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Do you think that Amenadiel is this shows version of Michael?


Amenadiel in the comics is indeed different but Michael in the Lucifer Universe was one of the first 3 angels God created and for many fans Michael and Lucifer were twins. Throughout the series, Lucifer and Micheal have a very amicable relationship and Lucifer even likes Elaine Belloc, Micheal’s daughter. She was an experiment, one of the many but to get back to the original question. 

Michael is supposed to be the one angel who actually still likes Lucifer after his Fall and can probably see something good in him, Amenadiel in the show has a different purpose and although he is not as headstrong as he was in the comics and Lucifer thankfully didn;t actually eat his heart as he (again) did in the comics is not a version of Michael. 

If we ever see Michael I think we will be surprised at how gentle he will be towards Lucifer. So again no, Amanediel is Amenadiel and bears no similarities in his role in or outside of the comics with Michael. 

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Two Archangels, Lucifer, Mazikeen and Elaine Walk Into A Bar

Two Archangels, the Dragon, a Lilim and Yahweh’s granddaughter, fighting fate and destruction and entropy to save Creation. Isn’t it funny? Kind of like a ‘five immortals walked into a bar’ sort of thing… To be fair, when the dust cleared, we knew we had won, and there was enough time to look back and reflect on it, I thought it was more beautiful than funny. Kind of a… brief moment of unity. Of all of the most unlikely entities. And I thought it might be the template of what came next. Pax Aeterna. But then things started moving again and I realised – peace is just between moments, it’s the conflict that makes life. Until I got a better look at things, a better understanding I thought that was just pessimism, but… peace means standing still, it means being static, and that isn’t life, it shouldn’t be. Actual peace is reserved for after Destiny closes his book and the rest of it gets packed away. So it was only a moment. But it was still a beautiful moment.

((In a setting where a Gabriel of somewhat different characterisation fought Fenrir alongside the others. And was, well, alive at the time of the conflict.))