Hey guys! James and I thought it’d be cool to see some more Middle-earth on the dash so I decided to make this! Feel free to add or tweak it as you wish, any feedback would be much appreciated! We’re hoping this can be a pre-Hobbit, Silmarillion era meme that focuses on and celebrates the immense history of Middle-earth. Tag things #mehistory so everyone can track and see the wonderful stuff being made!

{3} elves

{3} men

{3} dwarves

{2} items

{2} battles

{2} legends

{2} locations

{1} ruler

{1} death

{1} villain


To celebrate hitting 12k, as well as over ten months of being active on Tumblr, I decided to (finally) make my first Follow Forever! Here are the people who have made my time on this site worthwhile. A lot of you have helped me through some pretty rough stuff either by being a friend or just by making my dash brighter and I honestly can’t imagine Tumblr (and for some of you, life off Tumblr) without you. Even if you aren’t on this list (which, if we’re in mutual follow, could very well be because I’m awful at keeping up with url changes) you still have a very special place in my heart. I love you all!


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kirk-out, klattenhoff

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