Val D'Ultimo in South Tyrol, Italy

More than 150 years ago this house was built on ground-level. In 1882, a rogue flood caused by a near stream swept away the surroundings, but the cabin has withstood the flood. Surprisingly a giant rock appeared under the cabin, which saved the house and its residents from being swept away.

Submitted by Stefan Mahlknecht / @stefan_mahl

Near the Bridger Mountains Range outside of Bozeman, Montana

Submitted by Rachel Dunlap / @rachelvdunlap

We kidnapped our good friend, blindfolded her before arriving and held her hostage for a night at this lovely treehouse in the woods to celebrate her birthday. I’m fairly certain that our host was convinced that we were going to murder our unwitting captor. AirBnB gem and memorable stay!

homofluid  asked:

What would say would be elevated/well-developed traits of Libra?

An elevated libra is
•decisive(able to take time to rationalize and view an action from all angles while also being able to sympathize and emote the situation and ultimately for better or worse come to a complete decision)

•doesn’t attribute relationships or interacting with others to their own self worth. Hence have a strongly developed sense of self.

•are assertive in a completely honest and respectable way. (Can get there point across without hurting others or violence)

•charming and radiant both spiritually and mentally.

•their people pleasing tendencies always stick but they do gain the ability to see through those that take advantage of their amiable nature

•strong willed and outspoken!

•romantic and dreamy!

•diplomatic and an intellectual.( their minds run on a high frequency and their capable of reading situations and people almost instantly using the vast knowledge of human nature they’ve stored through interactions)

•nurturing and supportive(to their lovers and those they care about! And due to the nature of venus this also includes strangers and the environment)


•fast moving and adventures! They love to travel and enjoy the world around them! They’re sensual beings after all and enjoy feeling and resonating with all of their surroundings

•sexually aware!( libra often in their early years are very passive sexually and don’t really have a definitive step in what they desire sexually! Libras especially the mars truly do get off on their partner getting off. But that being said they sometimes don’t know “what’s next” when it comes down to it. But once elevated they in a sense become very direct and even demanding in a sensual aspect similarly to Taurus! They love intimacy and touch and usually grow to be quite touchy feely and “roman” so to speak in the bedroom!