Deadsy - The Key to Gramercy Park

You guys really don’t realize the extent of my obsession with this band.

I lived and breathed Deadsy. I knew everything about them, I bought all their merch, I even coordinated the rubber bands on my braces every month to fit each of their color schemes.

And I can never find anyone else who loved them as much as I did.



Cher and Gregg Allman had been living together for three months at her house in Bel Air when, on a whim, they flew Las Vegas and were married on 30 June 1975. Allman had been married and divorced twice and Cher’s divorce from Sonny Bono (on grounds of involuntary servitude) had only been finalized 3 days earlier. On 9 July 1975, Cher, unable to cope with Allman’s wild behavior and addictions, filed to have the marriage dissolved. In a statement issued to the press, she said “I’ve always believed it best to admit one’s mistakes as quickly as possible.”

Allman convinced her to stay and the couple had a child, Elijah Blue, in 1976. However, when Cher reunited with Bono to revive their television variety show, it was Allman’s turn to file for divorce. 

In late 1977, the couple, billed as Allman and Woman, released Two the Hard Way, a collection of duets. Despite a negative critical response (Rolling Stone pronounced the album “worthless”), Two the Hard Way eventually sold over 500,000 copies and attained Gold status. A European tour in support of the album was cut short due to constant fighting between the stars and proxy brawling between Cher fans and Allman fans at the concerts (Allman Brothers fans referred to Cher as their Yoko Ono).

Ironically, Allman’s sobreity led to the couple separating in 1978. ”There was no future for us because she has that constant paranoia of (my) going back to alcohol,” he said at the time. They were divorced in 1979. Allman remarried months later, and twice again after that for a total of 6 marriages thus far.