Eli Navarro


veronica mars + weevil

“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”


5 opening credits: Veronica Mars

a long time ago, we used to be friends but i haven’t thought of you lately at all
come on now, sugar

Haha. Well, I think its obvious that Weevil was in love with Veronica. That being said, I do think it is possible to be in love with someone yet retain some of the natural best-friend brother-sister quality that is part of the process when falling in love. I am no expert on falling in love but I do feel that Nora is my best friend and was long before I ever fell in love with her. I think Weevil and Veronica started out as enemies, or “frenemies” I think is the term I read in some teenybopper magazine.

Somewhere down the line Veronica became Weevil’s homegirl, somebody he could rely on in the street and definitely someone he thought about sexually. I’m not trying to sound like a perv there but I mean come on. Getting bailed out of jail by a girl from your high school is one thing, but Kristen coming to bail you out? You know she had to give him a ride home too, like was my motorcycle at the valet? I was probably tired, emotionally vulnerable, then this beautiful girl comes and bails me out and just drops me off? And this happens a bunch of times? I’m surprised we got through 3 seasons without Weevil breaking down and begging for just one night.

Could have happened, if not for Jason.

Just being honest.


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- Francis Capra, when asked about what kind of relationship Eli and Veronica had in Veronica Mars



day twenty-two » favourite Weevil moments » (107, 102, 121, 311, 303, 221, 208, 313, 201)

moment I would’ve included if it weren’t all background talk:

“Hello! Is anyone back there? Hi. I need to talk to someone about the noise level in my neighbourhood which is truly out of control. I mean, ya got motorcycle gangs, gun shots, heavy metal music; it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even sleep at night! I’ll bet if my zip code ended in 0909, you’d have a patrol car swinging by the house every ten minutes: "Good evening, Mr. Weevil, is there anything we can do for you?” That kind of service. But no, it’s the bario. So you figure, hey, they’ll sort it out themselves. And don’t get me started on what this doing to the property values in my neighbourhood! I have a good mind to run for the city council, and if I win I’ll promise you this: Heads. Will. Roll. I’m wondering if I’m better off speaking with your supervisor. […] You leave the sheriff a note. He shouldn’t expect Eli Navarro’s esquires vote this year.“ *he dings the bell* 


Myers Briggs Meme: Eli (Weevil) Navarro - ISTPThe Mechanic 

Have an adventuresome spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and are usually fearless. ISTPs are fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make their own decisions about their next step. They do not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit their ability to “do their own thing”. Although they do not respect the rules of the “System”, they follow their own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. They will not take part in something which violates their personal laws.