i really love this

Imogen & Eli - Lose Control

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

Clare Edwards, you lucky girl. Having two attractive guys fighting to win your heart.

And omg, the Eclakegen love square! Imogen wants Eli but Eli is not interested in her cause he’s still not over Clare who claims to be over Eli but we all know she is not over him either and Jake is her distraction and even though she may like Jake, who seems to like her back equally, she is trying to ignore the fact that deep inside she still cares for Eli the same way.

A couple of things about the new news.

Elimogen is officially. GO. :)
I ship Marimo 100% :)
I ship Dalli, and the last couple of episodes they described made me confused. Is Ali the one who walks into the street? Because I don’t care if it’s the bitch he cheated on her with (character wise, if it was a real person I would care.) but please don’t hurt my alli / dalli! :(



Weighing in on the Cake/Elimogen situation:

My opinion, you don’t have to agree.

First of all, I ship Eclare so hard. But I can’t ship them right now especially after that episode. Can you imagine this manic Eli with Clare? I know Eli is being manipulated but it was still his choice to be that rude to Clare. Eclare is endgame but both Eli and Clare need to just…not be around each other.

Cake: I ship it. Aislinn herself has described this relationship as a lighthearted one, not much drama, and that’s exactly what Clare needs. A guy who will just make her happy and judging from that promo, I’m pretty sure Jake will do just that. I don’t think she’ll have sex with him, I don’t understand why people think so. Yes they’re taking a risk together but maybe the risk is just being together since their parents are together. *shrug* I like it. Clare isn’t dwelling on Eli anymore and Jake looks to be a positive thing for her. The only time she’s not really smiling is when she’s around Eli (post-break up) so yeah. Clare and Jake. You’re good together. For now. 

Elimogen: I can’t with this damn ship. Sure I like Imogen as a character but I can’t love her. I thought maybe she’d have good intentions, maybe she was just so in love with Eli, but the stalking, the manipulating, I can’t with this ship. How can someone like Elimogen when it’s so damn toxic? I think that Eli definitely needed to get his anger out but Imogen telling him lies which he will believe? NO. Knowing so much about him? Is that normal? No. So yeah, Imogen is a great character and definitely different from everyone but she is not a good influence on Eli and if you think she is, I don’t know what to think of you.

And P.S. I can’t LOVE Eli after this episode. Imogen was manipulating him but she didn’t force him to yell at Clare, didn’t force him to blow up on her. It was HIS choice to do that and his mind is foggy, yes, but his actions are his own.

i used to hate imogen moreno

i despised her!

i thought she was evil, deceptive, manipulative … and most of all, cuckoo bananas!

then i realized she really only acted this way around eli. which really made me realize i only hate elimogen with a burning passion brighter than a thousand suns.

no, it’s not because i ship eclare. she is just as manipulative as eli has been, so it’s not good at all. and she was a bit obsessed. they’re just not good for each other. so yeah.

i realized imogen is super sweet, especially after this episode. she makes me smile when she’s nice (: