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It's been long enough to be caught up with Dishonored 2 for the most part... So, what is it with the Kaldwins and getting it on in taboo relationships and ending up with kids who really should not be eligible for the throne ever-- (okay but c'mon we should start referring to Corvo as "the help")

Spoilers for Dishonored 2 to follow

Idk… the Kaldwins are like, overall good (neutral good? maybe) but have some small character flaws. Like they try to be good to their citizens but they have one or two things going on in the background that aren’t 100% legit. My general impression is that Euhorn and Jessamine tried to be good to their people, especially not overtaxing them, making sure the poorest weren’t living in absolutely terrible conditions, etc.

Specifically, Euhorn Kaldwin - if he is indeed Delilah’s father, and it’s presented to us in the game that apparently that is where Delilah is basing on claim on the throne, and that it’s not clearly 100% accurate BUT we have no other evidence presented to the contrary - it would seem that he was for the most part a wise and gracious ruler, and it was an indiscretion on his part and then keeping Delilah around and letting her play with Jessamine without acknowledging her as a natural daugher OR treating like a princess as he actually said he would (again, according to Delilah) that led Delilah to begin her plotting. I’m not saying that separating Delilah from Jessamine entirely would have been the best thing to do, nor am I suggesting that separating them would have prevented Delilah from turning into the amazingly crafty, talented and motivated individual that she is in Dishonored 2, but according to Delilah’s recounting of events, it seems contributory to her antagonism.

We aren’t shown Jessamine’s entire childhood explicitly and in great detail, but it seems like she had few friends, such that Delilah ended up actually being close enough to feel betrayed when Jessamine (apparently) blamed breaking a precious item on her and she was whipped (and her mother consequently dismissed from the kitchens).

As far as we know, it isn’t necessary in the world of Dishonored for the heir to the throne to be the child of the Empress/Emperor AND their spouse, rather, merely that the heir is the child of the Empress/Emperor. It seems like Jessamine and Corvo’s affair was common knowledge (a ‘badly-kept secret’ in the word of in-game texts) and, up til the start of Dishonored 2, any issues with Emily’s rule didn’t seem to stem from her being born illegitimately, and from a non-noble father.

To reduce the issue down to its most basic, it seems like Theodanis Abele’s gift of Corvo (the youngest person to win the Blade Verbena I think) to Euhorn Kaldwin was a political gesture and that is basically where the whole issue of Emily and her parentage stems from. It’s all political. In the first game, we’re not really told that much about how the ruler of the Empire of the Isles actually needs to maintain peace and balance between four kingdoms - Tyvia, Morley, Gristol and Serkonos - we actually only really learn this in Dishonored 2, where more emphasis is made, with the map of the whole Empire with its distinct capitals. The neatest comparison that comes to mind is Westeros in A Song of Ice and Fire, where the King (or Queen) who sits on the Iron Throne rules with a single mind, but rules over seven kingdoms which are united.

The fact that Corvo was around to fall in love with Jessamine is based on a political decision to attempt to more strongly bind together Serkonos and Gristol, and while it certainly didn’t help that there were apparently no other good suitors who Jessamine liked enough to marry, Corvo being around originates from the political history of the Isles.

I’m not sure I really know enough to talk about Delilah or Emily being ineligible for the throne. Delilah - well from Dishonored 2 she’s not exactly a benevolent ruler, so I guess we can say that she isn’t appropriate to rule the Empire. Emily is certainly well-educated, trained in the Royal practices and also experienced in dealing with assasination/kidnapping attempts; but it seems like she has a yearning to climb rooftops and explore the Empire not as a ruler, but a citizen, which when related in-game, is given as the reason for her rule being not 100% perfect but not necessarily actually being a good reason for that state of things. This relates to something Corvo says when he turns up back in Dunwall in the last mission, along the lines of “being born royal doesn’t give you the right to rule, you earn it every day by serving the people”, and this relates to power and the abuse of power, which is one of the themes of Dishonored 1 & 2. I don’t really have any concrete answers for your question, sorry - all I can say is that this is one of the things the developers have stated that they are interested in exploring, through the use of the two games.

I hope that answered your question?

Paul Ryan Wants to Throw 1.8 Million People Off Of Food Stamps for Having a Car
One of the most outrageous components of the Farm Bill is that millionaire Rep. Paul Ryan wants to deny people food stamps if they own adequate transportation.
By Jason Easley

“ … One of the most outrageous components of the Farm Bill is that millionaire Rep. Paul Ryan wants to deny people food stamps if they own adequate transportation. … “

“ … Beyond the $20 billion in cuts that will throw an estimated two million children, elderly, and disabled Americans off food stamps, millionaire Rep. Paul Ryan is pushing an amendment that would close the door to assistance for the vast majority of Americans. Ryan and Rep. Frank Lucas are proposing that categorical eligibility be eliminated and replaced with an asset limit. If an individual has $2,000 in savings, or a car worth more than $5,000, they will not be eligible for food stamps. … “

Read The Rest

There is something seriously disturbed about this man’s character, expressed by his obsession with taking away what little the government actually does for americans stuck living in poverty, while he continues to support corporate subsidies which our successful corporations no longer need.


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Not eligible for Tokyo but has side aerial+loso and fhs+front tuck. :’)

Desk Review

AKA administrative review. They’ve determined that there is not enough evidence of abuse to launch a full on investigation, so they’re just going to review paperwork with no home visits. Our home is eligible since this is our first reportable serious incident.

Which is as horrifying as it is convenient. There are SO MANY bad homes here in TX…it makes me nervous that a fracture can occur and everyone is like oh well.

But it is much better for G&H because I was going to have to put them in respite for fetus’ birth. Now I can get by with our babysitter and foster friends and the boys will only go to safe people who know and love them.

I’ve been doing ridiculous amounts of yoga trying to get fetus into position. And wouldn’t you know that it’s completely fixed my sciatica? Pregnant people: do the yoga.

We hired the babysitter and had a giddy date night. We saw Fantastic Beasts. It was better and not as good as expected simultaneously. That being said I’d totally pay to go see it again, and not just because I got to stare at Eddie Redmayne for two hours. Btw, things are DIRT CHEAP in TX. It was $7.80 for our tickets…total. And the theater was just remodeled and all the seats were leather recliners. Wtf?
The only real downside of the movie was Ezra Miller. This is the third movie he’s ruined for me. I really wish I could erase We Need To Talk About Kevin from my memory.

I no longer trust the kids’ main pediatrician. We have 4 pediatricians… one I use locally for prescriptions since the foster care clinic will only prescribe rash cream and eye drops, an idiot at the FC clinic for last minute appointments, a nasty bitch at the FC clinic for when our main ped is booked, and then our main ped, who is a smart cookie. Or so I thought. She has now misdiagnosed two issues I got second opinions on. I’m at a loss of what to do now. I must be pretty neurotic to have 4 different pediatricians I hate. I can’t wait until I’m all done with medicaid.

What else? OT for feeding issues was a joke. I’m actually kind of furious about it. I must be a fabulous parent if I’m already doing everything our therapists are doing. I’m not nesting anymore except for cooking which is odd. I need my entire fridge full of home cooked meals just in case. It’s driving J insane. Thanksgiving leftovers are finally finished though, thanks to a delicious turkey pot pie. Yummmm. Henry with all of his delays is our first child under the age of 5 to correctly pronounce our dog Peabody’s name. Go figure.

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Did Maester Aemon take the Night's Watch oath? And which oath would take precedence if they ever came into conflict, the maester's oath or the NW oath?

Yes, he did - that was the whole point of why he went to the Wall, to belt-and-braces the idea that he was in no ways eligible to King. 

As to the two oaths, they’re acctually quite sympatico: both oaths require celibacy, abjure any right to political power/landholding, both institutions are supposed to be neutral in politics, etc. 

The only situation I can see the oaths conflicting is if some foreign power were to seize the Wall - it might be the case that the maester would be bound to serve them, while the Night’s Watch oath demands loyalty to the Watch above all. But that conflict hinges on whether the maester is considered to serve at the Wall itself or serving the Night’s Watch as a collective institution; only the former would give rise to such a conflict. 


Somehow I fooled the nice people at Debdoingdallas.com into thinking that I am someone cool enough to be featured as one of their eligible Dallasites. I mean I am available but I don’t think the gals will be knocking down my door after this, but we shall see. BTW if my answers peak your interest, I accept nudie pics.


“Hello.” The word was polite, yet stiff. Hannibal walked into the room, casting his gaze about before settling it on Mason. He was attractive in a 90s-American-teenage-drama kind of way, Hannibal thought: decidedly not his type.

He walked over to the window. Somewhere he could smell Mischa, all light and bright, no doubt slipping into her dress now. She would be wearing lavender to the wedding. 

Hannibal adjusted the cuff of his shirt. “I imagine our fathers are congratulating themselves with a Cuban cigar about now,” he said to Mason, smiling a little, trying for humour. 

“I guess so,” Mason tries very hard to keep his expression pleasantly neutral, but inside he cringes. The thought that this is the person he’s expected to spend the foreseeable future with sits like a lead weight in his belly.

He wonders if they might sort out some kind of arrangement – go through the ceremony, sort out the legalities and then quietly go their separate ways. See each other on holidays and just go on with their lives.

Should he suggest that now? Or should he wait until afterwards? Is anyone really expecting them to be affectionate to each other?

For once Mason struggles to find something to say. He smooths out the failed knot of his tie and starts again, folding the cloth over the way he does every morning. The trouble today is that his hands keep clenching into claws and making the fabric bunch.

Best to get some idea of what he’s going to be dealing with, Mason holds back a sigh and clears his throat instead, “Been looking forward to this? Or was it more of a … surprise?”

Modern Books for Fans of Pride and Prejudice

Many moons ago, I heard that one of my favorite novelists – Curtis Sittenfeld – would be writing a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation. And I was like 

And I waited patiently to get my hands on it. 

And finally, I got a beautiful copy of Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. 

And one Saturday morning, I got some coffee, some Muncher’s donuts, and sat in to read it in one sitting, which is in my opinion, the best way to read a book. 

And I was like 

laughing like Taylor Swift. It was that cute, adorable, and hilarious. 

And it immediately had me wanting to read some more Austen-level comedy-drama about family and romantic relationships. Once I’m on a wave, I just like to ride it out. 

So here are some books to satisfy your Pride and Prejudice cravings: 

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P by Adelle Waldman

If you like smart romance with a keen insight into characters, this story of finding love in modern day New York will hit the spot. 

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This novel has the intimate look close relationships between women that so many love about Pride and Prejudice coupleed with an adorable romance that is not without its share of bumps. 

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Dry humor and sweet friendships make this a fun look at modern quest for love. 

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

If you love the Bronte sisters like you love Austen, this modern story of a woman on a Bronte themed scavenger hunt to find her inheritance (with the help of a condescending but charming professor) will surely please. 

Burning Down the House by Jane Mendelsen

Austen’s novels also subtly critique social customs around wealth and privilege. A bit darker than the previous suggestions, this literary drama focuses on a young woman adopted into a world of privilege, and a nanny who was trafficked as a child. An intimate look at a complicated family and a indictment of capitalism.  

What modern novels would you recommend to fans of Pride and Prejudice

Happy reading! 

- molly, collection development