Today brings us another new Coleman Hell tune, and you know those sideways fellas always have it in spades. Take Me Up is a new taste off the Toronto musician’s debut album Srry Bout Last Night. It’s one of his less funky tracks, but it’s still endlessly driving, uptempo, and riveting. The grooving tune is snappy and swaggering good. Srry About Last Night is slated for release on April 28th.

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Europe After the Rain
John Foxx
Europe After the Rain

Europe After the Rain - John Foxx

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Your voice is hiding things…

A shadowy figure in the New Wave/New Romantic movement of the late-70s/early-80s John Foxx produced a defining artefact of the era with Europe After the Rain. Although much of the New Romantic scene had more to do with the subversive power of cheekbones and eyeliner, it was still the last one to believe, even slightly, in the deeply unironic, undemocratic allure of Romanticism. While the kids dressed up and sold out to pop success there was a through-line from Bowie, Roxy, Eno and Kraftwerk that kept ideas alive. And so Europe After the Rain. The phrase has a post-apocalyptic tenor to it, (like Rome After the Fall). It invokes the romance of European cities, all that history and art and decadence, city squares, baroque architecture, mysterious women disappearing down shadowy side-streets. There’s a narcotic shimmer to the music, a travelling propulsion - we’re moving through this city, a cinematic tracking shot, stained glass, balconies, a doomed or reignited romance. The elegiac piano suggests ghosts haunting the fountain squares while young men brood beneath the collonades, ennobled by the seriousness of great art (there’s undoubtedly a fascism in all this longing for high art and elegance.) It comes as no surprise, then, to discover Foxx was living in Italy when he recorded it. It’s the kind of romantic yearning for European glamour that could only come from someone born in the resolutely non-glamorous surroundings of Chorley, a Lancashire mill town just a few miles from those cosmopolitan hotspots - Bolton and Wigan.