Eliot speaks

Guardian Angel AU

At first, Alec’s too excited to notice his van is unlocked. He’s just returning with his newest prize, so he’s a little high on adrenaline. Plus he’s spent a better part of the night setting this whole thing up and hacking away happily. So it’s only when he opens the back door to get some of his stuff, when he’s parked outside his place, that he notices a person curled up on the floor of his Lucille.

He looks around cautiously, hoping there’s no one around to accuse him of kidnapping, then leans in a bit. “Hello?” The unexpected passenger, a young blonde woman, appears to be… napping.

“Hey, wake up!”

The woman sits up instantly, blinking at him. “Oh. Hi!”

After am awkward staring contest, she remembers: “Ooh! Right! People skills, sorry! Meant to say, thanks. I like your van.”

“So you just …decided to sleep in a random guy’s van?”

“Don’t be like that! You’re not random,” the woman reassures, unaware how creepy it makes her sound. “I just needed some sleep. It’s exhausting getting down here!”

“Look. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want any trouble so just…” he steps aside, making enough room for her to go.

“I’m your guardian angel. You can call me Parker,” she says, dead serious.


“And I can’t leave. We have to go get Eliot. He’s the one in trouble.”

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Magical spell AU, Sophie and Nate have to deal with the rest of the team being turned into animals. Parker is obviously a kitten, Hardison is one of those giant daft floppy dogs, and Eliot is a little yappy dog that tries to pick a fight with everything.

If they take their eyes of their new pets for even a second Parker’s off jumping onto ridiculously high surfaces. The dogs follow her everywhere. She has a habit of shredding curtains, and then disappearing, leaving Nate and Sophie to find Hardison happily panting next to the curtains with a big doggy grin on his face and Eliot who gets as close as a dog has ever got to rolling his eyes.\

When they turn back into humans Parker reluctantly gives up her stolen sock stash but still occasionally destroys a curtain or two. Hardison takes to throwing a ball around when he’s trying to think and Eliot develops an irrational fear of mail men.