Eliot speaks

just a random shout out to all the trans boys, trans men, and transmasculine nonbinary folks out there who

• kept their birth name, even though it was a more feminine name
• use she/her pronouns
• binary trans guys who use they/them
• use less conventional pronouns like xe/
xem or zie/hir
• wear lots of makeup
• have long hair
• wear traditionally feminine clothes

i’m proud of you for being who you want to be, even though some people don’t understand it


I love the parallels between the first and the last episode. The way they come together when they say goodbye and Nate and Sophie walk away hand in hand, passing in the work to Parker, Elliot and Hardison who stand together. And if course Parker using Nate’s mum in the clients. Also I find noteworthy how nobody takes on the role of Sophie when she consoles the client in the first episode. Because they will continue on the work, but the trio will will do it in their own unique way and not by simply replacing people in the old dynamic

friendly reminder to all my trans boys out there who are on their period: your period actually causes a huge dump of testosterone into your system, and that’s what causes all those pesky symptoms like being super hungry and agitated. so remember that when you’re on you’re period you’re even closer to cos guys than when you aren’t. just a tidbit for those of you who get super dysphoric about it.

Strength is a tool. It’s a commodity. You can spend it, and spend it, but everyone’s got some, and lots of folks are gonna have more than you. But if you ask for it, other folks’ strength can become your own. That is what strength is. Who gives you strength, how willing are you to ask for it? Pride and glory are the enemies of true strength, Sophie.
—  Eliot

You know. It’s a really, really good thing for Quentin to have Julia as his friend again, but he didn’t see her for two months - if the whole “what are you doing here?” Comment is anything to go by so I’m choosing to believe that someone saw Quentin is in a really bad place and called her because they were worried what he’d do

Because Quentin canonically has clinical depression. Every day he sees how much his decision affected everyone around him, and it fucking weighs down on him. Because depression makes those feelings of guilt stronger and harder to manage. Then Alice leaves with no goodbye. Then there’s the fact that the people he currently considers his best friends - Eliot, who is arguably Quentins emotional crutch at this point, and Margo who helps him laugh when he’s in a dark place - are unreachable, in an entirely different realm.

Guys if he didn’t have Julia, Quentin would probably kill himself. And perhaps he was on that thought path when Julia appeared. He was disheveled, smoking and lying outside staring up at nothing. Quentins not in a good place, and he tries to laugh it off with humor when he talks to her, but it falls short and you can see it on his face that this one thing he did, when he thought he was helping everyone, is fucking crushing him.

And then Julia says exactly the right thing, and it kind of lessens the pressure on him.

I wanted to write but I had no words, all my words were tongue-tied and old, like the nostalgia you feel but never speak of.
—  Eliot Knight

Magical spell AU, Sophie and Nate have to deal with the rest of the team being turned into animals. Parker is obviously a kitten, Hardison is one of those giant daft floppy dogs, and Eliot is a little yappy dog that tries to pick a fight with everything.

If they take their eyes of their new pets for even a second Parker’s off jumping onto ridiculously high surfaces. The dogs follow her everywhere. She has a habit of shredding curtains, and then disappearing, leaving Nate and Sophie to find Hardison happily panting next to the curtains with a big doggy grin on his face and Eliot who gets as close as a dog has ever got to rolling his eyes.\

When they turn back into humans Parker reluctantly gives up her stolen sock stash but still occasionally destroys a curtain or two. Hardison takes to throwing a ball around when he’s trying to think and Eliot develops an irrational fear of mail men.

Don’t sugar-coat the truth, rather the tongue that speaks it.
—  Eliot Knight

Word Count: 1070

Triggers: None

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To say you were surprised when Eliot asked you out was an understatement. Sure, you liked him – a lot – but you were sure the feelings weren’t mutual. Eliot was a player and you weren’t part of the game.

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something i’ve realized recently for those witches like me who can create really elaborate and specific and highly detailed daydreams, you can totally turn that into a witchy thing! i have trouble with really focusing on intent when it comes to spells and rituals and such, which isn’t good cos that’s where most of the actual magic comes from. so instead, i just do something simple like a bath or candle spell, and i just fashion a really intricate daydream type thing in my head where i picture what it’s like after the spell has worked or what i hoped for has happened. it can be really powerful.

Guardian Angel AU

At first, Alec’s too excited to notice his van is unlocked. He’s just returning with his newest prize, so he’s a little high on adrenaline. Plus he’s spent a better part of the night setting this whole thing up and hacking away happily. So it’s only when he opens the back door to get some of his stuff, when he’s parked outside his place, that he notices a person curled up on the floor of his Lucille.

He looks around cautiously, hoping there’s no one around to accuse him of kidnapping, then leans in a bit. “Hello?” The unexpected passenger, a young blonde woman, appears to be… napping.

“Hey, wake up!”

The woman sits up instantly, blinking at him. “Oh. Hi!”

After am awkward staring contest, she remembers: “Ooh! Right! People skills, sorry! Meant to say, thanks. I like your van.”

“So you just …decided to sleep in a random guy’s van?”

“Don’t be like that! You’re not random,” the woman reassures, unaware how creepy it makes her sound. “I just needed some sleep. It’s exhausting getting down here!”

“Look. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want any trouble so just…” he steps aside, making enough room for her to go.

“I’m your guardian angel. You can call me Parker,” she says, dead serious.


“And I can’t leave. We have to go get Eliot. He’s the one in trouble.”

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buttonsnotion  asked:

okay but think of this: would Jacob Stone be Eliott's alias? or result of an artifact :3

Like an artifact turned him into Jacob? I AM INTRIGUED.

I also like the idea that they’re twins. And at some point the Leverage team is stealing something and Eliot’s like oh my god don’t touch it, Parker, seriously leave it the hell alone and then makes a call. Twenty minutes later Jacob ROLLS UP with his team and everyone stares at each other for a while and then everyone, as a single unit, turns to Eliot and Jacob and they’re like “What?”

Meanwhile Flynn is David-Tennanting his way around the artifact in the background and literally nobody is paying any attention until he sets off a bomb countdown. Even then they barely focus on it while they’re fixing it. 

(”So, how do people tell the two of you apart?”
“Well, Jacob can’t cook.”
“And Eliot can’t speak Greek.”
“I speak Greek fine, just not your crazy mystical ancient dialects that literally nobody uses!”
“He can’t speak much Latin either.”
“Do you want me to tell them about the acquacotta soup incident?”)