New York electro band KOPPS return with a slamming new one named My Gold after staying silent for many a month this year. My Gold is a high energy romper, a noisy stomper, and a zestful groover. Viscous indie dance meets electrifying funk and infectious pop on the booming, fizzing jam, which is possibly my favorite KOPPS work, if not counting their guest stint on Joywave’s terrific Tongues. The enthralling track is available now on iTunes.

I Used To Feel Alive
  • I Used To Feel Alive
  • Paper Citadel

I wrote this track some time ago under the guise of ‘Radio Phone-In’ (a one woman band with the occasional frightened looking best friend who would perform with me live) – I didn’t do much with it and thought the band name sucked (hah). I’ve been watching the web series Carmilla… let me rephrase that… I watched the first 23 episodes in one go and find my weekends to be a dark and desolate place until the next episode is online. It suddenly occurred to me that ‘I Used To Feel Alive’ is pretty apt for Carmilla. I hope you guys like it and I’ve popped it on soundcloud so you can download it if you like.

I’ve used a photo of Carmilla but it’s in no way endorsed by the show. Thought I should mention that.

“Let it Happen” by Tame Impala // Let It Happen - single (2015)

While there is no official announcement of a new album, Tame Impala are back with a doozy of a new track. “Let it Happen” is a stellar slice of psych pop with a disco beat and some pretty-as-all-hell electronic atmospherics - not to mention that excellent breakdown in the band’s back-half. The band also announced a batch of tour dates for the summer and it’s festivals. You can download the track and grab those tour dates at the band’s site

The ever burgeoning Swedish music scene is here to offer us a new debut from a band named TOUCH. Titled Loss, the debut is a breathtaking synthpop beauty with luxuriant synths and a spacious, plush atmosphere. Its delicate graze and airy embrace are both cooling and stirring, as well as sensual and softly moving, due to its Shura like R&B groove. Loss is the first single from an upcoming album from the trio.

Brooklyn duo Astronaughty first caught my attention with their witty band name, but their debut single Try Much Harder quickly proved they are far more than a cool name. Try Much Harder is a glossy, ambient electronic pop song, a glistening and sentiment laden dreamy melter with soothing harmonies and a warmly enveloping ethereal aura. Try Much Harder is like a combination of Hot Chip’s shimmering, muggy sound with Death Cab For Cutie’s saccharine melody and cozy intimacy. It’s a swooning, impressive debut from a new Brooklyn act to keep a close watch on.


“REALiTi” by Grimes // Previously Unreleased (2015)

It’s been a little while since Grimes scrapped her plans for a follow-up to her astonishing debut, Visions, but here she is back with a taste of what might have been. As she has moved on to another go at her proper follow-up, she has decided to release a previously unreleased (and unfinished, according to her) track called “REALiTi” to satiate the hunger for newness from her fans. She had previously spoke of how the scrapped sessions were for an album that treaded into the pop world more directly, and “REALiTi” certainly feels like that. That being said, there’s nothing remotely wrong with it because it’s a fucking killer track - infectious, pop-savvy, and dance-able, but still maintaining Grimes’ wonderfully fresh fingerprint. I kinda love it, and am holding out hope that we’ll continue to here more of her abandoned work as she continues to work on her proper follow up. Highest recommendation. 


Bristol duo Svelte deliver melodious ambrosia on Lipstick Melts, their third single in a series of striking releases that will lead up to an album in July of 2016. The downtempo electronic pop gem flows luxuriantly with a crisp elegance, gliding smoothly but also skittering with a moody pull. Lipstick Melts glows softly with a haunting beauty, gently accompanied by a trip hop beat and some plush, jazzy opulence. Svelte’s tender, siren like vocals and the mellow, gliding ambiance of Lipstick Melts evokes London Grammar, with a sliver of Massive Attack and some The Night VI, but Svelte’s song is far more sparsely minimalist and gingerly dark. Visit Svelte’s other songs they’ve unveiled from their forthcoming album on their Soundcloud, each as gorgeous and atmospheric as the last. And look forward to the duo’s monthly releases along with me. 

a soft mix for those lonely nights of wondering if they’re thinking of you too.

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