some more redesigns! this time some  archie Sonic comics old characters ,

i redesigned them (except  for Megan, she has very little changes) as if they were on the new reboot XD just for fun.

here are more redesigns: ^_^

*Humans and such/ *Sonic Underground / *Sonic’s pre-reboot family/ * Salma and Juanita / *some echidnas/ * Freedom Fighters and other ones / *Sleet and Dingo / *


“Sally, promise you won’t tell Dad… about me.”

“Don’t worry, I promise.”

mmmmmmm im really nervous about posting this i almost decided not to but…i spent all night on it so. here. just something ive wanted to do for a long time… siblings gotta look out for each other


As before-

Feel free to use them as you like on your blogs and stuff. You can shrink them if you want or use them as avatars at places. I’d appreciate if you didn’t edit them too much but I’m not going to throw a fit if you do. Credit is cool when able, but again, it wouldn’t be a huge deal- it’d mainly be so that other people can find the source. Please, please do NOT sell these or anything like that.

See them all here!

Elias: “Naugus you deluded miscarriage of black magic! Do you even realise what will happen if you kill us?”

Naugus: “Oh? I don’t know. Maybe they’ll go to the C-list Character Zone and find some new council members!”

Penelope: *shivers* “Don’t say the name of that zone out loud.”

Dylan: “Such horrid memories … *crying*

Hamlin: “We outlawed saying the name of that HORRID ZONE!”