Finished my cape! Sewing all the stripes together was a pain in the ass, but it’s done, and it’s cute, so i’m pleased. 

I don’t think it looks very much like the outfits the infamously gruesome Vlad Tepes would wear, but it’s kind of bat-wing shaped/arguable Dracula inspired? I dunno. I’m quite fond of it.

I had a photoshoot with this costume yesterday, in a creepy forest, with Anna Fischer. The previews look pretty awesome, i’m really excited to see the finished shots, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! 

Construction: It’s made of black and pink peachskin. There are 40 strips that taper from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches (including ½ seam allowances) it’s pleated down to create a half circle shape. The backing is a half circle made of black peachskin with iron-on interfacing to keep it stiff and smooth. The layers are hand tacked together in two dozen places.

There are 7 points that create a batwing sort of shape. Each point has a 2" pom-pom on the tip. The collar has felt weight interacting in it to keep it standing up.