So there's a lot of mixed opinions about the new album...

I personally love it and think that HU have really proved themselves. But I want to know exactly who loves it and who doesn’t.

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The new neon shudder EP “hex phase" is now out!

You can download it for free here or pay-what-you-want.  If you want to download it free, just put in 0.00 and you can download right away.

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This 5 track EP calls back to the earlier “” EP I debuted with and has a very 80s cyberpunk sound to it. I think a lot of you will dig this.

Special thanks to cryoclaire for the amazing EP art accompanying this release. If you somehow haven’t checked out her material go here, or read her comic here!

Gallant // Open Up

While his debut Zebra EP set Gallant aside as more than just another name floating around soundcloud, it’s been a little over a year since the upcoming LA based singer has made a sound. 

Luckily, that silence ended earlier this week as Gallant dropped his latest single, “Open Up”, and after going back to it multiple times, my initial reaction of “wow” still hasn’t subsided. Instead of revisiting the same path that he cut out on his debut, “Open Up” takes a walk in a new direction that builds upon everything Zebra in just about every way.  The production is dark and twisted but with Gallant’s smooth and powerful Maxwell esque vocals, listeners will quickly discover that the track is held together by something undeniably gorgeous and passionate. 

Gallant made one hell of an impression the first time around and with more new material due out this summer, his name may soon become synonymous when talking about R&B in general. 

Author: Jon

Soulful crooner Wayne Snow offers up his heavenly vocals on Parisian producer Darius’ new sultry track, Helios. The mellow but stirring tune is a slick future soul and R&B swooner. Helios’ textured production literally sparkles and dazzles, while Wayne Snow will melt listeners into little helpless puddles. The song is the title track from Darius’ forthcoming EP, out April 20th on Roche Musique.

This would be the second feature of the day in which STiNT is involved, so the producer is on a great roll. He offers up a lusciously sensual and resplendent remix of singer songwriter Niia’s Body. The end result is a gorgeous jam with an elegant groove and satiny flush. The edit flows flawless and smooth, like a Sade, Jessie Ware, and Shura fusion.