What Is The Universe’s Third Most Common Element?

“But there’s one killer move that stars have that makes carbon a loser in the cosmic equation: when a star is massive enough to initiate carbon fusion – a requirement for generating a type II supernova – the process that turns carbon into oxygen goes almost to full completion, creating significantly more oxygen than carbon by time the star is ready to explode.”

When the Universe was first born, all we had was hydrogen and helium, with a trace amount of lithium and absolutely nothing else. 13.8 billion years later, hydrogen is still #1 in the Universe and helium is still #2, but lithium isn’t close to #3 anymore: more than two dozen elements have passed it. The key? Stars! Over billions of years, nuclear fusion in the cores of stars have built up all the naturally occurring elements we know of in the periodic table. You might think that since three heliums can fuse together to make carbon, that would be the third most common element in the Universe. And it’s close: carbon comes in at #4. But another element has it beat.

So who’s number 3, and how did it get to be that way? It’s oxygen! Find out why today.


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  • REPRESENTS: Strength, abundance, stability, wealth prosperity, responsibility, the physical body and your health.
  • SYMBOLS: Rocks, fields, soil, forests, salt, dirt, trees, caves and clay.
  • SEASON: Winter
  • TIME: Night
  • SENSE: Touch
  • ZODIACS: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • COLOURS: Black, greens, reds, yellows and browns.
  • STONES: Crystal, emerald, onyx, jasper, azurite, amethyst and quartz.
  • HERBS: Ivy, grain, moss and roots
  • ANIMALS: Dogs, cows, bulls, horses, ants, worms, bears and wolves.
  • ELEMENTALS: Gnomes, elves, dwarves, brownies and leprechauns.
  • PLANETS: Earth and Earths moon
  • CHAKRA: Root
  • MAGICK WORK: Gardening, stone divination, working with crystals, knot-binding, money spells, grounding, and runes.
  • RITUALS: burying things, clay work, planting trees/herbs/flowers/plants, hiking and spending time with nature in general.
  • EARTH PERSONALITIES: Are usually the most trustful, determined, loyal, responsible and giving people you could ever hope to meet. When they are balanced and in touch with their element of the Earth they are honest, open-minded, trustworthy and they always keep their promises. They’re the kind of people that like things to go according to plan; they hate when things suddenly change on them but, can adapt very easily with little effort. They are kind and strong individuals who are there to pick up people when and if they fall down. On the other hand, when Earth personalities are not in balance with themselves, they can be very different people. They can be selfish, insincere, insecure and often participate in self-destructive behaviors. They tend to ignore other people’s opinions and stick to a very narrow and close-minded way of thinking. For Earth personalities to reconnect, they only have to spend time in nature.
Ruled by Two Elements

When your chart is dominated by two elements equally it can create a very unique balance. Some with a dominant element different from the element of their Sun Sign may find this applicable as well.

Fire and Earth:
Keywords: tenacious, strong, creative, insensitive, prideful, controlling

Fire and Earth are in many ways opposites: Fire is bold, passionate, impulsive and childlike while Earth is reserved, practical, measured and cold. When they come together in one’s chart, they can be a bit of a wild card. This individual can be practical yet impractical, impulsive yet controlled, reliable yet volatile. These individuals are very strong, they go after what they want and they always get it with their powerful mix of Fire’s creativity and passion and Earth’s determination and sensibility. On the other hand, they can also be inconsiderate of the needs of others, cold if not cruel, and highly controlling.

Fire and Air:
Keywords: visionary, optimistic, communicative, social, warm, open

Fire and Air are compatible elements so they join smoothly. Air brings logic, objectivity and tolerance while Fire brings emotion, passion and idealism. When they come together in one’s chart, the native is very social and warm. They are the type who can make friends with anyone, they are so open. They also tend to be restless and unable to focus on one thing at a time. The bold energy from Fire and Air mix to make an individual who can easily be swept up in unrealistic ideas.

Fire and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, emotive, sensitive, warm, creative, disorderly, volatile

Fire and Water come together to form a very unique individual, highly in touch with their emotions and needs. Fire brings instinct and Water intuition allowing an individual ruled by both to understand themselves and subsequently others more so than most. These individuals are either very sensitive and can be easily swayed by those around them yet also bold, blunt, and inconsiderate. They tend to be completely swept away by their own emotions, acting erratically and even hysterically at times. It’s all too easy for them to focus solely on themselves and their emotions, often they are inconsiderate due to this.

Earth and Air:
Keywords: logical, efficient, objective, practical, cold, detached

Earth and Air work together harmoniously in one’s chart. When ruled by these two elements, an individual can find the perfect balance between realism and idealism. They are visionary and creative and possess the tenacity and common sense to follow through and make their ideas a reality. They possess a powerful imagination but are grounded enough to never be swept away. On the other hand, they can be dangerously cynical, cold and inconsiderate of others.

Earth and Water:
Keywords: empathetic, grounded, intuitive, practical, logical, detached

Earth and Water work together easily as compatible elements. In ways they are very different, Earth solid and practical and Water free and emotive. When these two elements rule an individual’s chart, they are both logical and emotional, realistic and idealistic, distant and sympathetic. They find balance between their deep emotions and their strong sense of reality, never letting one get in the way of the other. They have a special talent for rolling with life’s punches and even making obstacles work in their favor. They can easily become distant and detached and are prone to pride.

Air and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, idealistic, communicative, humanitarian, impractical

Air and Water have many conflicting characteristics but they come together in positive ways. Individuals ruled by these two elements are highly compassionate and interested in the needs of others but they can also be extremely distant and even cold. Air’s objectivity and Water’s sensitivity fluctuate, at times very dramatically. They are very logical and analytical but always sympathetic. Their reasoning always has a very human edge. They can be highly impractical, unrealistic and cold.

Elemental Balance: Fire ☆  Earth  ☆  Air  ☆  Water 

I’m not sure about everyone. But I feel, when we witches get hurt; have our hearts broken, we resort to the most benevolent of magic, which is healing.

We shed our tears, hoping that the water will carry away our sadness. As the old saying goes that all things return, like every salty tear returns to the sea.

We whisper our words, in the darkness, next to a burning candle flame, to help burn our sorrows away.  

We call to the winds, look into the heavens wide, and pray that our despair gets lifted.

And we touch the Earth, our gentle Mother, asking her fervently to heal us.
—  A.V.