Celebratory Voice Lesson Giveaway!

Oh, I’m excited, guys.  Today I got my NATS certification, and I’m also marking two years teaching over Skype.  What is NATS certification, you might ask?  Well, it’s the National Association of Teachers of Singing.  I am not only able to attend big conferences with other wonderful teachers of singing, but my students are now eligible to compete in competitions across the country, both to receive constructive criticism, but also to win cash prizes!  I’m giddy to be a part of this association, and I can’t wait to provide opportunities to all my students and learn people who love singing just as much as I do.  I’m feeling mighty official.  So, in celebration, I’ve decided to do a voice lesson giveaway!

Rules and How It Works:

  • You must be following me!  
  • You can reblog once for an entry, and like once for an entry.  That means you can get a max of two entries!  Note: this is a change from previous giveaways.
  • You must be willing to Skype in.  I’m happy to do video or just audio if you’re uncomfortable with video.  I can obviously do more work with you if I can see your mouth placement and such, but I can definitely work with audio as well!
  • You don’t need to have EVER taken a lesson before.  If you like to sing and are interested in learning a bit more and working on a song, absolutely enter!  And if you’re a seasoned singer, you’re welcome to enter!  Everybody’s welcome.  Yes, even you!
  • If you are already a student of mine, you can still enter!  Your charge will be waived for the week if you win!  (Up to 30 minutes waived.)
  • If you would just like to signal boost this and not enter, simply say in the post or tags that you are not entering.  
  • Depending on what you want in a lesson, we can work technique, repertoire, or a mix of the two.  It’s your lesson, so we’ll do what you want!
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, September 11th at midnight CST.  
  • Winner will be chosen via random number generator.

Feel free to message me with any questions!  

anonymous asked:

I know that the member's health is the most important thing but I was just wondering. I heard that they are not going to perform at The Show, but could they still be nominated and win without being present? Because I thought a while ago a group (I forget which one) had someone where else to be but still won on whatever's music show it was that they missed.

VIXX LR won on the show back in September last year because they were able to prerecord their stage so it allowed them to still be eligible even though they couldn’t be at the live. As VIXX aren’t going at all (no prerec or live) they aren’t able to be nominated. Please understand that this is a last minute decision and VIXX’s health and well being are the priority here.

Pietro Maximoff One-Shot

Request: I’m a sucker for angry, possessive, and overall frustrated Pietro. 

Summary: Pietro Maximoff can perhaps be a changed man, but he needs the right person to keep him on his feet. 

Upon meeting Pietro Maximoff you never imagined he would have such a great impact on your life as he did. The Slovakian was not exactly the type to leave a lasting impression, in fact without his white hair, super speed, and super cute accent, you would have perhaps mistaken him as another flirtatious guy on the street. He was a household name by now, you were sure of it, and he wasn’t exactly humble about it either. Girls practically worshipped him and instead of being like Captain America, Thor, or even the Hulk for that matter; he basked in the glory of his fame—making sure that everyone knew that he was single and available. He had to be the world’s most eligible bachelor at the moment, easily outweighing any ordinary celebrity or person by a landslide. With that freedom came a price, constantly there were rumors surrounding the man—or at least you assumed them to be rumors, the fact that there were numerous girls who claimed to have had sex with the speedster, boasting of their one night stand with the hero. This had made you absolutely sick to your stomach and what could have possibly made it worse, was the damn fact that he wasn’t denying those statements. At the moment, Pietro Maximoff did not hold a very high standard in your book, yet that did not stop some worldly force from intervening.

You had wished the situation was perhaps less embarrassing, well at least on your part. Sure, it was a hero’s job to save damsel’s in distress as well as any of any other good person in need of assistance; but you could swear, to whatever being was watching over you, why did it have to be him? New York wasn’t exactly the safest city to be living in, especially when the sunset and night reigned sovereign over the city. Continuously your mother had warned you of the dangers at night, particularly for a someone like you. As a young child, she maintained a tight leash on you, making sure that you were never to leave the house when it was dark out; but as an adult, she had no jurisdiction. You were never the one to place yourself in risky situations, going completely out of your way to avoid crowds, scenes, and anything that reeked of trouble—this time, you had no say in the matter. Between balancing work, your family and getting a decent amount of rest each night, you had completely slipped about your mother’s birthday: the night before. A midnight run for flowers and a card should not have been a big deal, in fact on the way to the store, it wasn’t. But, as you walked through the ominous alley, you begged to differ.

It was only meant to be a short cut, the quickest possible route back to your apartment. You should have expected someone to be there, to be lurking in the shadows and waiting for a gullible person like yourself to be in wrong place at the wrong time. Already, an unsettled feeling was washing over you, even before you had caught sight of the disturbing man. Shivers began to climb up your spine, while you were unsure if it was the icy weather or the unwelcoming feeling, you only knew one thing for certain; you wanted to leave as soon as possible. With quick-paced footsteps, your sneakers hitting the pavement unevenly, and as you were halfway out of the alley, a sudden grasp on your delicate wrist startled you.

“And where do you think you’re going, beautiful?”

His voice was like shattered glass piercing your eardrums, rough and textured, as you turned around and started screaming. Grunting a couple of nasty curse words, it wasn’t long before his hand was covering your mouth, as you attempted to bit it off or fight back to get him to loosen his grip. To no avail, he soon had you pinned to the back wall, his tongue licking devilishly across his lips.  The lust in his eyes was seemingly hard to miss, and in that moment you knew exactly what was to come next. His hand was pressed feverishly against your mouth, his body pressed tightly against yours; leaving no room for escape or movement. You were trapped and once his hand touched your thigh, a wave of tears began to cascade down your face, a sob choked back by his slimy hand. In all honesty, you were never much of the religious person but at the moment you felt as if you had no other say in the matter, silently you muttered to whatever divine being that happened to be watching you at the moment; then, hoped for a miracle.

You were completely unsure of what happened in the next few seconds, yet the only thing that you were certain about was the fact that someone heard you. Everything happened so fast, for one moment you were being pressed against a disgusting and strange man, before you could suddenly hear grunting and groaning a few feet away. Once again, it was too dark to make out the man’s face or your savior for that matter, but soon enough it was all over; and in a flash, you were face to face with your hero. The first thing you notice about him was the fact that you assumed he would be taller, but as he stood in front of you with a concerned glint in his baby blue eyes, your thoughts were racing. Seeing his picture on the television and in magazines was completely different to the fact of seeing him in real life, in fact, it was almost as if he was two different people. Still, with his white hair and scruffy look that he had going on, it was hard to deny the fluttering in your heart. You were grateful for his presence, even with the scowl on your face, you were thankful for him saving your life. Yet, as you managed to utter your thanks, he was gone in a flash the only remanence of him every being there was the warm and tingling sensation that he left on your cheek.

For weeks on end, you had reminded yourself that it was all a rouse, every single word that came out of the speedster’s mouth was an act to seduce you, and you especially did not want your heart broken like the rest of his lovers. You had first thought it would be easy, the two of you worked completely different jobs after all, him a superhero and you an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., sure the two of you worked for the same overall company; but S.H.I.E.L.D. has over thousands of employees, meaning the odds of ever paring up with Quicksilver were slim to none. At the time, you should have realized that the odds never seemed to be on your side.

It was nearly a month later when you transferred, assigned to work full time and train with the very best of S.H.I.E.L.D., by then you hadn’t really considered the thought of Pietro Maximoff, that is until you stepped out of the elevator and was face to face with the male. The shock on both of your faces was hard enough to hide, but with the rest of the Avengers inside the room, you were a bit overwhelmed. Trying your best to remain professional, you had blatantly ignored the man inside the room, and instead focused your attention on Black Widow who was to oversee your room arrangements and your training. Yet, as you tried your best to ignore the speedster, you weren’t the only one who could feel the overwhelming amount of tension that began to suffocate the room. Only as you left the room, in wake of the other woman, did things start to ease up. Unbeknownst to you, the Avengers already knew who you were prior to your arrival that day, and the answer came in the form of the man that could possible break the sound barrier. For a while now, he has been obsessed with you, the one girl that had yet to be different from the rest. Despite your absolutely gorgeous looks, you seemed to be the one girl that actually didn’t care about any of that. This idea had obviously consumed him, the sheer fact that you were different from the rest and this knowledge had completely bewildered him. In fact, it made him possibly want you even more.

You had done your best to steer clear of the speedster in all possible ways, but it wasn’t easy when the two of you lived on the same floor and across the hall from one another. Every time the two of you happened to be in the same room as one another, you could feel his lingering gaze on your body, every time the two of you would spar; you could feel the pads of his fingers clinging on to your skin a bit longer than what was socially acceptable—and you would be lying when you said it didn’t drive you absolutely crazy.

But, you remained professional and disregarded every single advance that he made towards you. This little known fact had drove the white-haired male absolutely mad, my god your attitude and the way you looked flashing him that small smirk after defeating him in sparring match, made him crave you even more. He would do practically anything to have you pressed against the wall, his mouth on yours and your hands becoming tangled in his hair—tugging on the soft tufts as his hands explored your body. The lustful feeling was soon enough overcoming his body and he was a mere few seconds away from pouncing on you a few feet away, but with a firm and perplexed look from Wanda, he was soon enough overcome with the emotion of embarrassment. His sister had not uttered a word, but he could still see the sly smirk that had overtook her lips, leaving the blue-eyed man alone with his thoughts. Despite his obvious hunger for you, there was also this odd and unfamiliar warmth in the pit of his stomach, a feeling that he had tried a numerous amount of time to be rid of; yet, it never seemed to leave. It always became prominent whenever you happened to be around, whether it be laughing whilst talking with Wanda, fiddling with your hair as you read a novel, or shooting him an aggravated glare as he fails another time to ask you out—this feeling had completely mystified him, leaving him flustered and frustrated in your wake.

You were supposed to be like his other lovers, bowing down to him, worshipping the very ground he walked him and showing the greatest interest sexually and romantically towards him; and yet, you expressed none. His annoyance only seemed to fester, his personality shifting to become more irritable and hostile towards you, before he ultimately snapped. It was where after a very brutal training session with the white-haired male, most of his frustration being taken out on you, up to a point where you had called in quits; shooting a glare in his direction before taking off into the hall. Instead of feeling sympathetic, like he should have, that was the one action that completely set him off. In a blur, he had caught up to you, gripping your wrists and pushing you firmly against the wall; his blue eyes turning dark and stormy. There was no way out of iron grip, not that you wanted to escape anyway, instead you met his steely gaze with your own. You could practically feel the heat radiating off of him as well as the anger, still in that moment all you could do was realize how extremely attractive he was up close. His white hair messy and tousled from sparring, his ragged breath sending chills up your spine, as you suddenly had the overwhelming urge to kiss him right there and then.

“What’s your problem?”

The amount of vile anger that composed his voice shocked you, leaving you a bit taken back by the whole question. Still, what he was asking was vague, nothing specific; which obviously left you with a limit in vague answers. Instead of speaking, you leaned back and shrugged, which only seemed to frustrate him even more.

“You keep playing hard to get when we both know that your head-over-heels in love with me. Just drop the act already [Y/N], or I might have to resort to other tactics, things that we might regret later.”

His voice was hard and a but cold, but you could hear his voice hitch at the end of his proclamation, making your knees a bit weak where you were standing. You know you shouldn’t, all signs about your next actions were bound to result in tragedy and heartbreak in the end, but in that moment you couldn’t help yourself. And damn, before you could change your mind, you had leaned forward till you were only a few centimeters away from touching his lips; and nibbling on your own, you feigned a bit of innocence before speaking.

“And what are you going to do about it, love?”

It wasn’t long before you were whisked away into Pietro’s bedroom, your back pressed against the mattress while he hovered over you. You could feel the anticipation bubbling inside your stomach, the warmth growing between your legs, and you could swear you nearly lost it as soon as he uttered his next words—before he attacked your mouth with his own.

“Oh the things I’m going to do to you.”

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I know that the likelihood of any of the 6 year old Insta gymnasts actually making it to college gym is low, but if they did, could all the promotional crap they do when they get free leotards and gear from companies in exchange for promoting it on Instagram get them in trouble with NCAA?

Yes, absolutely. Sophia better make it to the Olympics because her NCAA eligibility is totally screwed.

Rip (Hercules x reader)

AN:  Hey, another annotation!  I just wanted to apologise for all the crossed out words, in case it makes the fic more difficult to read—I just saw them as the easiest medium to portray the denial presented…  anyway!  I’ll stop now.  Enjoy!

‘You need a new outfit and that’s final!’ your father yelled at you from across the dinner table.

It was your first Season—the time when the families of eligible children threw parties and forced their children to attend the parties of others, looking for marriage partners—and honestly, you weren’t looking forward to it.

Sadly, your father wouldn’t budge; looks like you were due for a visit to the family tailor.

The tailor was an old man, his hair white, knees frail and hands covered in veins. When your carriage dropped you off at his store’s door, you had to knock seven times until he answered the door.

Except, this time, it wasn’t him.  A young man opened the door and smiled; it took your breath away, yet simultaneously set you on edge—not by any fault of his own, but you couldn’t help feeling nervous, although you had no idea why.

(Yes you did, you thought he was cute.)

‘Hey, are you Y/N?’ he asked.

‘What’s it to you?’ you replied, bristling.

He laughed—was he mocking you?  No one this cute in the history of mankind could possibly be this friendly and this cute.

‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ he said amiably.  ‘Come this way.’

He led you down the familiar hallways of the shop until you reached the fitting room.

‘Oh, that won’t be necessary,’ you exclaimed hastily.

‘Oh?’ The young man looked curious.

‘I know all my measurements,’ you professed.

‘But when was the last time you had yourself measured?’ he shot back.

Well, he had you there.  You blushed angrily and swept past him into the measuring room.  You tried to maintain your terrible mood, convincing yourself that those sparks you felt when his hand brushed against yours were that of disgust.

‘So,’ you asked, still bitter, ‘what happened to the previous tailor?’

‘He retired,’ the man responded simply.

‘That’s it?’ you mumbled, struck dumb and confused.

‘Yep! And I was his apprentice.  Now the store is mine.’

That feeling that flared up inside you wasn’t hope that you might see him again, you told yourself, but unhappiness that you’d have to.

‘My name is Hercules, by the way,’ he said.

Hercules.  You snorted—what kind of name was Hercules?  Well, you supposed, it made sense, with how fit… how cute… how he’d been given an apprenticeship—much like Hercules’ years of labor to prove himself as a hero. Or in this case, a tailor.

‘I’m Y/N.’

The time passed in silence as Hercules measured, pinned and sewed.  Eventually, he stopped working and you looked down to see he was done.  The clothes was beautiful, you had to admit.

You thanked him, paid him his fair share and stepped back into your carriage, which was waiting for you outside.

As soon as you got home, you purposefully accidentally tripped on the stairs, tearing a wide hole in your new outfit.

The next day, you were back at the tailor’s.  You only had to knock on the door three times before Hercules opened it.

‘Guess who’s back!’ he exclaimed.

You handed him the torn clothes.  He frowned and you said,

‘Well, if you’d made it better it wouldn’t have ripped.’

Hercules looked at you for a minute and then laughed, which made you blush—that was an insult! Why was he laughing?

He took you inside and led you to a different room, filled with small woven boxes and pincushions.  In the middle there was a giant table.  He took the clothes and laid them out.

‘Ah, I think I see what happened,’ he said humorously, gesturing to the giant tear.

You shot him a nasty look and he laughed even harder.  He then took your hand and you felt sparks and placed a needle in it.

‘I’m going to show you how to thread a needle,’ he murmured.

‘I don’t need to know that!’ you protested, and Hercules shrugged.

‘You might,’ he said, then continued: ‘So you take the thread, and just gently pull it through the needle like so…’

He kept talking, but you couldn’t hear him, too consumed by the feeling of his hand against yours.  You were so close, close enough to kiss; all it would take would be to bend down a little and—wait, what?

Suddenly, you had an epiphany—you thought Hercules was cute.  Oh God, you thought he was really, really, really cute.  And not only cute—funny, charming and talented—crap.

‘… and then you loop the needle back through, creating another stitch—Y/N, are you paying attention?’

‘Not really,’ you muttered, still out of it.  ‘Too cute.’

‘I’m sorry, what was that?’ Hercules said, not quite able to hear you.

‘I said—I’m not paying attention, you’re too cute.’  As soon as the words were out, you slapped a hand over your mouth—was your subconscious working against you?  But when Hercules pried that hand away and placed a soft kiss on your lips, you decided you really care.

You pouted when he pulled away, which made him laugh, and you decided that his laugh was wonderful and that you wanted to do everything you could to keep him laughing.

‘Y/N?’ he said.

‘Yeah?’ you replied in a daze.

‘Are we ever going to finish this outfit?’

This time, it was you who laughed as you once again picked up the needle, letting Hercules guide your hands as you worked together to fix your clothes.

Vic stepdad jailed over girl's sex abuse

A Victorian man who plied his vulnerable teenage stepdaughter with treats during protracted sexual abuse will spend at least two and a half years behind bars.

The man, aged in his 40s, began preying on the girl in 2013 and assaulted her for more than a year, despite her asking him to stop.

It began when he asked his stepdaughter to kiss him and said he would buy her a guitar.

The man later told police he knew it was wrong, but he enjoyed the excitement of doing something “naughty”.

He was sentenced to four and a half years jail on Monday, and must serve at least two and a half before he is eligible for parole.

A Victorian court heard the girl was particularly vulnerable, as she was being bullied.

Her stepfather regularly touched her inappropriately and pleaded with her to expose herself.

“On occasions, you gave her treats as rewards and asked to be rewarded in return,” the judge said.

“The victim was, in my view, grossly taken advantage of.”

The man told his stepdaughter she was an equal participant, and not to tell anyone because it would have a devastating impact on the family.

His abuse finally stopped when he accepted his victim didn’t want it to continue.

He admitted some of the offending to his wife when he realised his stepdaughter was going to come forward.

The man pleaded guilty to six charges relating to indecent acts with the girl, who was aged under 16 during some of the offending.

He will be on the sex offender register for life.

anyway I’m about to go to the housing justice office at Pif’s school to see what our options are legally with regards to the whole “we don’t have a bathroom ceiling and there’s visible rot in the exposed beams in our bathroom and our landlords are being super negligent about this” situation, my girlfriend reminded me this morning that, like, I work from home! Disruptions to my living space like this are also disruptions to my work! So whatever if there’s any kind of compensation that we’re eligible for I’m gonna push for it. 

Recently, as many of my posts may have stated, I just started college. I’m now living cross-country from my home with barely any close friends and relatives nearby. 

While I’m eligible for work study at my school, any and all applications I’ve put in for various jobs have resulted in nothing but stress for myself. I don’t have a car or a license, so that means getting a job off-campus through the employment center is out of the question. I’ve applied for multiple outside scholarships as well, and in order to keep my scholarships from my school I will need to be studying for the majority of my time outside of class. I already have student loans, as well and I’d like to not take out any more.

I need money. My cafeteria is not open for three meals a day just because of campus rules, so I have to be able to buy food to cook. My parents can only give me so much money a month due to our family’s financial situation (because of medical bills), and most of it goes towards school expenses such as fees and transportation for off-campus events, which I’m required to attend for many of my music classes.

Today I added a “Buy me a coffee” button on both this blog and my writing blog @imagineteamfreewill. Any amount truly helps, because a girl’s gotta eat. I know that money is tight and a lot of you are college students as well, so if you can’t donate that’s okay, but please at least reblog this post so I can try to get some more money to buy things like food and toilet paper, as well as medicine for my allergies.

You can donate by clicking the button on either blog, or going here.

In return I can write you a Supernatural drabble on my writing blog (please read my Guidelines), or give you a promo on this one. Just shoot me an ask saying that you’ve donated and what you want, and I’ll do it as soon as I can.

Mylan launching cheaper, generic version of EpiPen
Mylan will start selling a cheaper version of its EpiPen after absorbing waves of criticism over a list price for the emergency allergy treatment that has grown to $608 for a two-pack, making it unaffordable for many patients without insurance or with high-deductible coverage.

Also might not be a bad idea to look into the assistance programs that Mylan offers, including a savings card that you present along with your prescription that gives you 300$ off the price of Epipens.  There’s also a “patient assistance program” that may cover the cost completely, but you two may not qualify for that, depending on your insurance situation.  This deal also expires the end of the year, though they might renew it now that there’s so much attention on it.

It’s not a bad idea to search for assistance programs any time you need a drug that’s too expensive.  A lot of drug companies offer them, though you have to know they’re there and be eligible for them (for instance, some of them only kick in if you have no insurance at all).  This site seems to be a clearinghouse for info on programs like this, and you can search by drug name to see what’s available.

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taylor swift for president 2020

interesting fact anon, you have to be 35 years of age to be president of the United States and thus taylor swift would not be eligible for selection in 2020 :(

what would modern romanovs be like tho?

  • would nicholas be a politician or a businessman?
  • would alexandra be a politician?
  • OTMA constantly in the papers and tabloids. with the big pair and their careers, gossip about their futures ( especially olga’s ). and maria’s whirlwind romances and anastasia the problem child
  • alexei as the “heir” expected to follow in nicholas’ footsteps into politics/business. 
  • the romanovs being a family of great wealth, privilege and prestige but being so kind and philanthropic and down to earth. 
  • anya totally skipping out on the formal functions bc ew who wants to be around stuffy, arrogant trust fund babies. 
  • anya purposefully finding trouble and dating less than desirable people just so she’s not another face in the family line up. SHE’S HER OWN PERSON DAMMIT. 
  • OTMA as the beautiful, eligible, but totally untouchable politicians’ daughters. everyone either wants to be them or date them lmao

egg-moon  asked:

18,28 (c:

18. yeah i met chumlee from pawn stars when i was in las vegas for a funeral and he was super rude and told me to fuck off when i asked for a picture. didn’t lighten the day up at all.

i think that counts as a funny story but here’s another one for good measure. 

28. funny story. i was in the boy scouts of america when i was younger and i think i was 12 years old. i must have been a webelo at this point. anyways there was summer camp every year and i was eligible to go. one camp was really good, i can’t remember the name of it. but the other one was called thunder ridge and it was HORRIBLE. everyone there was rude to me and i got stuck in a group of everyone i hated. 

so i’m settling in trying to not have a panic attack, feeling like i’m going to vomit like terrified that the next 2 weeks of my life will be utter hell. i’m sharing a tent with two other dudes, one of them was in there with me and his name was mikey. he wasn’t all there, he set my neighbor’s backyard fence on fire and almost burned their house down. so mikey starts getting naked while i’m in there and i’m like alright fuck this. i’m out. i go outside and throw up in front of the camp leader and then i got sent home. 

Stiles/Derek - Flower Bomb

TitleFlower Bomb

Author: rispacooper (AO3)

Rating: M

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~6.2k

Warnings: alpha/beta/omega AU

Summary: When an eligible omega glanced your way, you were supposed to glance back. Derek could hear an echo of his mother’s voice in his head, gently reminding him there were alphas who would kill to find themselves the focus of an omega’s interest.

Derek didn’t have the dominating personality or drive necessary to be classified as alpha, and there was no bright spark of appeal about him to say he was omega. He was tall and in good shape. He had a pretty face, dark hair and light eyes, good bone structure. But he had no need to get in fights or conquer the world. He didn’t even like arguing with his family. He was solidly beta, and wouldn’t have minded, never had minded, except for when Stiles was near.

leodelgado2023  asked:

Creo que tu sabes quien me gusta, también porque la quiero. Ella una persona muy linda aunque diga que no. Me gusta todo su ser. n.n Sabes, uno no elige a quien querer, ella me hechizo. Ella es mi hechicera. ¿Que cres que pueda pasar?

Quizá te haga mal querarla.


Somehow I fooled the nice people at Debdoingdallas.com into thinking that I am someone cool enough to be featured as one of their eligible Dallasites. I mean I am available but I don’t think the gals will be knocking down my door after this, but we shall see. BTW if my answers peak your interest, I accept nudie pics.

Modern Books for Fans of Pride and Prejudice

Many moons ago, I heard that one of my favorite novelists – Curtis Sittenfeld – would be writing a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation. And I was like 

And I waited patiently to get my hands on it. 

And finally, I got a beautiful copy of Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. 

And one Saturday morning, I got some coffee, some Muncher’s donuts, and sat in to read it in one sitting, which is in my opinion, the best way to read a book. 

And I was like 

laughing like Taylor Swift. It was that cute, adorable, and hilarious. 

And it immediately had me wanting to read some more Austen-level comedy-drama about family and romantic relationships. Once I’m on a wave, I just like to ride it out. 

So here are some books to satisfy your Pride and Prejudice cravings: 

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P by Adelle Waldman

If you like smart romance with a keen insight into characters, this story of finding love in modern day New York will hit the spot. 

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This novel has the intimate look close relationships between women that so many love about Pride and Prejudice coupleed with an adorable romance that is not without its share of bumps. 

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Dry humor and sweet friendships make this a fun look at modern quest for love. 

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

If you love the Bronte sisters like you love Austen, this modern story of a woman on a Bronte themed scavenger hunt to find her inheritance (with the help of a condescending but charming professor) will surely please. 

Burning Down the House by Jane Mendelsen

Austen’s novels also subtly critique social customs around wealth and privilege. A bit darker than the previous suggestions, this literary drama focuses on a young woman adopted into a world of privilege, and a nanny who was trafficked as a child. An intimate look at a complicated family and a indictment of capitalism.  

What modern novels would you recommend to fans of Pride and Prejudice

Happy reading! 

- molly, collection development