Here is a custom Skyrim logo woodburning that I recently completed (just needs it’s few coats of Danish oil to seal it). It is done on a 5"x7" basswood plaque with a blackburned background and border. 

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meanings of runes!
  • FEHU: Good Luck, wealth, money, property
  • URUZ: happiness, fulfillment, good fortune
  • THURISAZ: Good news, safe travel, inner strength
  • ANSUZ: Achieve goals, transformation, life changes
  • RAIDHO: Clearing mind, journey, seeing through illusions, finding the truth
  • KENAZ: Inspiration, ambition, life-strength, determination
  • GEBO: Weddings, love, promotion, extra power
  • WUNJO: Good life, happiness, comfort, security, property, wealth
  • HAGALAZ: Harmony, unity, good for couples, love spells
  • ISA: Stillness, quiet, peace, inner strength
  • NAUTHIZ: Free from distress, letting go, releasing the past
  • JERA: Rewards, promotions, increase salary, reaping benefits from hard work
  • EIHWAZ: Breaking up, ending a dispute, major change, closure,
  • PERTHRO: Material gain, new beginning, wealth, fortune
  • ALGIZ: Removing blockages, visible growth, making ground, success
  • SOWILO: Guidance, renewal, change, advancement, new locations
  • TIWAZ: Wisdom, victory, success, justice, enlightment
  • BERKANO: Birth, marriage, creativity, new beginnings,
  • EHWAZ: Transformation, new home, progress, new goals, new outlook, trust
  • MANNAZ: Male energy, male influence, new career opportunities.
  • LAGUZ: Life energy, manifestation, movement, progress, spiritual energy
  • INGWAZ: Family, children, spouse, relatives, new energy, family benefits
  • DAGAZ: Awakening, love, attraction, realization, white light
  • OTHALA: New possessions, inner qualities, new attainment
  • When choosing a wand, you may wish to find the magical properties of wood, below is a list of woods and their magical strengths
  • via witcheslore !

Heimdall’s Ætt

Flower: lilac
Number: 5
Another nonreversible rune, Eihwaz is generally a positive rune in divination. Its traditional meaning is yew; because of this Eihwaz is associated with hunting and the daring that hunting necessitates. Eihwaz often appears in a reading to tell the querent, “Go ahead, take the plunge, the risk is worth it in the end.” Basically, Eihwaz indicates that the querent has set her sights on a viable target and is unlikely to encounter defeat. And even if she does encounter catastrophe, it will be minor and may in fact be to her advantage in the long run. 

Some basic info on LAMMAS 🌛🌝🌜

Lammas other known as “Lughnasadh” or “August Eve”.
This celebration takes place on July 31st - August 1st.
The meaning of it is the first harvest. The coming of the dark. The wheat and fruit harvest. The wane of the light. Preparing for winter.
At this time the focused Gods and Goddesses are: Lugh, Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother.
The symbols of this celebration are: Wheat, Corn, Barely, Oats, Onion, Grapes, Straw Dolls, Corn Dolls, Wood, Straw Bales, Tarot (strength) Rune (Eihwaz).
Its colors: yellow, orange, bright red, violet, dark green, brown.
The stones: Camelian, Cat’s eye, Citrine, Marble, Sale, Granite, Lodestone.
Herbs: grapes, heather, blackberry, pear, rose, sandalwood, goldenrod. Foods: bread, apples, grains, corn, beer, grapes, onion, apricot.

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Runes, phonetically speaking

Was looking at another alphabet-like table of the Futhark, Elder, and two things jumped out at me.  One I’d thought of previously, that the sounds of vowels can change depending on order if coupled and placement within a word.  The other I hadn’t, that we speak of phonetic values as modern-day usage.  There was the ‘great vowel shift’ (and I’m no linguist) that occurred in English about 1500.  

What was/is the sound of Eihwaz?  There seems to be no agreement, but could it be something like the 'y’ in modern English?  No issue with using Jera for consonant sounds like the 'y’ in year, but using Jera for an ending 'y’ like in 'my’ just never sits right with me, and not so sure about Jera’s use as an interior vowel, like Tiwaz-Jera-Raidho.  

Anyhow, what is the proper phonetic use?  Now, or was there a different sound in former times that’s not really used in the present day?

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My Interpritation of Eihwaz

“The connection between all things has served a purpose long before anyone knew of it. We reached out to those long ago to teach the ways in which are now practiced. From what remains in the stories are the remanence of what is left but there is yet more to it all than that. I am the bridge  between all worlds, the ways in which all paths go. I am the connection between all worlds of the great tree. It is ancient and powerful and when you summon me you also summon the tree. Be warned of what gates you open and what pathways you follow, for all have dangers. The light of the gods may light your way but do not stray from the path which I provide. Understand that all information came across from my pathways and so they will again by the will of the gods. Be warned that these are rough roads which are not made safe; leading to worlds where the fearsome dwell.”

It’s voice was that of a young man. Eihwaz is a rune of connections, especially connections between the worlds. These connections are what brought us our traditions today. Eihwaz  is a rune of pathways, but the paths it provides are not always safe, as creatures from other worlds may be waiting. In divination this could be connections, lines, or even an in-between time. It may indicate one has already started down a path. Depending on the runes next to it, it can mean a good or bad choice was made to be on ones current path but may also mean a new pathway has started.

Eihwaz (Ei; Yew tree)

- Also known as Ihwaz, Ezck, Eo, Yr, Eoh.

- The rune of mysteries of life and death, and liberation from the fear of death.

- Symbolizes strength, reliability, dependability.

- Indicates that you have set a reasonable goal for yourself, and that you can achieve it.

- Eihwaz gives you power to recall your past lives, in short fragments or longer, more complete segments. Invoke Eihwaz when you conduct a meditation or a dream exercise with the purpose of discovering past life patterns in the present.

- Associated with defense and protection.

- Can be invoked for communication with the underworld and the dead.

9 - Eihwaz

Defence - Avertive Powers - The Yew Tree

As we are tested we fund (support / sponsor) the power to avert (turn from) blockage and defeat. At the same time, we develop in ourselves an aversion (dislike) to the conduct (behavior) that creates stress in our lives.

If there appears to be an obstacle in your path, consider that even a delay may prove beneficial. Do not be overly eager to press forward, for this is not a situation in which you can make your influence felt. Patience is the counsel Eihwaz offers: nothing hectic, no acting needy, or lusting after a desired outcome. This Rune speaks to the difficulties that arise at the beginning of new life. Often it announces a time of waiting - for a spring to fill up with water, for fruit to ripen on the bough. 

Perseverance and foresight are called for here. The ability to foresee consequences before you act is a mark of the thinking person. Avert anticipated difficulties through right action. For even more than we are doers, we are deciders. And once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless

The Rune of Defense points out that, through inconvenience and discomfort, growth is promoted. For as the wood of the yew tree becomes the bow of the Spiritual Warrior, so the obstacle on your path can become the gateway to a new life unfolding. This may well be a trying time; certainly it is a meaningful one. So set your house in order, tend to business, be clear, and wait on the will of Heaven.

  • [Frantic studying for OWLs]
  • Lily: [Appalled] You don’t even need to know that there’s a difference between Ehwaz and Eihwaz!
  • Remus: [Annoyed] You dropped Runes after third year!
  • Sirius: Ah, but I do know, because I am a Black. So far, the whole vehement denial thing hasn’t been able to change that.