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They had left you, a while ago you had found a motel you slept in where the food was horrible, and you were pretty sure the sheets hadn’t been washed since 1980. He left you, in some small town in Germany in 1993. You had walked around the town, and it seemed pretty quiet. When you heard a loud noisy noise that you would recognize everywhere. You turn around and there it was the blue box. The door opened, and the Doctor jumped out. You wrap your arms around his neck, and kiss your boyfriend. Then you slap him in his face. “Ouch!” he exclaimed. “What was that for?” while he was rubbing the red mark on his face. “two weeks idiot.” you said, his eyes widen. “two?” he asks. You nod. “I’m sorry (y/n)” he said, you then walk into the TARDIS, he didn’t follow. While Amy, and Rory where about to walk out. “Hey (y/n) where you going?” Rory asked, “TWO WEEKS, WILLIAMS.” you yelled. You stormed to your room. “What is that about?” Amy asks. You stayed the whole day in the TARDIS while the rest was out walking in Germany. But, you had already fixed that problem. Just a small issue with a silurian woman. But, you handled it better than you expected. She didn’t appreciate being forgotten by her boyfriend on their anniversary, which I could relate to we had some tea. She explained her anger, I made them make up.

The doctor let you cool off. But, when it was time to go to bed. You were waiting for him to come. Although you were pretty sure he never slept. He would always lay next to you until you fell asleep, and some times when you woke up he would be staring at you. He knocked on the bedroom door. While you were brushing your teeth. “You still angry?” he asks. You glare at him through the mirror. “So yes.” he said, you spit out your tooth paste, wash your mouth, and walk to the bed, and pull the blanket half off. So, you could sit down. “How much do you hate me right now?” He asks. He stood beside the bed. You pull onto his arm so he is forced to sit down on the bed. You start kissing him. He wasn’t wearing his jacket, and you started untying his bow tie. As you held his bow tie, you ran out of the room. You ran as fast as you can to the other side of the TARDIS with the doctor on your tail. He hates it when his bow tie is taken away from him. Amy tried to burn it many times. Together with the fez. While you always thought it was cute. This was one way to annoy him. The doctor was yelling your name while running as fast as he can. Rory, and Amy come out of their room to see what is going on. “What is bloody happening?” Amy asked. “She has the bow tie.” the doctor yelled.  While you run to the control room. The doctor, and you kept running around the control panel. You both stopped running, and you both stood opposite of each other. Amy, and Rory watching the both of you. “Give the bow tie.” the doctor said threatening. You stick out your tongue. “No” you said teasingly. You step closer to the TARDIS door. “(y/n) don’t you dare.” he said, Amy looked all excited, and Rory was just amused. “Get rid of it.” Amy said, you open the door, you feel two arms around you. Pulling you away from the door. He then snatched the bow tie. “Don’t ever touch the tie!” He yelled while you giggle. “Now” he said, he slided his arms around your waist, and pulled you close, and kissed you. “Get a room.” Rory teased, “I think it is cute.” Amy said, you stopped the kissing first. You still snatched the bow tie out of his hand and hid it behind your back, and you ran back to your room. The doctor laughed, and followed you.


Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there, lighter blue. And blowing through the blueness and the blackness, the wind swirling through the air and then, shining, burning, bursting through, the stars. Can you see how they roar their light? Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.