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How do you think Helen feels about Eli?

I think that Helen’s feelings for Eli have evolved. She started out not loving him, but I don’t think she ever hated him. She may have been annoyed finding him shirtless in Clare’s room, but she knows he’s always a support system for Clare.

When Clare was in the hospital getting cancer treatments, I think she saw an Eli that won her over completely. I am pretty sure she’s been team Eclare since then :D


Jack has enough credits to graduate and wants to leave Degrassi and go find Imogen, Jack is devastated after learning Fimogen got back together. Jack is comforted by Miles who she then kisses, leaving them both shocked. Zig keeps getting caught masturbating by the Matlins, Maya tells him he needs a girlfriend.


Lola is under hot water, when Hunter and Arlene go to the school board. Lola could very well be expelled for how she treated Arlene. Frankie turns to alcohol to cope with learning the truth about Winston.

1511- Degrassi Takes Manhattan Again.

A Degrassi alumni is making a motion picture, and Zoe and Tristan both want to audition. They are joined by Zig, Maya, Tiny, Miles, Jack and Frankie, and travel to New York.

1512- Degrassi Takes Manhattan Again.

Zoe and Tristan don’t know how to tell Eli, that Clare and their son are getting in the way of filming the movie. Zig and Maya finally get together, while Jack confesses her feelings for Miles realizing she might be Bi. Tiny catches Frankie using alcohol to cope, and promises to help by being there for her.


Under pressure with his class presidency, Jonah relapses back into his old addictions. The school board reaches a decision and expels both Lola and Winston from Degrassi.


Frankie and Tiny have grown close However Tiny just wants to be friends,for Frankie’s safety. Frankie gets her parents to help and they let Tiny move in. The Hollingsworth brothers go on a double date, which turns into Miles and Hunter showing off to see who can impress their girlfriend better.


Shay confronts her father after learning the identity of her long lost aunt, Ms. Grell. Shay feels lied to by all the family secrets. Jonah steals money out of the schools fund to buy drugs.


Zoe is offered the lead role on The Cupid Journals a new british romance drama. Zoe says goodbye to Degrassi and all the friends that she made. Tristan’s health takes a turn for the worse and he must leave school. Tristan, Maya, and Zig are surprised by a visit from their old friend Tori.