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Rules: Choose a Sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite Simblrs! Please tag #inmysimsbag. :)
It can be done with any Sims game.

Mr. Grumpy whom you know better by the name of Mr. Ainsworth, Eli Ainsworth. 

He has a nice back bag and these are the contents. 

  • empty music sheets note book and a pen ,chewed a bit from the point, in case the inspiration strikes.
  • three bags of seeds that Carmine gave to him to return to the shop, but he forgot. 
  • shopping list from a week ago that says, juice, pasta, cheese and hair gel 
  • a picture of Carmine and Eli, when they were in the High school, taken by someone, something Carmine does not even know about. 
  • Some pictures of himself…who knows someone might ask for an autograph or anything else like that. 
  • home keys 
  • motorcycle keys 
  • car keys 
  • coins and bills  and a check book 
  • hand cream and nail file
  • some condoms (of course) and lube you never know when the occasion presents itself
  • a scarf 
  • black bow tie 
  • tiny box of mints
  • sunglasses
  • random receipt from the clothes shop
  • couple of more books and a magazine

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general dancing aside, there comes a time when carmine learns that eli’s got two left feet when it comes to leading in a slow dance. his immediate reaction is that he must teach him.

carmine puts up some schmoopy song from the forties and as the music kicks in he pries the wine of glass from eli’s hand and sets it next to the player. (not without taking a swig first.)
“c'mon, mr. ainsworth, i’m sure you can do this,” carmine guides eli’s hand to his waist before setting it on his shoulder, warm, reassuring.
fingers enlace, and eli feels the music, feels carmine close against him, swaying slightly on the balls of his feet. tries not to stare too much at the painting just behind carmine. “yeah, sure,” he concedes.
they dance. carmine smiles, coaxes him into trying to find their rhythm, whispers encouragement into his ear.
“i’ll demand compensation if you do step on my toes too many times, though.”
eli laughs, brings his lips just below carmine’s ear, his nose bends against carmine’s neck. he laughs.

and he tries his hardest at dancing, to some degree of success.

eli ainsworth is no storyteller; and this is fact. the things he thinks he can’t quite put them into words, the things he says aren’t tale material. that’s why the piano’s there. for the times he can’t quite say no to carmine says in the night, “play the piano, will you?”

what he plays, too, is a story in itself. 

and then, carmine’s a better storyteller than him–there’s stories unwritten behind how he just lounges in the bed and speaks everything and nothing, and laughs and finally falls asleep. even the rise and fall of his chest tells a story, and this distracts eli, has his fingers trip on the keys. however, carmine’s asleep however, so he may as well stop playing the piano.