Been forever since I’ve drawn my lovely lady Harmony. Wanted to sketch some design tweaks due to some beautiful commissions I’ve gotten of her. I’m much happier with her look now, but I’ll probably still be doing little tweaks here and there over time. For anyone who doesn’t know who this is, she is a ponification of the Tree of Harmony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 

More descriptions of each drawing in this image can be found on my DA page:


Rainbow: I’ll go with ya, just in case.

Discord: Just don’t try to eavesdrope, or you won’t get any cupcakes!

Fluttershy: Uhm, I’d like to go too… if that’s ok.

Discord: Wonderful! Anypony else want to join us? The more the better!

Applejack: Actually, a cupcake don’t sound so bad right now!

Discord: Go check on a dictionary the word “sarcasm”.

I apologize deeply for the lack of updates on The Elements of Discord, but the truth of the matter is simply that I’m stuck. (Well, and paid work is taking up quite a lot of my time too) One day I’ll return to it.

In the meantime have a little Sour and Gloomy. I don’t know if they actually knew each other as children (probably not), but the picture simply happened and who knows…if Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can have known each other as kids and ended up being element bearers, why not these two? Oh well, we’ll see.

Enduring the Rule of Estrosia.

Tip: Friendship is a science. 

Rainbow Crash Notes:

Entry 6: Efforts to continue the experiment has proved much more dangerous than originally hypothesised. Individual test subjects are proving too dangerous to keep in check… Due of the blind nature of this experiment, it has become impossible to keep my findings a secret. I must go to the princess for her assistance. 

“Stop squirming, this is for science!” “But I don’t like science! Or animals!” ———-

After yesterday’s picture I just felt compelled to draw the rest of the EoD as fillies. These two for sure never met as kids, but it was just too much fun to draw.

Also I’ve been thinking about Midnight Glow’s element and have decided to change it: She’s now the Element of Force. That’s two ways - a) as in, she forces others to work with/for her - and b) force as in force of nature, natural force, which I think is a fitting counterpart to “the unnatural” magic. She does use magic herself, but her spells are mostly nature based (lightning, tornadoes etc.). And she still hates Zebras cause they too work such wonders, but without apparent magic (jealous maybe?).

And the last two, Brazen Spite and Ignobility. They too are only in this picture together cause I thought it would be fun, cause “canonically” they never met prior to the EoD storyline.

Ignobility’s family is pretty poor which is part of the reason she became the Element of Greed. Here she’s hastily gobbled down an apple and gets made fun of by Brazen because of it.