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Jessica Rabbit Statues:

1. Premium Format by Sideshow Collectibles, 2. Walt Disney Classics Collection, 3. Couture de Force, 4. Disney Big Figure, 5. Roller Coaster Rabbit Maquette by Electric Tiki, 6. Britto, 7. Medicom Vinyl Statue, 8. Armani, 9. Disney bronze statue, 10. Disney Traditions by Jim Shore.

For anyone wondering about payment options for commissions… Electric tiki maquettes are ALWAYS an accepted firm of payment. I don’t know if any one is familiar with this company but you should be. Their sculpts are fantastic and their subjects couldn’t be any more tuned to my tastes

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Kidge + "Trees Like Torches"

The Fic I won’t write game

Send me a ship and a fic title, and I’ll post a summary of the fic with that title I won’t write.

SOME CONTEXT: I only write Pidge ships in AUs or a post-canon context. I feel that the age difference between Pidge and the primary color boys is small enough to not be a problem in the long term (2/3 years is pretty minor), especially since they all treat each other as peers, but I don’t think she’s currently ready for a romantic relationship of any kind, and at 14/15, she probably doesn’t consider herself ready for anything like that either. So anything I write for her with one of the three middle paladins isn’t going to be during canon. It’e either in a nebulous future, likely post-war, or it’s in a complete AU.

I’m thinking… Hogwarts AU. Pidge is one year behind the boys, and… let’s say she’s fifth year, and Keith is sixth? He’s towards the older end of his year, and she’s toward the younger end of hers. She’s a Slytherin, he’s a Gryffindor,

The fic would take place in the evening, and outside, probably during something like the Yule Ball. Pidge is grumbly because her date kinda ditched her for an older girl, and she hadn’t even liked him that much in the first place, but? Come on, dude. If you ask a girl to go to a dance with you, at least stick with her for it. Keith came alone, because there hadn’t been anyone he wanted to ask in the first place, and everyone he knew that would have agreed to be a platonic date already had someone to go with, so he just shrugged and went stag.

Keith’s a man who prefers simple solutions, really.

They hang out on a bench, drinking punch, and people watch for a while. The title would refer to the fact that the trees are all laced with fairy lights (perhaps a little more literally than muggles would have), and are the lights instead of electric or Tiki torches.

There’s probably some hand-holding or something, but neither one is really willing to make the connection that “oh, this would be a good time to kiss.”

(Their friends tease them about it later, though.)

Electric Tiki Designs: Animated Ladies series.

This is a statue series that is in the process of being made/released. Tinker Bell is already out with Ariel and Sally following shortly. The bases have concept art in the ovals, and retail at $200, though can be found for much less at certain retailers. These can be found at Sideshowtoys.com or BBTS.com. Other heroines and villains are planned for this line.

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