For #scififriday let’s explore another side of a famous author. When you hear the name “H.G. Wells” what comes to mind? Most likely science fiction, right? But did you know though that Wells also dabbled in children’s literature? The Adventures of Tommy, published in 1929, is a witty account of a rich man who falls of a cliff into the ocean. A boy named Tommy, fishing for sharks, saves him. The man offers Tommy $1000, but the boy declines because his mother warned him to never take money from strangers. On the hunt for a perfect thank you gift, the man finally decides on an elephant, which he proceeds to ship to Tommy on a train, and upon arrival the elephant is named Augustus.

And all that Tommy did with Augustus and all the Augustus did with Tommy will perhaps be written some day in another book.

Unfortunately, we never hear from Augustus and Tommy again. What’s interesting about The Adventures of Tommy is the pages opposite the text feature Wells’ original manuscript and drawings. Wells actually decided to write the book for this friend’s daughter while he was ill and bedridden.

A baby elephant at Boras Zoo in Sweden chases birds, falls on his front and runs to his mom!

Play is an important part of many species’ childhood. It teaches them basic skills important for later survival like agility, hunting, and sparring while in the relative safety of friends or relatives. This baby elephant definitely got out of his comfort zone by reaching out to another species!