Bottle Shrines-Amulets Time: Loki’s Sons & Daughters

English Translation:

Bottle 1: Eisa and Einmyria. (Ei, E, Both)

x1 Small Bottle with cork.

x1 Obsidian. (Ei)

x1 Pumice. (E)

x6 Tiny red translucent mineral stones. (B)

x1 Little cinnamon branch. (Ei)

x1 Pinch of Dragon’s Blood Incense ashes. (E)

x1 Red ribbon. (B)

x1 Some Fire related Herb. (B)

Bottle 2: Narvi and Vali. (N, V, Both)

x1 Small Rounded Bottle with cork. *If you can’t find a rounded bottle, use a Little one, no problems.

x1 Aquamarine. (N)

x1 Mineral stone related with duality or transformation. (V)

x6 Tiny grey translucent mineral stones. (B)

x1 Wax from a White or Gray candle. (V)

x1 Little Sea Shell. (N)

x1 Some Water related herb. (N)

x1 White ribbon. (B)

Bottle 3: Sleipnir.

x1 Little Bottle with cork.

x1 Black Ribbon.

x4 Tiny black stones.

x4 Tiny white stones.

x1 Mineral stone representing Air.

x1 Herb representing Air.

Bottle 4: Fenrir.

x1 Small Bottle with cork.

x1 Wolf-related herb.

x1 Snowflake Obsidian.

x1 Gray or Gold Ribbon. (1)

Bottle 5: Jormundgander.

x1 Little Bottle with cork.

x1 Water-related mineral stone.

x1 Mineral stone related with transformation.

x1 Snake Fang. (2)

x1 Green or Blue Ribbon.

x1 Water-related Herb.

Bottle 6: Hel.

x1 Small Bottle with Cork.

x1 Gray ribbon.

x1 Sedimentary stone.

x1 Dried white herb.

x1 Dried Trumpet of Dead mushroom.

(1): I identify the Gold Ribbon with Gleipnir, and the Gray Ribbon it’s related simply with Fenrir.

(2) Snake Fang: Personally, I don’t like to use materials from animals, so I’ll use a fake one. But, if someone likes, can use a natural one.

(3) Herbs and Mineral Stones: when I say “some” or “one” or I don’t give any name, you can use whatever fits/looks ok to you.

(4) Important: The runes, sigils and bind runes drawn in circles are some designs made to be drawn in the corks. Feel free to change them.

Feel free to use this, but give me credit :3

Design (Final Rose)

“Fascinating,” Victoria murmured. “Could you take your shirt off?”
“What?” Luna blurted. “What was that?”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Not that you aren’t good looking, but I’m not interested in that. What I am interested in is mapping your Glyphs more completely.” 

Unlike her mother and Aunt Winter, Luna’s Glyphs did not appear in the air around her. Instead, they appeared on her body, coiling along her skin like intricate, multi-coloured tattoos. Their effects seemed to vary based on the design, extent, and colour of each Glyph, and Victoria was interested in mapping as many of them as she could for her research.

Luna’s current Glyph was a shimmering yellow Glyph. It wound its way up her legs and torso before curling across both arms and then coiling up her neck and cheeks. 

“Come on,” Victoria insisted. “Shirt off. I want to see the rest of it. Your mother’s runes can be deconstructed into basic components, not unlike a programming language. I want to know if the same applies for your Semblance.”

“I am not taking my shirt off!” Luna hissed.

“Really?” Victoria fumbled around in her pockets. “I will give you this… uh… chocolate bar if you take your shirt off.”

“That’s it?”

“Hey, I don’t have anything else to bribe you with in my pockets unless you’re after a multi-tool, a heavily modified scroll, or several miniature surveillance robots.”

“You carry those around?”

“You don’t?” Victoria sighed. “Come on, I’m not going to perv on you or anything, I just want to map out the rest of the design.”

“Fine.” Luna sighed. “But this better help me improve my Semblance.”

Naturally, the rest of her team chose the exact moment that she was taking her shirt off to barge into the room.

“What… the…?” Li gaped.

“It’s all for science,” Victoria replied.

“Science?” Alison snickered. “Is that what we’re going to call it.”

Eira rolled her eyes. “Stop it, you two. It probably is just for science since I think our leader has a thing for Penny.” She paused. “Although I’m struggling to come up with a science-related reason for you to have your shirt off, Luna.”

“There is one. I swear.”

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