You’re the one that turns me on
Been waiting for you, oh so long
Can’t believe that you are here with me

You’re the one that turns me on
With someone else it feels so wrong
Feels like you’ve been gone an eternity

I want to start anew never saying I’ll make do
You’ve won me over again with your loving charms
I want to start anew we were never really through
Can’t believe that you are here with me

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This is actually a sound machine.

Otrillodyne 3

Made from a 60-year-old plug socket; original ingrained filth included at no extra cost! There’s two light sensors in the sockets and a touch contact keyboard, each controlling a single oscillator. I modified the original socket switches to function as the power switch, however the right one has some contact issues but they just lead to interesting sound anomalies and glitchy effects!


I’m in love ♡

My ultimate pin-up and the (justifiably) most hyped girl in independent pop music MØ has a new remix for Waste of Time.  I’m not sure who Jungle is, but he/ she/ they have produced a fantastic low key, very soulful number which reminds me a lot of the earlier work by Portishead.  What I like the most, is the way that they have completely reinterpreted how the vocal is presented in the mix, and transformed MØ from a pop to a soul star, and it bloody works!


Otrillodyne 9 - The sound quality doesn’t do this device justice.