ive been gone for a really long time

update on me:

>graduating college soon. kill me

>my wedding will be next year. harry potter themed. I’m hand-making wands and floating candles

>still really into Kingsman/Mr Firth

>aggressively into Marvel now too. #Stony yet #TonyStarkDefenseSquad (plz talk to me about Tony Stark I cannot stop and i am annoying my friends)

>i am always working. always.

>i am on the whole30 right now. day 21. i am a size 14/16, really hoping to get down to a size 6 in two-three years. i am at the gym at 4.30 every morning. i am energetic and life is agony

I haven’t been on much because when I’m home and not moving, I’m doing work or reading or watching tv (I binged 3 seasons of Drag Race no joke). I deleted tumblr from my phone because it was draining my battery because that Phantom of the Opera post I made has 35,000+ notes and literally it popped up every three seconds

The Signs as Daedric Princes
  • Aries:Mehrunes Dagon - deity of destruction, energy, and mortal ambition
  • Taurus:Hircine - deity of the hunt and manbeasts
  • Gemini:Sheogorath - deity of madness and unpredictability
  • Cancer:Meridia - deity of all living things, defender of the flow of life
  • Leo:Clavicus Vile - deity of granting of power and wishes through pacts and ritual
  • Virgo:Peryite - deity of order and pestilence
  • Libra:Azura - deity of balance, night and day, dark and light
  • Scorpio:Mephala - deity of obfuscation and manipulation
  • Sagittarius:Sanguine - deity of hedonism and the indulgence dark desires
  • Capricorn:Hermaeus Mora - deity of memory and forbidden knowledge
  • Aquarius:Nocturnal - deity of the night and secrets
  • Pisces:Vaermina - deity of dreams and nightmares