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just finished the third season. i’m pissed about the way things ended between jasper and eleanor and hope to god that they’re end game. anyways, the entire time i was 100% imagining that eleanor had a bunch of secret social media accounts that all became jasper related at a certain point. this was the result.


Heida Reed (Elizabeth), Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark), Esme Coy (Rowella Chynoweth), Harry Marcus (Geoffrey Charles), Ellise Chappell (Morwenna Chynoweth), Ciara Charteris (Emma Tregirls), Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza), Beatie Edney (Prudie), Tom York (Sam Carne) i Harry Richardson (Drake Carnena planie trzeciego sezonu serialu Poldark

Zdjęcia: Heida Reed, Ellise Chappell, Ciara Charteris, Julie Fox

A Brief Elounor 2.0 Timeline (To Date)

19 January: Official Danielle/Louis break-up announcement in the Sun

20 January: Daisy likes first pic of Eleanor on Instagram; Over the next month, she liked 32 different posts and pictures; Phoebe liked 9

20 January: Eleanor posts a picture to Instagram from the UK

22 January: Eleanor likes video of Gigi posted by Tommy Hilfiger like she was still promoting the brand/show

28 January: Eleanor posts instagram story from a hotel in the UK; Had drinks with uni friends there

29 January: Louis refollows Eleanor on Instagram; Russell, his manager, followed a minute later

30 January: The Sun & Mail write articles reintroducing Eleanor

4 February: James Arthur announces on Twitter he’s friends with Louis and just “hangin out” with him; Update Accounts report Harry was at LAX on his way to London

8 February: The day of the Tommy Hilfiger show; Eleanor didn’t attend, but Max did; Louis was in the studio

9 February: Her own UAs are confused about why she didn’t go to the Tommy show, especially since Max did

12 February: James Arthur starts following an Eleanor UA on Twitter

13 February: Louis on the James Corden show; Harry is papped in London

16 February: Eleanor follows Louis on Instagram and likes his selfie; Louis likes Eleanor’s selfie posted months ago of her in the same brand/design as the shirt Louis was papped in, also on the 16th; James Corden then followed Eleanor on Twitter late that night

19 February: The Sun writes an article “1D Star Louis Tomlinson Rekindles Romance with Ex-Girlfried Eleanor Calder” saying they’d been secretly spending time in LA together and she missed the Tommy Hilfiger show specifically to spend time with Louis. 

What does all of this mean?

The effort that went into reintroducing her to this fandom using the actors in the current promo narrative (James Corden, James Arthur) is profoundly contrived. His own sisters accounts set the stage HOURS after the official break-up announcement of his “relationship” with Danielle. The ink wasn’t dry on the print edition of the Sun before Elounor 2.0 had begun. 

They set the stage for the James Arthur reconciliation, too. Louis included him in an Instagram post on 4 February. Then, a week later, James Arthur’s twitter account happens to follow an Eleanor update account? @God why.  

Louis followed Eleanor on Instagram on 29 January. His new “manager,” Russell, who had been on promo stops with him, followed her a minute later. 

Then, on 6 February, James Corden and Louis announced Louis was coming on the show on 13 February. Then on 16 February, James followed Eleanor on Instagram late at night.. 

Even Harry’s flight out of town his own Update Accounts all knew about was part of this puzzle, too. He left town right as the 2 week window of Eleanor’s absence from social media began. Eleanor uses Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat religiously, including documenting her travel to and from London to other parts of the world. This just happens to be the one time in the last 18 months she hasn’t done that. She was also not included in any social media posts by her own friends in LA, so if she was there, did she spend 2 weeks surgically inserted up Louis’ asshole? That’s sure what they want you to believe!

But not even her own UAs are buying it.

They’ve been building a low level reintroduction campaign on social media with his sister’s accounts. Then, they added the additional layer of Louis’ and Eleanor’s social media account. They got relevant, timely actors currently doing promo with Louis to follow her and one of her update accounts. Harry got out of town in true 2013 style, to attend business with Jeff on another continent. Eleanor went ghost on social media, another 2013-2014 tactic. They set up a series of plausible events if you look at the surface, easy to write an article about without looking wildly false. And when all else fails, they’ll lie. That’s the ball game. 

And this is nothing to say of the actual images involved here beyond the strategy behind it. I’m just going to quote @conscious–ramblings here. 

Imagine splitting up with your long term boyfriend after while you dated he told everyone he wouldn’t marry you, and a year later cheated on you publicly. Imagine him then publicly going out constantly with different girls, spreading it all over social media to everyone you both know. Then imagine he knocks up one of the randoms he’s been out with once and her cousin tells everyone who will listen that he was dating the girl while he dated you. Then while he ignores pregnant girl and won’t talk to anyone about it, he starts dating someone else (who looks a bit like a budget version of you mixed with a budget version of his sister). Then after new girl publicly cheats on *him* he slides back into your DMs the next week.

IMAGINE explaining to your mates you are taking him back, let alone the whole world.

So yes, it’s contrived. Yes, it’s annoying. But it’s pretty transparent, too, so don’t give them the power of reacting emotionally if you can. Mock it. Ridicule it. Call out the bullshit. Shove the facts back down their throat. That’s how we get through this.

Suspend belief for just a moment and try to grasp the story they are telling you. Louis cheated on Eleanor with Briana and she conceived Freddie but it was all just casual even though he was supposedly shopping for wedding cakes and Tammi was following bridal accounts on twitter but that’s not right either because they were together and it wasn’t just a casual one night stand and he was cheating when he kissed pool girl and held Tamara’s hand because they were still in a relationship at that time but wait then he started dating Danielle and to prove it was real and legit he unfollowed Eleanor on Instagram the night Danielle was at the jingle ball and things were just perfect other than intrusive paps in Mexico then in November Danielle flies to England with Louis under the guise of being the good girlfriend and she’s there the entire month of December and at some point early in the month Briana flies in as well with Freddie and Louis is somehow grieving the loss of his mother spending time with his child spending time with Danielle celebrating his birthday with Danielle and his friends celebrating Christmas with Danielle and his family but he STILL found time to rekindle his romance with Eleanor making it look like he once again cheated this time on Danielle despite her being the one caught holding someone else’s hand on New Year’s Eve. It’s all beyond being believable.