Joan brought her grilled cheese sandwich to the table and sat next to Sherlock.

He had sat, quietly tinkering with the assorted pieces of a sextant, stealing glances in her direction as she prepared her meal. Something was wrong - her choice of comfort food and the silent, sullen demeanor confirmed it. He looked up at her but said nothing.

Joan caught his look as she bit into the sandwich. She chewed some of the crunchy gooey piece before speaking, “What? … You want a bite?”

Mooching had not been his intent but since she offered, he leaned forward and took a big bite out of the triangle. Sherlock chewed, nodded his thanks and returned to the mechanism before him. Watson would talk when she was ready.

She brought the sandwich to her lips and continuing where he had left off crunched another mouthful. Joan stared at her plate.  "Sometimes I just really wish people would mind their own business, you know.“

Sherlock glanced at her; unsure as to whether her comment needed response, he waited.

"I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister yesterday and then with Emily today …” she stopped talking to the plate and looked at him, unsure whether to continue. She sighed, and wiped the crumbs from her hands. “Does anyone ever pester you about our relationship?”

His eyebrows shot up, “No. It’s none of their business.”

“Apparently, they think it is their business. With the excuse that they’re worried about me, they bombarded me with questions about you, about how physically and emotionally close we are or aren’t, gave me their unsolicited opinions on platonic love, romance and…. and Emily especially demanded I stop all this nonsense and go find the love of my life, settle down and pop out babies so I could be happy…. ” Her voice had gotten louder and her speech faster as she went on.

Sherlock looked distressed. “I’m sorry. I will be most glad to set them straight, if you like.”

“No need, but thanks anyway.” Glad to have it out of her system, calmness settled over her.

“I did have Detective Bell once ask me  if you were available.” He scrunched his face at her before continuing. “I told him "Back off Bell, the babe’s all mine.” He twisted his mouth into a menacing snarl.

“You are such an idiot.” Joan laughed and pushed the rest of her sandwich into his waiting mouth.

Sherlock, happy that her mood had brightened, chewed, swallowed and reached for her hand, “Come with me…. I have some thing to show you.” He led her towards his bedroom.

“It’s not asps again, is it?”

“Not exactly.” He shut the door behind them.

light and fire

by disheveledcurls

Weird-ass detective BFFs, bees, crime-solving, villains and nemeses… and a relationship predicated on one Holmes, one Watson (and a pet turtle.) New York remains –fondly– unimpressed.

(An assortment of vignettes following Joan and Sherlock throughout the seasons, in no particular order. Mostly canon-compliant.)

Words: 7085, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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