Veinte años después, sigue eligiendo la vida

Elige lencería cara con la esperanza de revivir una relación que ya está muerta.
Elige bolsos, zapatos de tacón de cachemir y seda para hacerte sentir mas próxima a la felicidad.
Elige un Iphone “ensamblado en China” por una mujer que se tiró desde una ventana. Y guarda el porro en el bolsillo de tu chaqueta exportada desde algún basurero asiático.
Elige Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, siempre habrán maneras de contar tus experiencias a personas que nunca conocerás.
Elige un perfil en una red social de citas y postea la foto de lo que has desayunado, con la esperanza de que alguien en algún lugar, en algún momento, esté mirando y le importe.
Elige buscar a tus viejos romances, creyendo que podías haber hecho algo distinto para continuar juntos.
Elige la vida ahogada en un último sorbo de la copa de vino, interacciones humanas reducidas a poco más que datos.
Elige leer noticias sobre celebrities a las que no les importas (y no sobre la situación del mundo), elige reality shows.
Elige gritar en contra del aborto y a la vez reírte de chistes sobre violación, llamar puta a una mujer y el porno vengantivo…
Elige una serie interminable de elecciones que nunca ocurrirán. Y si pasaran serían desechadas.
Elige un contrato sin horas mínimas de trabajo, y un trayecto de camino al trabajo de dos horas. Y elige lo mismo para tus hijos, sólo que peor. Y puede, que te digas a ti mismo que podría ser peor.
Elige dar un paso atrás, y resolver las problemas con una droga desconocida cocinada en la cocina de alguien desconocido.
Elige promesas incumplidas, desear haberlo hecho todo de manera diferente.
Elige no aprender nunca de tus errores, elige mirar cómo la historia se repite.
Elige la lenta reconciliación entre lo que puedes conseguir y lo que siempre has deseado. Confórmate con/por menos y mantén una cara “honest”.
Elige la decepción y elige perder a los que amas y preguntarte si cuando mueren un pedazo de ti muere con ellos. Hasta que veas que un día, pedazo a pedazo, todos se habrán ido y no quedará nada a lo que llamarle vida.


Holmes starting and Watson finishing a quote from “The Importance of Being Earnest” in The Eligible Bachelor. 

‘To lose one parent, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose three [wives] looks like carelessness.’

The original Oscar Wilde quote (from The Importance of Being Earnest):  ‘To lose one parent, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.’

^ What if we substitute the phrase sibling in place of “parent” or “wife”? Yes, I am invoking The Other One. 

The Final Problem radio trailer had another “Importance of Being Earnest” quote: ’The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.’ (x)

anonymous asked:

am i still sapphic even though i have a boyfriend atm? i'm pan and definitely not straight and i've loved and had relationships with girls in the past but now this is my first bf. being sapphic has always been something i've identified with but now is it invalid because i'm dating someone the opposite gender??

You are still sapphic if you have a boyfriend, it’s not invalid if you are dating someone of the opposite gender. Sapphic means a girl who likes girls it is more inclusive ‘label’ than lesbian/gay/bi. You are still Sapphic! It’s okay!


Damn if I did the calculations right, only 18% of Americans voted for trump (based on total population, it raises to 27% when only taking eligible voters into account, however I chose to figure for total population because underage people and people who have committed a felony will be just as effected by the election as eligible voters).

Anyways yeah, remember that statistic next time someone tells you it’s what the majority wanted.

Modern Books for Fans of Pride and Prejudice

Many moons ago, I heard that one of my favorite novelists – Curtis Sittenfeld – would be writing a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation. And I was like 

And I waited patiently to get my hands on it. 

And finally, I got a beautiful copy of Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. 

And one Saturday morning, I got some coffee, some Muncher’s donuts, and sat in to read it in one sitting, which is in my opinion, the best way to read a book. 

And I was like 

laughing like Taylor Swift. It was that cute, adorable, and hilarious. 

And it immediately had me wanting to read some more Austen-level comedy-drama about family and romantic relationships. Once I’m on a wave, I just like to ride it out. 

So here are some books to satisfy your Pride and Prejudice cravings: 

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P by Adelle Waldman

If you like smart romance with a keen insight into characters, this story of finding love in modern day New York will hit the spot. 

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This novel has the intimate look close relationships between women that so many love about Pride and Prejudice coupleed with an adorable romance that is not without its share of bumps. 

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Dry humor and sweet friendships make this a fun look at modern quest for love. 

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

If you love the Bronte sisters like you love Austen, this modern story of a woman on a Bronte themed scavenger hunt to find her inheritance (with the help of a condescending but charming professor) will surely please. 

Burning Down the House by Jane Mendelsen

Austen’s novels also subtly critique social customs around wealth and privilege. A bit darker than the previous suggestions, this literary drama focuses on a young woman adopted into a world of privilege, and a nanny who was trafficked as a child. An intimate look at a complicated family and a indictment of capitalism.  

What modern novels would you recommend to fans of Pride and Prejudice

Happy reading! 

- molly, collection development