Elephant Six

i love teenage girls who love elephant 6. i love teenage girls who love built to spill, animal collective, pavement. i love teenage girls who love music in which the community is dominated by mid-30s men. i love how nonjudgemental they are when you’re new to the music, don’t know a song, don’t have every single  album on limited-press vinyl, aren’t good at remembering names, can’t play an instrument. i love teenage girls who experiment with music when there’s a world of criticism waiting out there for us. it makes me hopeful for the future of the music we love and makes me not want to give up on learning new things about music. we have so much power. i love us. 


The Music Tapes NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Julian Koster and co. play a Christmas themed set. Julian is simply one of the best storytellers ever, always filled with wonder and joy. For such a shy guy, his music really fills the room with an air of magic. 26 minutes long.


  1. [banter]
  2. The First Noel
  3. Freeing Song for Reindeer
  4. [banter] 
  5. Jesus Blood
  6. Takeshi and Elijah (!!!!)
  7. Zat You, Santa Clause?


Olivia Tremor Control

of Montreal



The Minders

Dressy Bessy

Aden (a little Chicago love)

True Love Always

The Ladybug Transistor

Neutral Milk Hotel

wolfie (a little more Chicago love)

junior varsity!!!!!


Packing for the move into our new house I found this amazing treasure from the Athens Summer Music Extravaganza. I’m guessing it was the summer of 1997. I was living in Atlanta at the time and Athens, GA was a godsend. 

It’s basically an explosion of Elephant 6… Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, (early) of Montreal!

Of course my pop faves Bunnygrunt, Dressy Bessy and Tullycraft played. 

This is how I spent the 90s. I missed grunge and flannel shirts and carried 45s in a box at shows like this. 

Six Times
The Ladybug Transistor
Six Times

The Ladybug Transistor are an indie pop group from Brooklyn, NY. Most commonly associated with Elephant Six, they sound like you’d expect from E6 - 60s Beach Boys nostalgia indie pop. On The Albemarle Sound (1999), they show off their songwriting skills at their best, mixed in with instrumental pop interludes. Fun when you’re in the mood and your Pet Sounds record has worn dull.

The rest of their material is spotty, and only essential for dedicated E6 fans.