Katy Perry and Purity Ring are two things I never thought to put together in a sentence, yet here we are, about to delve deep into a remix of the pop star’s hit song Rise by the adored dark electronic pop duo from Canada. Purity Ring gives Rise an official remix that takes it into haunting goth territory. This witch house-y Rise is in fact a bustling dance edit despite its syrupy quality. It even boasts a touch of tropical future flavor in its profile. If I were Left Shark, I’d don some black apparel and an eerie cape in celebration of this deliciously opaque edit. I wouldn’t mind if more Katy Perry songs received a similarly dusky treatment.

Nomadic duo Foreign Air has dazzled us with their very first singles, Free Animal and In The Shadows, and now they’re gearing up for the release of a debut EP. They continue to make an impression with the third track off that record, Echo, a resolute clattering, bold driving alt and electro pop anthem full of massive hooks and dance ready energy. The slink of Glass Animals and the gloss of Portugal. the Man meets electrifying, pumping FMLYBND on the tenacious anthem. Foreign Air’s debut EP drops September 23rd. The duo will be playing an album release show with Popshop at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn on September 22nd followed by a North American tour this October with The Strumbellas.

Hayley Kiyoko is important because:

-She’s mixed race.

-She’s bisexual.

-Her music is really good because it isn’t offensive and one of her more popular songs (Girls like Girls) is not only catchy, but sends a great message about queer girls :) 

-She’s an artist I would listen to while looking at a sunset in the summer.

-She has a video of herself eating a taco in her car on youtube.

Atlanta based Austrian artist Popeska continues revealing phenomenal collaborations off the producer’s Spirit Animals: The Late Series by unleashing On Fire, which features soaring vocals by London’s RAIGN. The track marks a return to the dance floor for the artist as he dives head first into deep soulful house on the dramatically ravishing tune. The sharp future edges of Popeska’s powerful track amplify the buoyant energy found within the song. There’s no better name for such a track as “On Fire”. The blazing tune is a free download, here.

Beggin For Thread
  • Beggin For Thread
  • Goddess

Beggin For Thread | BANKS | Goddess 

So I got edges that scratch,
and sometimes I don’t got a filter,
but I’m so tired of eating
all of my misspoken words.

I know my disposition gets confusing.
My disproportionate reactions fuse with my eager state.
That’s why you wanna come out and play with me.

Stooped down and out,
you got me beggin for thread
to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head.
Stupidly thinkin you had it under control.
Strapped down to something that you don’t understand.
Don’t know what you were getting yourself into?
You should have known.
Secretly, I think you knew.

I still remember how blown away by Days Of Lavender I was when Promises Ltd. revealed that debut over a month prior as the project’s first song. I promptly featured the spacey mesmeric, psychedelic entrancing tune on IHM and splashed it across my own personal socials, too. In case you need a refresher, Promises Ltd. is a new project created by Chrome Sparks’ Jeremy Malvin and Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand. On Friday, the duo revealed their self titled EP. Apart from Days Of Lavender and previously praised American Eyes, it includes two new dashing tunes, including Crystal Showers and this synth splendorous jam, Another Time. This sleek propulsive fusion of florescent pulsing synthpop and dreamy indie electronica only adds to my conviction that this is one of the year’s best new projects. Stream Promises Ltd.’s debut EP in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes.

Irish singer songwriter and producer Eden, formerly known as The Eden Project, has constantly churned out some amazingly heartrending songs this year so far, culminating in his excellent End Credits EP last month. The sixth track on that release is a stirring slow burner named Wake Up. Eden’s voice quivers with such desperate poignancy on the atmospheric electronic and cinematic pop number, which builds in raw intensity in the dramatic fashion we’ve come to expect and love from the act. The last forty or so seconds of Wake Up are indeed a stimulating, heart swelling experience as it bursts with passion and ardor. Listen to End Credits in full on Soundcloud and download for free, here.