I love this fight because it does something that’s rarely ever seen on screen. It takes Tony Jaa’s signature style and shuts it the fuck down.
The lead villain, played by Max Zhang, has an answer to every move Tony has. While we, the audience, are used to seeing him connect with every elbow and knee he throws, this film (”SPL 2: A Time fr Consequence”) completely switches up the formula.
It brings Tony Jaa into Chinese kung fu cinema, where no style is superior to another. No matter what you bring to a fight scene, you can still get hit.

And I love it. It’s such a change of pace from what we’ve come to expect from Tony Jaa. Even in Thai films, where he gets fucked up, it’s nothing like this. It’s not someone blocking every shot he has to throw. It’s usually just someone with stronger elbows, knees or kicks.

“SPL 2″ really emphasizes that the villain of the film is not to be fucked with. It takes both tony Jaa and Wu Jing to take him down and, even then, the struggle.
It might not be the best kung fu film in the world, but the final fight scene is way more conceptual than people give it credit for. There’s a lot going on.

© Rina Jordan

Travel Tuesday: The Seattle-based founder of Pike Place Market staple Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Kurt Dammeier, is a rule breaker when it comes to mac and cheese. “A lot of purists think it has to be made with elbows. But penne is better,” he says. His choice is chewier, with ridges that cling to the cheese. However, he credits the overwhelming success of the dish (he sells 40,000 pounds of it a year) to a signature cross between Gruyère and cheddar called Flagship, the “umami bomb that is our cheese.” He mixes a bit of Jack cheese into the dish for extra gooeyness.

Here, more of the best mac and cheese in the US.

How to build an Overwatch team(Based on experience)

Team Composition By Numbers

>Either on Attack or Defense, no team should have more than 2 Flankers. 

Genji, Tracer, Reaper, and Pharah are Flankers. They specialize in gettting behind the enemy and forcing them to turn around so that the front line can be more easily broken, or just picking off Healers and Snipers, but if you have more than two Flankers flanking, then who’s pushing the payload or defending the hill? Fucking nobody. 

>No matter what, every team should have at least 1 Healer, but not more than 2. 

Lucio and Mercy each count as 1 Healer, but Ana, Zenyatta, and Soldier 76 each count as 0.5 Healers. Just one of each of these Half-Healer characters cannot usually take care of babysitting the entire team at once, but if you have too many Healers then who is guarding the payload?. (Also, don’t worry about having too many 76s. He’s one of the few characters that you can never have too many of.)


You can have two Hanzos and be fine, but never–ever–double up on Widowmakers. I shouldn’t have to explain this. Hanzo is a much more well-rounded fighter who can defend himself at almost any range on almost any map, while Widowmaker easily falls prey to Flanker characters because she is never aware of her surroundings. 

Miscellaneous Team Tips

>If you have a Mercy you should probably also have a Roadhog. He is good at protecting Healers because his hook stops people from shooting, and Mercy cannot defend herself from Flankers as well as other Healers can.

>Genji is COUNTERED by Torbjorn, NOT the other way around. Try 76, McCree, or Junkrat instead if a Torbjorn is giving you trouble.

>Reinhardt cannot defend himself alone, especially from Symmetra and Winston, who can both shoot through his shield. If he has his shield up, get behind it and shoot through it to prevent the enemy team rushing him. 

>If you have a Torbjorn and a Symmetra together, this can actually be a substitute for a healer because they can both give bonus HP to teammates.

>Pharah sucks in like 90% of all situations. She’s just a giant, slow-moving target.  

>Communicate with your team about Ultimates. Combine Zarya’s, Reinhardt’s, or Mei’s Ultimates with McCree’s, Genji’s, 76′s, or Hanzo’s Ultimates for awesome results.