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can i request some trans boy!richie headcanons please?? thanks love!!!

hell yeah you got it

- bev always assists with hair-cutting and binding - she was probably one of the first he told simply because she could provide the most aid

- upon approaching the rest of the group about it, stan and eddie offered to do some research at the library to help richie become more familiar with his new identity and hormone/other medication he could take later on, if he wished to 

- the other six are always lending him old clothes - it was an exchange that started when bill gifted him one of his favorite shirts saying he “both deserved and needed it more than him” (richie denies that he teared up)

- bill and bev probably helped him try and adjust his voice to a lower tone; bill subtly asking questions to his speech coach; watching a ton of films to gain further understanding of the intonation (they practiced by making richie repeat lines from the movie and attempt to impersonate the voice)

- ben is always on snack + supply runs when that time of the month comes around, and although he was a bit uncomfortable with the whole menstrual situation at first, he eventually adapted to it and was first approached because of bev’s familiarity with his empathetic and sweet nature 

- mike invites richie to help him with chores at the farm so he can build up muscle and a stockier build

- being around the losers really helped him further shape his identity and gain the courage to come out, because for the first time he was sure that those he was surrounded by would fully support him

- he was, of course, immensely unstable at first once the euphoria had past, and the abundance of dick / heavy masculinity jokes made were a poor attempt to relate to the others and mask his lack of 

- began to develop more of his voices because they helped him broaden his vocal range

- wishing to develop his room into one that emitted more of a “boyish presence”, the losers helped him paint his room one weekend while his parents were out, dressed in faded shirts and jeans, skin flecked with bits of paint. overtime, they’d help him collect new furniture as well as posters, carefully assembling a bedroom that represented him more than the past one ever had 

- eddie was the one who taught him and bev how to bind correctly and often has extra pads/tampons on hand in desperate circumstances. richie was at first against this, afraid it’d only emphasize his former femininity, however was hastily assured by eddie that he would never think him any less of a man because of something as silly as that

- stan helped him pick his name and spent hours looking over varying baby name books, writing lengthy lists and eliminating until the perfect one was chosen

- the first time he ever wrote his new name down on a school assignment,  he felt such a sense of accomplishment and finality and for the first time, truth - he had finally unearthed the person he had wanted to be, and with knowing smiles from the other six, knew nobody would ever be able to prevent him from pursuing a bright future with his destined identity

Time to Play Anger the Aphobe







Thinking, as epistemologists conceive it, simply does not occur. It is an arbitrary fiction, arrived at by selecting one element from the process and eliminating all the rest, and artificially arranged for the purpose of intelligibility.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §477 (edited excerpt).


I love Valentina true enough, but y'all have to realize SHE 👏🏼 CAUSED 👏🏼 THIS 👏🏼 ON 👏🏼 HERSELF👏🏼 PLEASE Stop comparing her to Peppermint and Alexis of what they did in THEIR past, they got the consequence to lip sync for their lives and STAYED. YES, she made ONE mistake, like all the other girls who have ended up in the bottom before. I know she is a favorite to all, but at the end of the day she COULD HAVE STAYED IF 👏🏼 SHE 👏🏼 KNEW 👏🏼THE 👏🏼 WORDS 👏🏼and WORKED THAT LIP SYNC! And lets be honest y'all , she was going home anyway because Nina was dancing her ass off to that song. Ru wasn’t going to keep her because she was being sexy.

FAREWELL Produce 101 elimination

No one deserves to be eliminated, but thats how the show is. We are gonna miss them so bad.

Like the previous elimination I do this post for the ones I wanted to stay :’(

Noh Taehyun Or should I say the unfair elimination? A fluffy babe who is one of the most hardworkings-sassy ones. Being the leader, helping others with the choreos, killing dance moves, sassy around Sungwoon, his laugh, trying to stole meme king spot from Kim taemin and being the supportive friend we all need (Sungwoon’s ranking, I dont know how many times I have played it) and many more things. 

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Getting some fresh air for his tummy (is what he says)

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My emooooootiooooooooooooons

Kim Sanggyun the one who makes my heart flutter every time he smiles. He (and Taehyun) had almost no screen time. He started to have it around ep 8, and in this one he had a lot and got eliminated (thanks mnet). I think we can see an evolution from him starting from not being sociable to be the cinnamon roll-sassy he is. He killed it in rap position and did his work without complaints.

(Oh god, thanks to whoever made this gif)

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Lee Gunhee I loved him in ‘Amazing Kiss’, he rised, but with little girl he dropped!! I didnt think this would happen! Also his reactions are so funny and cute.

The best part of ‘Amazing Kiss’

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Kim Taedong he is the one who went from F to A guys. Hardworking, with skills not show and an intense look. He looks like fluffy teddy bear for me.

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Park Woodam I thought he would made it after Mansae, but then he kept flopping :(

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Kim Yongguk the one who was discovered too late. Omg when he wasnt chosen as the 20th trainee and he broke in tears something broke in my heart.

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Lee Euiwoong this little cutieeeeee. 

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Lee Woojin he is still young so its not in such a hurry like other. being here has taught him a lot of things, recolect experience and make good friends (also find his true parents).

His parents

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His grandpa

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His older brotha

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His (and Seonho’s) uncle

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Kim Donghyun I wasnt really into him but he was cool in ‘I know you know’, seeing him broke in tears :’( (he really reminds me an actor)

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And last but not least! Kim Taemin!! I didnt have tiem to express my farewell. I was so sad when I heard he was leaving. Hope you are recovering well baby!!

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Well, I’m sorry a little bit long, but there were more this time, I cant even think the last elimination tho. 

Keep fighting for your dreams!!!

Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2
Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2

Akaashi: Bokuto loving you is like looking at the ranking of top spikers
Bokuto: Aww, that’s so sweet, because you’d have to travel the entire country to find anyone better than me?
Akaashi: Because I never had to worry about you coming first
Bokuto: [dejected mode initiate]

Iwaizumi: Oikawa you’re like my little candy apple
Oikawa: I just know this is going to be an insult you can’t fool me
Iwaizumi: Because you’re so sweet on the outside
Oikawa: Oh that’s actually kind of nice
Iwaizumi: And trash on the inside
Oikawa: Iwa-chan! Mean!

Nishinoya: Asahi loving you should be illegal
Asahi: Aww, thank yo- wait, why?
Nishinoya: Because most adults would see me next to you and call the cops
Asahi: I don’t look that old!

Kuroo: Tsukishima you’re like the moon
Tsukishima: Ethereal?
Kuroo: No, because 12 men have had their turn on it
Tsukishima: That’s 12 more than you’ll ever get you nerd

Lev: Yaku, you look like a thousand bucks today
Yaku: Wow, thanks Lev, how unusually kind of you
Lev: Because I can fit you in my pocket
Yaku: You have five seconds headstart to run away

When your computer freezes…

Don’t trust me, I don’t work in tech support. 

Ask Saeyoung instead. ~Saeran

What kind of damn idea.
The only thing stabbing it will do is make it never load at all.
Just ask me for help…Please don’t stab your computer…those are expensive..