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Moffat Era Rewatch: The Girl Who Waited

The Doctor and Rory race to save Amy, but arrive a little too late… 

Warning: Spoilers Sweetie

  • Powered by a great script by Tom MacRae and a tour de force performance from Karen Gillan, this is my second favourite episode of the season, after ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ and almost certain in my top ten of NuWho episodes. 
  • Rory’s in plaid again proving that dead men do indeed wear plaid. 
  • The Doctor’s loathing of Twitter has only become more understandable post-Trump. 
  • I’ve seen Amy get a lot of flack for not asking which button to push, but who amongst us hasn’t pushed the wrong button without thinking?
  • “Good question. Bit sinister. What’s the answer to not get us killed?”
  • This was the first episode directed by Nick Hurran, who would go on to direct ‘The God Complex’, ’Asylum of the Daleks’, ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ and ‘The Day of the Doctor’. He also directed a couple episodes of Sherlock.
  • “Small act of vandalism. No one’ll mind. Ah, that’ll be the small act of vandalism alarm.”
  • “Glasses are cool.”
  • Clom has a Disneyland. Clom!  
  • Amy Pond 1 - 0 Handbots  
  • Pity the gardener who had to trim those hedges. 
  • Amy Pond 2 - 0 Handbots 
  • “Bit of alien.” How does he know that it’s alien? Has Rory never seen any contemporary art? Almost all of it is out of this world.  
  • Amy Pond 3 - 0 Handbots
  • I’m not usually a fan of aging makeup because majority of the time it is really bad and unconvincing, but this is not one of those times.
  • Can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the majesty that is Amelia Jessica Pond? She’s alone and trapped in an alien hospital that is trying to kill her every second she is there with nothing more than her phone for 36 years and not only does she survive, she thrives. She becomes this samurai wielding tech genius who builds sonic probes and reprograms computers to do her bidding. She is simply amazing. 
  • “Hey, I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t grow old together.” *Shipper awwwwing*
  • Hello, Robot Rory. 
  • Amy fiddling with the lipstick is a nice little moment.  
  • I like how Moffat era companions, the Ponds specifically, were allowed many opportunities to be legitimately pissed off at the Doctor. He pretty much fucked up Amy and Rory’s entire lives and they had every right to be angry with him. 
  • Amy Pond 4 - 0 Handbots
  • “You being here is wrong. For a single day, an hour, let alone a lifetime.” 
  • I wish we’d got to see Rory with that ridiculous haircut. 
  • “Then there’s other people, and you meet them and think, not bad, they’re okay. And then you get to know them, and their face just sort of becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.” *Shipper incomprehensible sobbing*
  • “I am going to pull time apart for you.” *Shipper complete inability to function*
  • I think Robot Rory ships it. 
  • “Yes. It could do it.” Rule 1.
  • “It’s hardly rocket science. It’s just quantum physics.”
  • Might just be the first time the day has been saved by someone doing the Macarena.
  • I would not have wanted to play hockey against Amy. She is brutal.  
  • What’s better than one Amy Pond kicking robot ass? Two Amy Ponds kicking robot ass. 
  • Amy Pond 5 - 0 Handbots
  • First time the Mona Lisa has been used as a deadly weapon. 
  • There he is. There’s the bastard who didn’t mind bashing in caveman brains. 
  • “”I love you.” “I love you, too. Don’t let me in. Tell Amy, your Amy, I’m giving her the days. The days with you. The days to come.” *Shipper epic sobbing*
  • Amy Pond 5 - 1 Handbots *sniff*
  • “Where is she?” Have to say I greatly prefer Time Lord guilt to Time Lord angst.  

 Next Time: The God Complex