as a bird, walking -
when it would otherwise wish to fly

are we, when legislators regulate
our free psychological access

to the myriad wonders in the sky.

ground-bound, our consciousness
& health grinds to an alcoholic halt

imbued by the stealthy, dispiriting effect
of too much grain or malt;

forced in some united states of being
to forage around underground, agreeing

to assay a molecular mix or native herb
for potentiation of elevation, unperturbed

by loutish laws spawned by illegal clout
sub-moral at the least, since safety’s been ruled out

and sin’s grandfathered in to a methodology
increasingly desired by our neurobiology.

Ayahuasca’s lure, unabashed & undemure
Modafinil, Provagil & the like energize, to be sure,

some Appalachians are still dyiing in the fight
to consume corn distillate as their native right;

it all flies in the face of Federal confiscation
grabbing power & profits through mis-legislation;

as prohibition’s naive foray into control over minds
was doomed to flounder, gross encounters of the worst kind.

unite & continue the good fight to live unbounded
against any & all of those who would yet deny;

those who would have us remain grounded
as a bird, walking - who otherwise wishes to fly.
8/16 - lebuc - as a bird, walking