So a few people said on my previous post (about the Desert Glass) that Lapis and the Desert Glass had something in common. They’re element controllers. (For now, we’ll just call them Elemental Gems.)

So far we’ve really only seen two Elemental Gems, and both are in similar situations:

They were both imprisoned in an object of some sort, presumably for their usefulness as a tool. Lapis was trapped in a mirror and used for seeing the past. The Desert Glass was trapped in a pillow, however it’s function is unclear, but it is likely that it was used for mass construction possibly for bases during the war.

The both, as far as we know, lack any type of weapon. To compensate for their lack of weapons, they have immense control over elements they appear to be associated with. For example, the Desert Glass

when on the sand, it quickly erected towers and stairs with ease, moving massive portions of sand and rock. That was while it was STILL CONTAINED, meaning it could potentially move mountains with a flick of the wrist when free.

BUT when separated from its element, like in this picture

it had no power whatsoever.

And with Lapis Lazuli, she was able to control water even when bound,

and once freed, was able to raise this giant hand of water without even lifting a finger.

And when she actually did put effort into her actions…


The basic premise of this post is to tell y’all that Elemental Gems are really scary and I hope that we’ll see more of them soon. The Hiatus is almost over.

That’s all for now.

  • Aries:As a cardinal sign they always get their way, but as the Sheep archetype they are friendly.
  • Taurus:As an earth sign they are very hard-working, but as a Venus-ruled sign they can often be lazy.
  • Gemini:As an air sign they are intellectual, but as the Lover archetype they are fascinated by emotion.
  • Cancer:As the Mother archetype they are mature, but being associated with the 4th house they are childish.
  • Leo:As a sun-ruled sign they prioritise themselves, but as the King archetype they are generous.
  • Virgo:As a mutable sign they embrace change, but being associated with the 6th house they love routine.
  • Libra:As an air sign they are masculine, but as a Venus-ruled sign they are feminine.
  • Scorpio:As a fixed sign they dislike change, but being associated with the 8th house they embrace transformation.
  • Sagittarius:As the Guru archetype they are wise, but as a fire sign they are naive.
  • Capricorn:As an earth sign they are introverted, but being associated with the 10th house they are all about society.
  • Aquarius:As a fixed sign they dislike change, but being ruled by Uranus they move society forward.
  • Pisces:As a water sign they are emotionally intelligent, but being associated with the 12th house they are self-unaware.
Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Water people are very sensitive to their own feelings and to the feelings of others. They perceive life through their emotions. They are concerned with what feels right, with their hunches or impressions, rather than with what is practical or rational.  They use the emotions, not the intellect, to understand and to value. Water can raise people to the heights of bliss, but can bring them down to the depths of despair. 

Water people need close emotional relationships, and rarely have superficial affairs. They can be volatile. They are romantic, sentimental and affectionate. They can be very nurturing and very possessive with their family and spouse. They have fixed opinions. They communicate in non-verbal ways; emotionally, psychically, or through forms as art, dance, music, poetry and photography. Their beliefs are based on feelings rather than on reason, passion or practicality.

How To Easily Understand the Signs of The Zodiac

The signs are defined and represented by their ruling planet, element, mode, and the houses they’re associated with. It’s much simpler to comprehend what each of them stands for and means once you acknowledge this.

Ruling Planet: what the sign is made of
Element & Mode: how the sign operates
House: what the sign values

Sun: action, ego, self, being, will
Moon: reaction, emotion, receptivity, inner self
Mercury: thought, speech, mind power, perception
Venus: love, art, beauty, compassion, lust, glamour
Mars: anger, passion, sex drive, inspiration, courage
Jupiter: morals, luck, knowledge, learning, teaching
Saturn: inhibitions, obligations, boundaries, discipline
Uranus: discovery, progression, revolution, evolution
Neptune: fantasy, reality, illusion, rapture, vision
Pluto: power, transformation, regeneration

Fire: vital & intense
Earth: practical & stable
Air: social & intellectual
Water: intuitive & emotional

Cardinal: efficacious & self-starting
Fixed: focused & determined
Mutable: flexible & adaptable

First: identity, independence, personification
Second: security, accumulation, possession
Third: communication, learning, exploration
Fourth: family, home, roots, ancestry, the past
Fifth: creation, children, expression, legacy
Sixth: health, resilience, awareness, self-care
Seventh: partnerships, love, community
Eighth: privacy, controversy, transformation
Ninth: philosophy, expansion of the mind
Tenth: reputation, career, success, publicity
Eleventh: vision, friends, community, altruism
Twelfth: depth, subconscious, dreams

Mode: Cardinal
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
House: First

Mode: Fixed
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
House: Second

Mode: Mutable
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
House: Third

Mode: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
House: Fourth

Mode: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
House: Fifth

Mode: Mutable
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
House: Sixth

Mode: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
House: Seventh

Mode: Fixed
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto
House: Eighth

Mode: Mutable
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
House: Ninth

Mode: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
House: Tenth

Mode: Fixed
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus
House: Eleventh

Mode: Mutable
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune
House: Twelfth

Relationships: Pros and Cons
  • Fire + Fire:
  • Pros - passion and adventure
  • Cons - recklessness and impulsivity
  • Fire + Earth:
  • Pros - strenght meets steadiness
  • Cons - stubborness and frustration
  • Fire + Water:
  • Pros - passion meets emotion
  • Cons - ultrasensitive and resentful
  • Fire + Air:
  • Pros - action meets theory
  • Cons - instability and too much optimism
  • Earth + Earth:
  • Pros - stable and sensual
  • Cons - predictable and conservative
  • Earth + Water:
  • Pros - security meets sensitivity
  • Cons - one-sided and dependency
  • Earth + Air:
  • Pros - practicality meets theory
  • Cons - unemotional and distant
  • Water + Water:
  • Pros - emotional and deep
  • Cons - unpractical and toxic
  • Water + Air:
  • Pros - feeling meets thinking
  • Cons - unbalanced and confusing
  • Air + Air:
  • Pros - idealistic and communicative
  • Cons - uncommitted and all talk, no action
how each element would cuddle
  • fire:pretty sensual and spontaneous cuddles that makes you giggle and have fun at the same time
  • earth:bear-like and warm cuddles that will make you relax and sleep in each other's arms
  • air:quite tight and spaceless cuddles but you know they will hold and protect you
  • water:probably the best and most comfortable cuddles that you want to melt in forever
Aries, Leo & Sagi

Fiery people have high spirits, great self-confidence, enthusiasm, and direct honesty and openness. They project a radiant, vitalising energy that glows warmly. They need a good deal of freedom to express themselves so they can insist on their own point of view. They are consumed - even entranced - by whatever they do. They are motivated by excitement, insight and intuition. That is, they get an idea which captivates them. They do not consider rational or logical thinking or practical feasibility, because the idea comes to them fully formed and full of power. While the idea may grow over a period of time, it does not grow logically but grows intuitively. For this reason, sometimes fiery people do not know why they must do what they must do!

Not surprisingly, fire people are assertiveindividualisticactiveself-expressiveand freedom loving. Fire sign energies can stimulate others, but they can also overpower and exhaust them. Good natured and fun-loving, they may have many friends. They are generous with their time, energy, and resources. They value having a good time above material possessions. They are generous but can be egoistic. Fiery people may believe so strongly in their own powers and abilities that they fail to notice the powers and abilities of others. This may mean that they do not give others the credit they deserve, or it may be that they underestimate their opponents. They believe that “If you want a job done well, then do it yourself”. However, they belong to a group that is the most daring and capable inspiring natural leaders. They lead from the front. In war or business, they are out in the front leading the way. They are independent and individualistic leaders, rarely consulting others before they act. In fact, they may not even think things through to themselves, because their mode of thought is intuitive – the decision comes fully formed, so they may not know why it arose. They are always “on stage” and need to be recognised and admired for their attainment and accomplishments. They consider being appreciated more important than being rich. Nothing hurts them more than being ignored. The fire sign sense of honesty is straightforward and often child-like. They believe everyone is like themselves an open book. This may lead them to be gullible and naïve, or to others exploiting their openness.

Ruled by Two Elements

When your chart is dominated by two elements equally it can create a very unique balance. Some with a dominant element different from the element of their Sun Sign may find this applicable as well.

Fire and Earth:
Keywords: tenacious, strong, creative, insensitive, prideful, controlling

Fire and Earth are in many ways opposites: Fire is bold, passionate, impulsive and childlike while Earth is reserved, practical, measured and cold. When they come together in one’s chart, they can be a bit of a wild card. This individual can be practical yet impractical, impulsive yet controlled, reliable yet volatile. These individuals are very strong, they go after what they want and they always get it with their powerful mix of Fire’s creativity and passion and Earth’s determination and sensibility. On the other hand, they can also be inconsiderate of the needs of others, cold if not cruel, and highly controlling.

Fire and Air:
Keywords: visionary, optimistic, communicative, social, warm, open

Fire and Air are compatible elements so they join smoothly. Air brings logic, objectivity and tolerance while Fire brings emotion, passion and idealism. When they come together in one’s chart, the native is very social and warm. They are the type who can make friends with anyone, they are so open. They also tend to be restless and unable to focus on one thing at a time. The bold energy from Fire and Air mix to make an individual who can easily be swept up in unrealistic ideas.

Fire and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, emotive, sensitive, warm, creative, disorderly, volatile

Fire and Water come together to form a very unique individual, highly in touch with their emotions and needs. Fire brings instinct and Water intuition allowing an individual ruled by both to understand themselves and subsequently others more so than most. These individuals are either very sensitive and can be easily swayed by those around them yet also bold, blunt, and inconsiderate. They tend to be completely swept away by their own emotions, acting erratically and even hysterically at times. It’s all too easy for them to focus solely on themselves and their emotions, often they are inconsiderate due to this.

Earth and Air:
Keywords: logical, efficient, objective, practical, cold, detached

Earth and Air work together harmoniously in one’s chart. When ruled by these two elements, an individual can find the perfect balance between realism and idealism. They are visionary and creative and possess the tenacity and common sense to follow through and make their ideas a reality. They possess a powerful imagination but are grounded enough to never be swept away. On the other hand, they can be dangerously cynical, cold and inconsiderate of others.

Earth and Water:
Keywords: empathetic, grounded, intuitive, practical, logical, detached

Earth and Water work together easily as compatible elements. In ways they are very different, Earth solid and practical and Water free and emotive. When these two elements rule an individual’s chart, they are both logical and emotional, realistic and idealistic, distant and sympathetic. They find balance between their deep emotions and their strong sense of reality, never letting one get in the way of the other. They have a special talent for rolling with life’s punches and even making obstacles work in their favor. They can easily become distant and detached and are prone to pride.

Air and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, idealistic, communicative, humanitarian, impractical

Air and Water have many conflicting characteristics but they come together in positive ways. Individuals ruled by these two elements are highly compassionate and interested in the needs of others but they can also be extremely distant and even cold. Air’s objectivity and Water’s sensitivity fluctuate, at times very dramatically. They are very logical and analytical but always sympathetic. Their reasoning always has a very human edge. They can be highly impractical, unrealistic and cold.

Elemental Balance: Fire ☆  Earth  ☆  Air  ☆  Water 

Gemini, Libra & Aqua

Air people are concerned with thought, ideas and intellect. They are detached and objective. They can be versatile and agile in communications. But they might not accomplish their promises or goals unless they are grounded in earth.  They are the theory people in the “theory versus practice” debate. Nonetheless, while the air people are less practical than those of the earth, they are more practical and objective than the other two signs. However, they can become dreamers, thinking and planning, but not applying. Air people are reflective and think things through logically before they implement their ideas. They can be procrastinators, but they rarely make mistakes through lack of thought. They tend not to be emotional, but they are fair minded and consider other’s viewpoints. They are group rather than person oriented. They love humanity, but are not that close to individuals. They have varied interests and could become perpetual students.