Slow Magic and Giraffage are just dancing circles around each other with their remix swapping, and now with each other, on a new original, and it’s really quite adorable. So much so, that they’ve named their tour the So Cute! Tour and titled their new collaborative track Too Cute. Too Cute is everything we’d expect from a union of San Francisco’s Giraffage and enigmatic, masked Slow Magic. Before you catch them on their extensive tour together this fall and winter, levitate to the heavens on the rising chill trap bubbles and rippling future bass waves of Too Cute. Download the track for free, here.

Disarm You, featuring Ilsey, is one of several incredible tracks Kaskade has been revealing off his AUTOMATIC album, out next month. But guess who’s remixed the already magnificent tune and transformed it into the most majestic, cinematic, and moving experience, ever? Denver’s ILLENIUM, that’s who! And we all know what to expect when an ILLENIUM track comes our way… the most spectacular melodic dubstep, charged to the fullest with intense emotion. ILLENIUM’s remix of Disarm You tugs at every thread of every heart string. There’s nothing left to disarm after. Snag the track for free, here.

Shadow Rush
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TITLE: Shadow Rush

ARTIST: F-Meister

While looking for Shadow the Hedgehog remixes, I also found this little gem. Like I may have mentioned, there is not a lot of remixes for Shadow the Hedgehog level music.

This is a darker, techno/electronic version “The ARK” from Shadow the Hedgehog. You won’t find any DJ’s saying “Back to the mic” here, though you might hear Maria’s voice instead if you listen close enough. Any record scratching sounds have been replaced with a subtle injection of rock guitar. Really, this remix is a bit more fitting for Shadow. Makes me glad I found it, because now I can share it with everyone.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.