this is the best anime ever everyone else go home


I forget the “lethaly cute” part.
Also i didn’t understand if you wanna see Lillith younger too but idk i did the thing anyways, not as a child but more like a teen, who knows.
All are cannon except kid Illich and Lillith. The youngest version of Illich in the story is an appareance between 17-18, remember that him (also Jett and Sorem) are Devas and they are almost inmortal so they age really slow. Yeah Illich used to have wings.

Annnnd Rize and Eiken are the Lillith’s pets  :(

Is late maybe i’ll add more info tomorrow.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask~


I’ve posted some stuff from Eiken before, only I didn’t know it.

Thanks to Vanna for suggesting I look into it. Please enjoy the opening wherein boobs flutter in the wind.