisabeth uttered.

„I’m just not hungry“ she added.

„Okay“ Rosalie said just letting it go and nodded to herself.

„I brought you your favorite magazine if you wanna look at that?“ Rosalie said, turning around to pull the magazine she had bought earlier. She handed it over to Elisabeth who was now looking at her again. She took it and started skiing through the latest news magazine.

„The doctor said they wanted to do some last checks on you and then you can leave this evening. They actually wanted to let you leave this morning but some doctor got sick so the other one had to do some double shifts“ Rosalie rambled on, shaking her head slightly as she realized that Elisabeth probably wasn’t too keen into knowing that. 

„I’m gonna pick you up“ Rosalie added giving her another one of her warm smiles instead. 

„Do you want me to leave until then? To get some rest?“ Rosalie asked.

„If you have things to do you can leave Rose“ Elisabeth told her.

„I’ll be fine“ Elisabeth said.

„Okay but call me when you need something, okay? I’ll be here this evening“ Rosalie said, as she got off the bed.

She looked at her sister one more time before she turned around and walked out of the room. Elisabeth let herself sink further into the pillow as tears build up in her eyes. Oh she would be just fine. That fine, that she had been the last two days, that fine that you could be in this situation. Elisabeth didn’t fell asleep again, she stayed laying in bed, her eyes fixed at the white wall opposite to her. Tears kept running down her cheeks and she didn’t care to wipe them away anymore, that wouldn’t stop new teas from falling, anyways. The doctor who examined her yesterday came in at some point and made some last checks before she could pack her stuff together.

„Oh and Miss Rodriguez“ the doctor said as Elisabeth put her shirt back on.

„If you, you know, want to see your baby one last time you can do that now“ the doctor said, giving her a pleasant small smile.

„You want me to look at my dead child?“ Elisabeth asked, her eyes widen, as more tears build up and streamed down her cheeks soon after.

„You could say goodbye if you want to“ the doctor added.

„I can’t“ Elisabeth said shaking her head.

„Don’t worry thats okay“ the doctor said, putting his head on her shoulder in a comforting way.

„Oh look your sister is here“ the doctor said after the door has opened.

„Miss Rodriguez“ the doctor said towards her sister, greeting her.

„I’m done with the checks, you can leave now“ the doctor said towards Rosalie while Elisabeth kept standing beside her bed, looking down on the ground, new tears streaming down her cheeks and not stoping.

„Okay thank you“ Rosalie said before the doctor left the room.

„Hey El“ Rosalie said as she walked over to Elisabeth and wrapped an arm around her younger sister.

Elisabeth let a sob out and Rosalie quickly pulled her in her arms. Elisabeth didn’t wanted to cry so hard, she was tired of so many things and crying definitely was one of them but she didn’t knew how to stop crying, she didn’t knew how to put her feelings off.

„I’m here for you“ Rosalie said wrapping her arms tighter around her fragile sister.

After some minutes of both of them standing like this, Rosalie pulled out of the hug and looked down at her little sister, she gasped as she saw the red face, and tear streamed cheeks, tired eyes, this looked anything but her. Rosalie wiped the tears away before she turned around and took Elisabeth’s bag in one hand and the other arm wrapped around her sister.

„Let’s get out of here, okay?“ Rosalie asked and Elisabeth nodded as both of them left the hospital room.

They left the hospital soon after and made their way towards Rosalie’s car which was parked right in front of it. Rosalie put both their bags in the back and while Elisabeth sat down on the passenger seat, Rosalie sat down on the driver seat and soon after started the car. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove away from the hospital.

„I figured you wouldn’t wanna go to your old apartment?“ Rosalie said through it sounded more like a question.

Elisabeth bit down on her lip, she knew just the thought of her apartment and the last time she had been there would be enough of a reason to start crying again, but she didn’t wanted to anymore. The bloody taste was immediately on her tongue and she lowered the pressure her teeth gave.

„So I asked Aunt Olivia“ Rosalie said, looking over at her sister, who was only starring out of the window.

„This way you won’t be alone when I’m at work“ Rosalie said.

„Okay“ Elisabeth said, she really didn’t care about where she lived now.

The rest of the car drive was silent, Rosalie wanted so bad to talk, in fact she was bad at not saying anything. But Elisabeth couldn’t say anything anymore, she was tired of people telling her that they knew how she must feel that it hurt but that it would get better, and she was tired in acting polite. She knew her sister only meant the best, but she couldn’t care about the small talk Rosalie was telling her. It was a few minutes after that Rosalie stopped the car in front of her aunt’s and uncle’s house and got out of the car. Elisabeth sighed out but did the same thing, Rosalie got their bags and stood beside her soon after.

„C’mon“ Rosalie encouraged her as she walked towards the front door.

Elisabeth nodded to herself and followed her older sister towards the front door, Rosalie already rang the doorbell and it only took a few seconds to see her aunt, uncle and cousin all stand behind the opened door. Elisabeth sighed out, tears had already build up in her eyes, she didn’t wanted to see them, she didn’t even wanted to be here, she didn’t wanted to be around people.

„Hey dear“ Olivia, her aunt, said as she stepped closer towards Elisabeth and pulled her in a long hug. It did took Elisabeth a lot to not start crying.

She hadn’t seen Olivia all week, and while she did last time, she could barely hug her because of the huge baby bell she had back then. Now it went way more easily and Elisabeth really wished it didn’t.

„Hey gorgeous“ her uncle Georg now said and hugged her.

After that her cousin hugged her and after they were all done they stepped inside and made their way towards the living room. They sat down on the couch and her aunt started talking about something and while Elisabeth tried listening at first she couldn’t concentrate for long, she started drifting off and her thoughts wandered towards him, towards her daughter and to what not else. She couldn’t help it, so she stood up and walked out of the living room a few seconds later, she walked upstairs and walked towards the guest room, the room she always stayed in whenever she was younger and had another fight with her parents and needed a place to stay.

She sat down on the ground and her back leaned against the bed, she pulled her legs closer to her body and rested her head on her knees. And for a moment, a small tiny moment everything was okay, she was not home, but somewhat this has felt more home than her real home with her parents ever did. But that moment was as soon gone as it appeared and she was faced back with the sad and heartbroken reality of the fact that she was no mother and no girlfriend anymore, but rather a left behind ex girlfriend with a dead kid.


The Blacklist - Keen x Ressler Here with me - Dido

Let me escape in your arms, baby I’m yours, baby I’m yours

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Love don’t come easy at all, I MISS YOU SO MUCH, I MISS YOU SO MUCH

Tell me, is this freedom baby? Chasing after danger making my heart race

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Maybe if the stars align

Maybe if our worlds collide

Maybe on the dark side

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