RIP Charanjit Singh

Just heard news that Indian musician who (accidentally) invented Acid House has passed away, five years before the genre was believed to have started.

From The Wire - India:

Charanjit Singh, the man credited with the invention – albeit not intentionally – of acid house music, passed away in Mumbai in the early hours of Sunday. Friends of his said the 75-year-old guitarist and keyboardist had gone to sleep and did not wake up. His death shocked his close friends who said he had been preparing hard for a show in London and had plans to produce an album of Indian folk music.

Singh’s early experimentation led to unusual sounds that created a sensation when they were “discovered” by a new generation. As the Guardian said in a profile in 2011, “With this fame though has come a level of notoriety – and uncertainty. Much has been made of the album’s astonishingly advanced sound palette, the high recording quality, and the unexpected use of a 303 on a record made in Mumbai so soon after the machine’s official release in Japan at the end of 1981. These factors, coupled with the original record’s astonishing rarity and extremely unlikely and enigmatic creator, have led many to believe the album was a hoax.”

But it wasn’t a hoax. Singh may not have intentionally set out to create a new sound, but he certainly had a good idea that he wanted to try something new.

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The world is Dario Rossi’s drum kit. When he plays, people crowd together to hear the magic this man makes on pots, pans, baking sheets: Everything we used to play when were were children in our mother’s kitchens.

We were innocent back then. And for a moment in time he transports us back to those days. For this 4th of July weekend, let’s lay our differences aside and just be kids again.  Happy 4th Of July!!


ナイスゴリラ!カナダのエレクトロニックアーティスト Maarten Bayliss が新曲'Controlled'のMVを公開

HUMANSの"Noontide (The Remixes)“(NYP)にも参加した男! カナダ/バンクーバーを拠点に、The 80th ActionやWolf Thiefで活動するエレクトロニックアーティスト Maarten Baylissが、新曲'Controlled'のMVを公開!

BUMP IT [future bass/remix]

There’s nothing extra original about this track, it simply takes an already-existing style and makes it about 10x better. This future electronic remix of Flume’s hit original tune “Some Minds” is the dance song I’ve been wanting to be emitted from this song. The layers of synths along with the stutters make it sound as if there are many melodies at work. Lowself has released his second remix, and this flip definitely isn’t a flop.

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“Even while they teach, men learn,” kids.
-Seneca The Elder